One Of The Boys

I see that Todd Wintters opened up a Facebook Campaign Page running for Wylie City Council place 3. Todd is no stranger to Wylie, he has been kicking around here for a while.  Todd owns Engineering Concepts and Design in Wylie.  He also is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Wylie Economic Development Board (WEDC).  Nice.  If he is elected I can see we may be in for yet another frenetic good old boy orgy of back slapping and mutuality.

I don’t know Mr. Wintters personally.  He and his beautiful wife seem to be decent folk, but there is still something so, well so lackluster about this run he is embarking on.  I cannot get excited about it for the mere reason that he comes from the WEDC mindset and their super-secret handshake society.  From the little internet research I did it would appear he is a poster boy for all Wylie activities. Let’s just hope he is not a poster boy for the same old nonsense that went on in the past when the likes of Merrill Young sat on Council and the WEDC Board. 

Chamber of Commerce:
We should have known the Chamber of Commerce would do their best to put up some of their people. The problem I have with the Chamber of Commerce sticking their nose into elections is that their practices are not always conducive to fiscal responsibility for the City.  Their job is to gain membership and a power-hungry notoriety within the City and they don’t care how they get it. Some tactics can be hidden as prodding the city to relax ordinances, or even pushing the WEDC to provide huge tax incentives to lure businesses.  Chambers of Commerce have never been known to be a beacon of conservatism.  I will be interested to see where Mr. Wintters lies on that pendulum of Left and Right thinkers within Wylie.

First Baptist Church:
Of course, as any good Wylie politician should be, Mr. Wintters appears to be involved with or somehow affiliated with the First Baptist Church. Well why not, when a simple nod from the pastor can propel a member into great heights. From my past babblings, readers pretty much know where I stand on the purpose of churches and their overriding desire to gain greater wealth through membership.  More bodies to tithe.  If Wylie had a mega church, the FBC would surely be it, with New Hope nipping close at their heels.  
Yes, I remain forever skeptical of the benefits of these massive churches in Wylie and the unfortunate situation their precarious downtown locations place true commerce in.  They stifle the growth and prosperity for the Downtown Merchants Association because “Let’s allow some pubs, live music, food, and drinks” said no Wylie ordinance ever. The FBC and the Wylie Bible Church have a great stranglehold on the Wylie merchants and I truly feel for their plight.

WEDC Board Member:
Even better, Mr. Todd Wintters is a longgg time board member serving on the WEDC Board, another delightful enterprise that directly or indirectly is involved in giving away our tax dollars to lure in businesses. Though they are needed, the main types of businesses that they have focused on are big box stores, discount shopping, and fast food.  I’m a bit perturbed at their inability to raise the bar within Wylie and it has caused some consternation on the Council and with developers in what types of homes they can build here since the amenities don’t warrant the big ass mansions we need to ease our tax burden. This is perhaps the largest strike against Mr. Wintters in my honest opinion.

Here is proof of his P.E. (Professional Engineer) license:
At least it would appear that he holds some sort of engineering degree in order to obtain the P.E. designation.  Well that would be refreshing.

American Hero:
Saving grace perhaps? At least he was willing to approach a crushed vehicle that was on fire to save another human being, which is more than can be said for a lot of people who merely stand by out of fear:

Some additional info:
His wife Nikki owns the property for Dance Company of Wylie, back in those nasty looking metal buildings on Park next to Davis Intermediate:

Mr. Wintters owns property for Engineering Designs at:

Collin County Central Appraisal District (CAD) does not show any residential properties for them currently however they previously owned this house:

A quick search of court records shows him clean as a whistle.

Here’s another website that provides additional data about his business:

Voter registration:
I’m a tad concerned since the Collin County CAD shows them no longer owning the property on Lynn, however the voter registration card is registered to that property.  Did he move?  Are they renting back from the new owner?  I know you have to be registered to vote in order to run for City Council, but does the card need to be accurate?  Since there is no internet evidence of where he might be living at the moment, one can only surmise that the address on the voter registration was overlooked by Mr. Wintters.

Though I cannot say he has been a regular at the Wylie City Council meetings, I suppose he kind of knows what’s going on in the City, indirectly.  

I do have a rather monstrous concern about having him serve on the WEDC and as a City Council member.  Big conflict of interest there.
There you have it. I have given you some data to look over.  Yawn.  All in all he seems fairly decent.  At least he was on the voter rolls as having voted, though I couldn’t find any proof his wife has voted at all for years.

Frankly, I’m sick of the same old hands feeding from the proverbial trough; some new Wylie blood would honestly be refreshing about now.  Clearly that isn’t going to happen.  Sadly, if nobody bothers to get off their dead asses and steps up to run, then the same ole is all we will ever have to select from in Wylie. 

I would like to say I’m excited about Mr. Wintters run for Council, but frankly I’m a bit meh over the whole thing.  He doesn’t seem to bring anything to Council other than the same stale message the WEDC and others have always brought.  One of huge tax breaks, wooing discount shopping, no vision for upscale properties, no vision for truly embracing and merchandising the lakes, only support in the community for ventures that satisfy the persistence of low-income housing.  

I suppose the only thing that could possibly get me excited over Mr. Wintters’ run for City Council is if I met with him and found we really had the same vision, the same goals, and the same political philosophy.  I can see one of the mouthpieces of all things conservative in Wylie has ‘liked’ his Facebook Campaign Page, Barbara Goss who is a WISD Trustee and has been deeply involved in the Barbara Bush Republican Women Group, but somehow after assessing all the players in Wylie these past several years, that unofficial endorsement doesn’t hold any glittering rainbow for me any longer.  Hoping I can feel better about this run, but for now it’s a sorry day in Wylie.