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Please Help Make Altered into a Feature Film

Do you like zombie movies?  Altered is an award-winning short film created by Wylie's own filmmaker Christopher Nooner and is tapped to be turned into a feature film....but they need your help. 

Did you know that many of the cast and crew in Altered are from right here in Wylie, Texas?  In fact even several Wylie High School students involved in the Theatre Arts program were part of this film!

Zombie movies may not be your thing, I get that.  It's not my thing either, but film-making is a true art form and wouldn't it be nice for our community to rally and help realize this dream together?

View the request for contributions here:

View the award-winning short film here:

Please consider being a part of the making of this movie, even with a small $10 contribution any little bit will help them realize the dream.  It will be an amazing journey I promise.

Please make a contribution and track the film's progress.

Going Stealth

Something very concerning is in the air, quite literally.  Yesterday President Obama’s administration thought it would be a wise move to fly two B-2 Stealth bombers along the border between North and South Korea, in a display of grandiose military bravado.

If you have never seen one up close and personal, the B-2 Stealth is absolutely magnificent! It is everything you could imagine in a shiny, super sleek, powerful and oh-so-titillatingly sexy package.  In my previous life my ex-husband was a Marine.  Every year Camp Pendleton had an air show and I would attend to watch our brave men and women march in unison, display arms, and do fly-bys.  I had the honor and thrilling pleasure of seeing the Stealth up close and personal, as well as watching a fly-by of this craft when it was first conceived in the late 80s just before I moved away from California.  Let me tell you, it may be undetectable on radar but it is hella loud in person and make no mistake, once you hear it you have no doubt that it is a powerful weapon and should be feared as well as revered. 

In what I can only believe is a risky judgment call bordering on outright provocation, our not-so-savvy Commander and Chief decided he would take that sleek and sexy machine and fly it defiantly in broad daylight along the border during annual joint exercises with South Korea.  Does Obama really think this maneuver will scare the bejeebers out of the newly installed Communist Kim Jong Eun?  Pretty doubtful.  When I have looked into that sourpuss chubby face, I see a 30 year old man intent on not only taking up the reins of his father’s heavy handed rule, but surpassing it just to make a point. My personal assessment of this man is that this short chubby dude has no problem being reckless with his arsenal and loose-lipped with his threats.

This was a pretty ballsy move, especially since Mr. Kim has been spewing hateful diatribe toward the U.S., South Korea, and our Asian allies, and because the U.S. acknowledges that North Korea’s nuclear program has already far surpassed that of Tehran’s nuclear program.   What’s more, the U.S. has indicated by the use of these B-2 Stealth bombers that we will absolutely engage in nuclear war with North Korea. Scared yet?

For a president that insisted we should not be engaged in multiple wars, he is simultaneously inciting Mr. Kim as well as presently considering military action in Syria, and also is considering ways to handle Iran’s escalating nuclear threat. This is a very dangerous stance to take when we are already admittedly stretched militarily thin.

Folks, I would be afraid of this one; very afraid. 

Understanding CSCOPE in WISD

I attended the parent meeting that Wylie Independent School District (WISD) put together on CSCOPE yesterday.  I can truthfully say that 2 hours was not nearly enough time.  We barely scratched the surface, and I suppose because “Wylie’s blogger” was there, I was interrupted quite a bit and not able to really dig into the curriculum.  So too there was a rather large learning curve in figuring out how to use the system and where to look.  I need months of uninterrupted time.

I cannot say this enough though, just how impressed I am by the teachers and administrators at WISD.  I was indeed impressed with their love of teaching that came through clear as freshly cleaned glass during the presentation.  Wylie has absolute top notch employees and teachers.  Well, except for that Merrill Young, the convicted liar who was hired to teach 7th grade Social Studies at McMillan Jr. High even though he had a fake degree he purchased from a diploma-mill and was made an instructional aid by Dr. Fuller instead of being fired.  Despite that, the reason we moved to Wylie in 2001 when my sons were entering Kindergarten and 2nd grade is because of the school district.  I still love WISD, but if we were to do it all over again, we would be looking at Lovejoy schools.

One of Dr. Vinson’s talking points is that CSCOPE saves the teachers’ time.  He went on to state that the teachers are allowed to modify the lessons and that there is a flow of communication back and forth between the teachers and the curriculum coordinators who submit changes to CSCOPE routinely.  If the teachers have to modify the material, they may as well be writing it.  I fail to see a huge time-savings there.  I would be interested in seeing just how much material has been changed by teachers.  I would be interested in having free access to teachers to query them about their experiences with CSCOPE.  I would also like free access to CSCOPE to research, though I understand not allowing access in the home because of the tests on there, where a student might gain access to those were full access given to CSCOPE.  Perhaps a set scheduled time at the Educational Service Center where parents could schedule to come in and perform research might be helpful.

In the meeting it was also clear that Dr. David Vinson cares as well, though I wish he were a little more energetic.  Just kidding, just kidding.  Dr. Vinson’s energy overflows rather abundantly when he talks about education in Wylie.  The only thing I would caution him against is not listening more.  I know from my own energy level that I have to work to tone it down when it is time to listen.  As you might have guessed, there was an irate parent in attendance and he did talk over her quite a bit.  Though I understand he feels he has the answers and wants to share them quickly, I find he does talk over people a lot.  I would like to see Dr. Vinson listen patiently first and then speak.  It goes a long way toward making people feel as though he heard them and is not just rattling off talking points because he holds some level of superior knowledge.  People don’t like to be shut down and it felt like he was doing that to her.  That behavior sort of fueled that angry mother and further prodded her, which wasted a lot of presentation time, which ultimately wasted a lot of computer screen time.

Despite the awesome presentation, WISD has not quite sold me on CSCOPE yet.  One must understand the background of CSCOPE a little, which has not yet been fully revealed, but slowly turn by turn more data is being unearthed.  CSCOPE is a derivative of Common Core, which is used widely around the country.  Common Core is the baby of brainchild radical left-wing educator Linda Darling-Hammond.  Hammond opened a school in California where she wrote this curriculum called CORE.  Her school was shut down by the State because the students were failing in mass.  Working closely with her colleague Communist terrorist Weather Underground Bill Ayers, she then repackaged her radical curriculum and peddled it to Obama and his administration and was bestowed with the title of Education Advisor to Barack Obama’s campaign. It’s no surprise as President, Obama bought into her Common Core curriculum.  Just another reason why the United States Department of Education needs to be abolished and control placed back into the hands of the State.

I truly have a problem with CSCOPEs more sinister roots.  Not only is this lovely Humanist Linda Darling-Hammond involved but also the philosophy from Russian Communist Lev Vygotsky and his proximal development nonsense, and also the radical Fenwick English with his 3 minute walk-through bit. 

When I mentioned the 3 minute walk-through to Director of Curriculum for Wylie ISD, Kerry Gain, she quickly chimed in, “We don’t use that word.”  So WISD doesn’t want to call it what it is, so what do they call it then?  Gain went on to say that 3 minutes isn’t nearly long enough.  Sadly, it still means that administrators with clip boards are walking in to the classrooms and disrupting the learning of your students as their broad oversight scopes out exactly where the teachers is in the sequencing scheme.  It has to be extremely disruptive to the teachers as well.  As a teacher, I would feel overwhelmingly oppressed by that method, and yes, it does smack of a Communist regime, which is precisely where the 3 minute walk-through came from. 

The fact remains WISD has bought into not only CSCOPE, the curriculum, but CSCOPE, the mentality.  Though I was not able to locate some of the more controversial lesson plans floating around in cyberspace, as there was simply not enough time for us to dig, I did find a revision. 

As you know, CSCOPE is not static; it is forever changing and being modified.  When the writers get ‘caught’ by the public, they revise the lessons as in the case of World History unit 6, lesson 2 titled New Systems of Economic Thinking.  A visual has been floating around the blogosphere of a man climbing stairs toward a Communist pinnacle.  Can you imagine how that image might resonate in the brain of a visual learning child?  There is a man climbing stairs and on the bottom is Free Market Society, where the description is that people “strive to fulfill their own needs”, the next step is labeled Socialism where the people work together for the larger goal, and then Communism where everyone works together for a mutual benefit.  This plants the idea in students that we should strive to move up those stairs toward the ultimate in altruistic behavior.  Not exactly the theme of Communism, is it?
You may view this lesson here:

I viewed the lesson now revised to a 3 section table reading left to right which lists Communism first, then Socialism, then Free Market System.  Though there is a line above this table with arrows on both sides showing a flowing back and forth of the systems, at least they are presented in the order in which we read from left to right, thus Free Market would be the last step read.  I personally have no problem with this visual as it is presented now.
These may be handouts and not a required component of the lesson plan, but what with the teacher who uses these handouts?  The handouts are available in CSCOPE for use.  There is no controlling what the teacher is actually presenting from CSCOPEs plethora of controversial material and since citizens have not had enough time to dig into CSCOPE, we have only barely begun the process of rooting this garbage out.

In the meeting, we were informed that much of what has driven CSCOPE actually exists in the TEKS, or the approved State Board of Education minimum standards that must be taught to our students.  While we know there are buzzwords that must be taught, such as Communism, Islam, etc. and knowledge of these ideas helps make our students well-rounded, the problem therein lies in how these ideas are presented by CSCOPE. I cannot tell you because looking for everything specifically is too cumbersome.

The fact remains, a 2 hour parent meeting where more than an hour is taken up by the presentation is not nearly enough time to really dig into CSCOPE and study it.  I believe WISD needs to take the same tactic that Lumberton ISD, where that controversial photo of female students wearing burqas took place, has just taken and form a curriculum committee of parents to look into this.  Let me be the first to volunteer for such a committee in Wylie.

You may find the article on Lumberton ISD here:

All in all, I am not a CSCOPE cheerleader and I doubt I can be converted.  There are too many illicit details, lesson plans, worksheets, etc. for me to be comfortable with it.  So too, the STAAR test and CSCOPE use in WISD are too new for us to have any real quantitative results to study.  Suffice to say, the proverbial proof will be in the pudding, and we will only be able to rate the effectiveness of CSCOPE once it has been used a few years.  While I would love for WISD to immediately stop using CSCOPE, it will not be cost effective.  Sadly we have been entwined in the web that is CSCOPE.

If you wish to follow me on Twitter where you can peruse my tweets with links on CSCOPE, you may locate me at @TXun1965. 

Super Stroke

I had the great pleasure of attending the WISD School Board meeting last night in support of a couple supremely gifted theater students.  Wylie’s teachers are simply the best and they are the reason I put my kids in WISD, not the strangely effervescent Dr. Vinson or even that crusty old zealot Dr. Fuller before him.  Wylie’s teachers are the absolute best.  So just when you think you are there to enjoy watching a couple Thespian students receive awards in a calm, relaxed and unobtrusive manner, you get tackled by the big gun the moment you hit the door.  Let me tell you there’s nothing quite like having a short, bald dude make a beeline for you and pretend he is your new bff.  Now I know how a whale must feel about barnacles.

The sickeningly bubbly, almost to the point of giggly, and quasi looney toons enigma which is our WISD Superintendent spotted me like a Bald Eagle spots an American Coot enjoying a meal in the lake.  He swooped in for what he thought was the kill.  I mean, how else do you deal with detractors than to kill them with kindness?  Thus the touchy feely routine began. I’m just not that familiar with strangers and acquaintances so I find it a bit odd and almost creepy.  I will note here that the touchy feely routine was blogged about the very first time I met Dr. Vinson as well.  I suppose since he recently friended me on Facebook he thinks we are eternally pledged to niceties.  In all actuality, I had already guessed that allowing him free access to creep on me somehow guaranteed the enigma which is the Super access to the enigma which is TXun.  I have been informed of the rather stalkerish behavior of Dr. Vinson friending and calling to other parents who have expressed concern about CSCOPE as well. 

Let me share a little bit with you about the TXun.  Unfathomably, I am not combative in public. In fact, I appreciate my privacy so much that I prefer to sit in the back of the room so that I may come and go as I please without making a large production in front of an audience.  If confronted in public, I will stand my ground but there will be no confrontational behavior emitted from me.  I don’t roll like that.  I am a writer, not a talker, so you will not get a tumbling of words out of me in person either.  I am not easily persuaded to change my mind, though you may think you have succeeded because you won’t see me rolling my eyes and shaking my head in disgust after we part. I try to keep that rather snarky side on the down low while in public.

Suffice to say, I know when someone is attempting to coerce compliance out of me.  I know when someone is trying to figure me out and size me up.  I know when someone is attempting to persuade mutual agreement out of me.  I have studied all of these techniques, so I am adept at identifying them rather quickly.  I wonder did Dr. Vinson recognize me mirroring his body language as we chatted just inside the board room door for 15 minutes?  The crossing of the arms, the leaning against the wall; it’s kind of fun, in a twisted sort of way, because you wonder if the receiver actually gets it.

The real gist here is that Dr. Vinson had hoped to accomplish a couple things with me.  Ever the PR man, he wanted to see what information I would provide him ahead of the Parent CSCOPE meetings so that he could head off any further bad publicity and set up damage control, and he hoped to gain compliance through familiarity and a few selected tactics of the Delphi Technique. 

Here is a little nugget of TXun wisdom: just because I accept your friend request on Facebook doesn’t mean we are the new Bobsey Twins.  It means I am not afraid to allow you into my personal life because I have nothing to hide.  In fact, I have blogged publicly here about all the topics in which various people know about me so that any stories might come directly from me, rather than through that game of telephone where ‘she was a punker with a mohawk’ turns into ‘she was an axe murderer with tattoos’.

I would have signed up to speak at the public bit of the meeting last night, but I was selectively waylaid until moments before the meeting.  That doesn’t bother me though, because I have this venue to speak my mind, and it is one in which quite a few people are reading.  What I would have said last night was this:

Texas is known for our conservative values.  This CSCOPE curriculum contains lesson plans which promote Islam over Christianity, demonizes the free market society, obviously our nation’s economic system, rather promoting Marxism and Communism in a positive light.  Sadly, CSCOPE suggests Capitalists as selfish people who think only of themselves and compares them to Communists who are considered to be giving.  However worse yet, CSCOPE positively emasculates American Exceptionalism. 

Wylie cannot operate in a vacuum.  Though only 5-10 parents in Wylie may seem concerned about CSCOPE, we must consider the thousands in Texas who are currently fighting against it.  Our esteemed Trustees simply cannot ignore the controversy and wave off what appear to be only a few concerned citizens.  I would caution our Trustees and Administrators against spending good taxpayer funds for such a controversial curriculum because I believe this controversy will not go away any time soon. 

Wylie’s parents may be complacent and willing to hand over the care of their children to someone else, but not every other community is so willing.  Dr. Vinson’s stance that 80% of the schools in Texas have adopted this curriculum leaves out the fact that they are all for the most part ‘rural’ schools compared to the larger districts which write their own curriculum; and they write their own for good reason.  80% of the schools does not equate with 80% of the students in Texas and that little morsel of wisdom being spewed is incongruous if we count actual heads exposed to this Marxist CSCOPE propaganda instead of districts.  80% is merely a CSCOPE talking point and Superintendent regurgitated it back to me last night.   

Dr. Vinson also regurgitated back that our district is considered large with over 15K students so I would ask why then are we not writing our own curriculum?  WISD has not shown, with facts and figures, how CSCOPE has saved us money, nor are Wylie’s parents interested in saving money because they fairly willingly have approved bond after bond, except for those couple that were too ridiculous.  So too, if our children’s education is only about saving money, then our Trustees and Superintendent have failed our students and have failed the taxpayers.  At last check, WISD was the 2nd highest taxing school district in all of North Texas, so excuse me when I say that I am just not all that concerned about the nickel and diming of writing curriculum over our student’s learning. 

If you are a self-avowed Christian and an American, do not tell me you support CSCOPE in the same breath because it is absolute sacrilege to the sanctity of United States sovereignty, and serves to weaken patriotism which will ultimately threaten our national security. 

WISD has some of the best teachers I have ever come across and to thrust this curriculum, which is not only controversial but admittedly very cumbersome to the teachers, is just plain wrong.  So for a person who beats himself on the back and happily mounts the conservative pedestal, Dr. Vinson can take that statement above and stroke on that for a while.

WISD To Hold CSCOPE Parent Meeting

Wylie ISD email sent to me for parents who wish to review CSCOPE. 2 Meetings to be held:
As promised, Dr. David Vinson, Wylie ISD Superintendent and Dr. Jeannie Stone, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, have organized two dates to offer a review of CSCOPE for concerned parents. The meeting will provide an overview regarding how CSCOPE was adopted and implemented as well as provide you an opportunity to review the curriculum.

If you plan to bring visitors, please let us know. This is helpful in planning for handouts and determining room space needed for the presentation. If you have specific questions or concerns, please also respond with those as it will be helpful in planning and providing the most comprehensive answers.

Meetings will be held on Wednesday, March 20th, 12:30p.m. – 2:30 p.m., at the Educational Service Center, 951 South Ballard, Wylie, in the Learning Center and on Thursday, March 28th, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., in the Board Room at the Educational Service Center. Please RSVP as to which meeting you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing soon.


Rhonda Tracy
Assistant to the Superintendent
Wylie Independent School District
972 429 3005 Phone
972 941 6005 Fax

Wylie Citizens Group To Hold CSCOPE Meeting

Last week a meeting was held on CSCOPE hosted by several tea party organizations around North Texas.  I have attached my notes from that meeting below.

As you may have heard on national news lately, there is controversy about what appears to be a radical curriculum spreading all over Texas at the moment.  Wylie ISD decided to purchase this curriculum called CSCOPE last year without any citizen input or scrutiny, and appears to be renewing it again this year. 

A group of concerned citizens have come together regarding all of the controversy about CSCOPE and are demanding that WISD stop using CSCOPE immediately.  They are attempting to put together a meeting of concerned parents and intend to invite WISD superintendent Dr. David Vinson to come answer questions.  

One must ask that if CSCOPE is so highly controversial at the moment, and there is proposed litigation on CSCOPEs intimidation as well as their known plagiarization, plus several house bills currently in the Texas State Legislature, why does WISD insist on renewing the curriculum and possibly wasting a lot of taxpayer money if there is the potential that CSCOPE might be stopped?  From my calculations, the district spends roughly $100K annually on this.

If you are interested in joining, please send a message to my blog email (without the extra spaces) and I will put you in touch with the organizers of this group.  You may also watch my blog for announcements on the meeting location and time.

Notes from CSCOPE Meeting (My notes along with text pulled from Voices Empower noted below in sources)

Mrs. Mac is an educator and well known opponent of CSCOPE who has been traveling Texas and speaking with concerned citizens over the past year.  She provided meeting participants with a great deal of insight into CSCOPE, the curriculum that Wylie Independent School District purchased for use and which our Superintendent, Dr. David Vinson, calls a “curriculum enhancement so teachers don’t have to spend their time writing curriculum”. 

CSCOPE is a non-profit organization formed by a band of 11 (progressive, liberal and even radical) education superintendents in 20 Region Centers.  It is being sold to the smaller school districts and is currently in 877 in Texas.  CSCOPE hopes to expand into other states soon.
It is believed that curriculum was prime for the picking because every state was mandated in Obama’s K-12 Initiative to put into place a system which mines data and reports back to the Federal Government.   A perfect storm represented itself and CSCOPE is the offspring.  Though investigation is still taking place, it is believed that Linda Darling-Hammond, a radicalist educator strongly tied to radicalist and terrorist Bill Ayers and the Obama Administration has peddled a curriculum called Common Core across the country.  Interestingly enough, CSCOPE has recently changed its bylaws in order to sell it to the Federal Government, so you can see how it all appears connected.

Many states, such as Georgia, are kicking this Common Core curriculum out because it is failing the students.  CSCOPE is thought to be an extension of Hammond’s Common Core.  At a cost of roughly $7.00 of taxpayer dollars per student for CSCOPE, it is a highly secretive equal outcome curriculum produced on taxpayer time and with taxpayer money but despite that, it does not fall under the Texas State Board of Education scrutiny or oversight. There are currently a couple house bills in the State Legislature requesting to defund CSCOPE as well as bring it under the State Board of Education oversight. 

The main thrust of CSCOPE is ‘educational equality’ and they make claims to be teaching at a higher rigorous level of thinking.   It requires a need of others in order to succeed – no individual success stressed, only a greater good for the group. Total equalization.

Current test scores for students show massive failing grades because the tests do not match the material presented. Tests are often written several grade levels ahead of the material taught. Have you heard your student come home and tell you that tests and work grades are being adjusted as far as what percentage they contribute to your student’s overall grade?  Teachers must somehow make up for the failing test scores.

Example of dumbing down instruction:
CSCOPE lesson on Sedimentary Rock – It’s like rubbing two pieces of dried macaroni noodles together – it is a clear dumbing down of this lesson. 

Seven Areas of Concern In Regard To CSCOPE:   
1.      Philosophy of Social Constructivism Ideology of Progressive/Liberal/Radical Theories based on ideology of Marxism (Lev Vygotsky), Humanism (Linda Hammond), and Socialist.  It promotes progressive education over direct instruction. (Google some of these names to see their radical contributions).  It breaks down the individual, they may only act as a group.  Sometimes taking group tests and the consensus answer is the answer everyone must enter on a test or worksheet, even if a student knows the answer is incorrect.   No answer is incorrect in a lesson, yet this doesn’t exactly jive with the tests being given and students are failing.

2.      The Implementation of  Intimidation, Fear, Guilt and  Covertness
a.     Establishes a fear:   Fear of STAAR Test failures used to sell curriculum, just as it was to the WISD Trustees. Main selling point to combat failing STAAR test grades is that test scores and grades will get worse before they get better.  There exists intimidation of public dissent by labeling and publishing CSCOPE opponent citizen names on state-wide materials. (possible lawsuit coming over this).
b.     Establishes guilt:  Accommodating children who move; Failure is someone else’s fault, the student, the teacher, the school, but never an inadequate curriculum. Requires teaching on topic in sequence. If your student is behind, they will not get individualized attention as the teacher will be required to move on in the sequence. If your student is ahead, they will remain bored because of the lack of individualization.
c.      Disrespects, intimidates and isolates teachers: implements a three-minute walk-through (Fenwick English) to enforce what they call “best practices” which disturbs the classroom.  These spot checks made by administrators are designed to make sure the teachers are in precisely the proper rigorously enforced teaching sequence required by CSCOPE and if they are not at that same moment in time as all over CSCOPE districts, they are written up.  Any teacher who refuses to use CSCOPE is fired for “not being a team player”. Names of critics have been placed on CSCOPEs presentation material which opens them up for litigation.
d.     Contract /Disclosure Agreement/ULA: though I have heard that WISD teachers were not required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, an NDA is a required component of CSCOPE, making WISD in direct violation.
e.     Covertness: NDA signed under duress all over Texas, teacher contributions are confiscated, threat of on-line monitoring of teacher activities, and promotes a public display of failing work.  Removes input and feedback from and influence of parents – no parent group was put together to investigate CSCOPE prior to its purchase by WISD. Parents cannot access actual lessons, only limited information through parent portal, though as a result of recent litigation, parents can now demand to see the curriculum which is why Dr. Vinson claims parents may have any access they want (as if he is granting some specific modification due to his self-promotion as a ‘conservative’) by contacting their teacher, but if you are not in education would you know what to look for?  Removes the importance of textbooks, relying on photocopying worksheets and strictly online curriculum.  Removes the importance of homework since assignments are completed in groups. Trains administration how to minimize criticism &/disarm complaints using Delphi Technique to shut down dissent.
3.     The Cost, Financial Accountability, and Public Relations: CSCOPE is a sales and marketing vendor versus a governmental agency.  CSCOPE is establishing  a monopoly on curriculum. It was developed on taxpayer time and with taxpayer money- Taken over by TESCCC another non-profit.  CSCOPE has a highly Questionable Relationship With (NER) National Educational Resources, Inc. another non-profit as well.   No Contract, No Bids, possible kick-backs. Though several organizations sought legal action to receive access to the curriculum for review, CSCOPE petitioned Attorney General to protect themselves from exposure to competitors and public scrutiny – RED FLAG!
4.     Quality and Substance of Materials: Incomplete use/alignment of TEKS. Progressive indoctrination of students through questionable internet sources, asking leading questions on tests. Has an Anti-American, Anti-Christian slant, inappropriate readability levels, grammatical and factual errors.
a.     Buzz words to watch for: Authenticity (Wiggins), Rigor, Culturally-Relevant, Deeper Understanding,  21st Century Skills, Scaffolding, Personal Relevance; Concept-Basis (Erickson) vs. Topic; Inch-Deep/Mile Wide, Education  Equity; Collaboration, Social Justice, Big Picture, Reflective Teaching, Backward Design (McTighe)
5.     Misrepresentation:
b.     Parent Portal:  Actual material is not available on the portal.  Superintendents are now programmed to regurgitate back key talking points on CSCOPE that parents are allowed to view the curriculum, however a parent must complain to a teacher in order to go view it.  By the time a parent figures out something is not right, there is no easy way to trace back to a specific lesson plan.  Still, no group of independent parents was ever given the opportunity to study CSCOPE in-depth prior to the agreement to purchase it.
c.      Philosophy/Ideology/Differences in Methodology: Not openly explained/revealed to public
d.     Connection to Common Core Standards:  Google Linda Darling-Hammond to read about her alliance with Bill Ayers.  Edugate/Hammond
e.     Confusion:  curriculum?  Curriculum–management? An auxiliary product? A living curriculum?
f.        Plagiarism: Teachers report seeing lessons elsewhere/material not sourced or referenced. There have been several documents circulated on direct plagiarized lesson plans and possible litigation to come on this :  MacGraw-HillChemisty Book  
g.      Sources Of Lessons Not Revealed: Who wrote the lesson plans? Experts?  Authors?  Editors? References? Credentials?  CSCOPE is not a static curriculum such as published, reviewed books where an ISBN number exists.  Because of this, the writers can change the materials and resources for the materials continually.
h.     Terminology (Just New Paint):  YAG (Year At A Glance),VAD (Vertical Alignment Document).  IFD (Instructional Focus Document), 5E -John Dewey- (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate).
6.      Inefficiency:
a.     Results Bad before good-   70 is the new 100!
b.     Teachers’ Time and Energy: According to WISD Superintendent Dr. Vinson, teachers don’t have to spend time writing curriculum which is why WISD purchased CSCOP, yet in his blog post he states that teachers are now “allowed to add to or change the curriculum”.  If the CSCOPE lessons are so controversial such as calling terrorists Freedom Fighters, how is it saving teachers time if they still have to re-write the curriculum anyway?  This sounds like a phenomenal waste of time and money. Since CSCOPE is designed to save districts money by negating the need to purchase books or write curriculum, the time teachers have to spend photocopying worksheets and tests alone still takes time away for them.  Because of this, teachers are finding themselves overwhelmingly taxed by CSCOPE.
c.      Mind-Control: All across Texas on the same lesson at the exact same time.  This is failing students. What about comparing college future and success of CSCOPE v.  Non-CSCOPE students?
7.     Hurting Students
a.     Withdrawal from schools; crying, stress; drastic change in grades; demonized
b.     Repeated tests finally given answers to tests (Teaches delayed effort/cheating OK)

What to expect 
Lawsuits!!!  Plagiarism lawsuits and against targeting and intimidation. 
Bills in the 83rd legislative session:
HB 760 - CSCOPE Transparency Act - State Rep Steve Toth
SB 1406 - Defund and Review CSCOPE- State Senator Dan Patrick

What Can You Do? 
1.      Join the Movement to Stop CSCOPE
2.     Sign the Petition at Women on the Wall

3.     Support State Representative Steve Toth on HB 760 by contacting your House members and insisting that they support HB 760. 

Sources and great articles & Videos: