Gone Stupid

Two unfortunate incidents occurred on FOX News' Hannity last night which glaringly prove why it is impossible to have any true and meaningful discourse in this country.

Hannity's first guest Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota provided an absolutely astounding display of bully tactic, and quite frankly unreasonable and even bordering on psychotic behavior.  It is rather unfortunate that Ellison thought his only course of action to be that of utter disrespect.  He was bestowed with precious airwaves and rather than carry on a dialog where his views could be heard and considered by viewers, he dove into a tirade of lunacy calling names, making unfounded accusations, and generally babbling incoherently at times.  The randomness of his statements did nothing to aid his credibility.  What a phenomenal waste of 9 minutes where he might have gotten some sort of message across.

It was clear from the beginning that his actions were premeditated.  The smirky smile showed that he already knew what he was about to embark upon.  After watching it several times, it's not as though the discussion grew and then became heated; there was no discussion at all as he jumped in already heated and swinging.  Ellison launched into his monolog of personal attacks from the start, and provided the viewers with a deeper insight into his true character which appears to be lacking in quality.

The video below is a supreme example of why nothing is being accomplished in Washington DC.  How could it with someone who is quite clear about his intent to shut down dialog and hurl insults without any justifiable reason? 

Would Ellison desire to be taken seriously, he could have stated his opinions and then asked Hannity for comment, but rather he unleashed an endless series of heated one liners and zingers and twisted everything Hannity attempted to rebut. 

If Ellison had a problem with Hannity's past reporting tactics, he should have held a dialog about that.  Rather he drowned out any clarity through a nonstop cacophony of scrambled words, where barely a breath was inhaled. Ellison simply could not be taken seriously and everything he said was discounted by his disrespectful behavior.

Interestingly enough, when I sought this video clip on the web, I found other samples of this labeled "Ellison gets shut down in heated interview." and "Hannity kicks Ellison off his show."  I found some of them were hacked down to just 3 minutes to prove their fictitious point. These completely revisionist descriptions are most certainly not what I witnessed last night.  Giving the man 9 minutes on air hardly constitutes "shutting him down" or "throwing him off the air."  Rather, I saw a respectful Sean Hannity allowing Ellison to carry on like a screaming toddler for 3 minutes and then attempt to prompt him with the same questions he has been asking all of his guests during the week, to which Ellison opened his mouth and the ugliness continued spewing for yet another 3 or so minutes.  What came forth was more of the same ugly and hateful diatribe. 

If Keith Ellison is a beloved representative of Minnesota, they can keep him because there is no call for his behavior whatsoever and he failed miserably at making a mark.  There is no excuse great enough for someone so obviously unwilling to compromise and share.  If this filibuster tactic is how Ellison gets his job done, then bully for Minnesota.  However last night's stellar performance made it crystal clear that he has failed the American people and he has failed Minnesota.  

Minnesotans ought to be very proud of themselves for electing someone who has a difficult time with the idea of discourse, because that is what his job in DC ought to consist of.  The first Buffoon of the month award is willingly bestowed upon Congressman Keith Ellison.

Hannity's third guest Tamara Holder proceeded to degrade any common sense or intelligence she might have picked up while in law school.  On the subject of extending the ban on Big Gulps from New York to the whole country, she proceeded to hand out two doughnuts to the panel and then hold up a labeless bottle of soda while uttering the words, "Republicans are fat asses."  Hardly an insightful factual presentation.  

Yet another buffoon of the month award has been ceremoniously handed out, and with great relish I might add, to the proverbial dumb blonde act of Tamara Holder. I believe her fat ass resides somewhere between her ears and it's blowing excrement nonstop.

Sadly, these incidents are not isolated.  I have witnessed this type of juvenile behavior for years on the internet blogs and political websites.  It is the very reason there is no compromise or open dialog taking place in Washington DC.  A bunch of childish people hop upon the bully pulpit and lie, distort facts, call names, and ultimately filibuster the opposition with a bunch of nonsensical behavior and words.  This behavior is spread across both party lines; it just happened to be displayed with such ignorant grandiosity last night by the liberals on Hannity. 

Is this what Americans want?  One liners and zingers because it's funny or because they get the airtime to spread juvenile behavior?  If that is the case then there is no hope for the morality or intelligence of my fellow citizens and we may as well put up the sign on our door that says "Gone Stupid".