Finish What You Start

Come on Wylie City Council, if the City of  Allen can do it so can you...

Below is a link to the Allen Code of Conduct.  Yup, it's pretty simple folks, and does not set the code where council members serve as both judge and jury such as was in the last Code of Conduct Wylie was kicking around in 2011/12 which was never finished.  

In that code, Wylie City Council wanted to place the onus on the citizen complainant to prove to them that an infraction took place, rather than taking it to an independent party such as the City Attorney.  This serves to lower the likelihood of complaints because most people will not want to be placed in the spotlight in that manner. I mean, who wants to go stand at the dais in front of Daisy Duke, Daffy Duck, Joe the Plumber, Mayor McCheese, Ma Kettle, Bruiser, and Bubba Joe and have them decide if one of their own should be investigated or not?  That particular task needs to be decided by the City attorney.

Also, Wylie's code was way too long and convoluted.  Personally I subscribed to the Keep It Simple Stupid method rather than the Keep it Stupid Simpleton method so many others seem to subscribe to.

Shame on the Wylie City Council for not passing a Code of Conduct yet since this request has been rolling around in the City since 2005.  Nothing like dragging your feet in the worst Flintstone brake job ever.

For a community with 43K+ citizens, it is about time our Council and appointed boards and commission members be held to the same standard the Wylie City employees are held to.