Exclusive - Inclusive = Secluded

Much of my recent blogging about the state of our politics has been regarding the changes that conservatives must make in order to take control over our country's downward spiral. Conservatives simply must make smarter choices in order to be portrayed as inclusive rather than exclusive.  

I tried to explain this through graphics in my blog post about Michelle Obama and her uber casual, pop cultural ways.  The podcast below explains this better than any I have heard recently.  It is a podcast on CPAC  from the Mark Davis blog today:


Davis' comments mirror my sentiments precisely. We are indeed getting our clocks cleaned as he states. No longer can conservatives be willing to overlook support and membership by remaining out of touch with the common man and his plight, his desires, and even his interests, even if they don't mirror ours.

Who the hell are we to be so exclusive? Let me provide you with an example using the ever butterflies in the stomach inducing topic of class reunions.  

Do you remember all the cliques in high school?  If you were not part of one, you recall back to how exclusive these groups were.  Everyone wanted to gain membership as if somehow membership guaranteed popularity and also some  unspoken protection.  

Suddenly you graduated from high school and there were no cliques around to guide your behavior or your desires and interests.  You formed your own opinions and ways of doing things without relying on the greater good of a few elite.  

Then your 10 year reunion came around and the cliques were still there; obviously the appropriate amount of maturity had not taken place yet. You were completely put off by the exclusivity of that group and you skipped your 15th reunion because honestly, who wanted to put up with that nonsense at age 33.  Yet you heard from those who attended that the cliques were not really as tight as they once were.

Then your 20th reunion came around and you found that people really had a good time together and the cliques had nearly completely dissipated by now. At least some of the exclusive members of these cliques made the rounds and spoke to those who were not members and nearly everyone felt approval.

By the time you went to your 30th reunion, you found 2 catty as hell women sitting alone and everyone else having a blast.  Damn the cliques, what were those for anyway?

The idea behind this analogy is that people move on and become disinterested in that exclusive identity.  This is precisely what has happened to conservatives.  Many people could no longer associate themselves with the exclusivity of the group so they moved on and found they identified with the moderates slightly more.  You get the idea.

The conservatives in this country must change those policies which make them appear out of touch with the majority.  Until they make such a change, we will continue to fight the piss poor policy of the liberals who are clearly the masters of marketing inclusivity.