CSCOPEs Dark Secrets

How ironic, at nearly the end of my journey with Wylie ISD, when my son is a Junior at Wylie High School, I find myself taking up arms in a battle which I believe is going to prove to rock the very core of Wylie.  Little did I know that several weeks ago when I was so outraged at the internet photo circulating of the Lumberton ISD Texas school girls wearing burqas that I was also taking up the flag to fight CSCOPE within Wylie. 

To be honest, I was very surprised at just how many people from Wylie showed up at the CSCOPE Meeting held tonight in Garland.  I was also surprised at the tenacity of the amazing people I met.  It may be difficult to get people out to vote or run for City Council but when it comes to their children, boy look out. 

By now many have viewed that fateful burqa photograph.  By now, many have heard the word “indoctrination.”  I’m always fearful of using that word because it invokes the idea of extreme radical right-wing ideology.  I don’t subscribe to that paranoia, sky is falling, black helicopters circling overhead nonsense.  However after listening to Mrs. Mac speak tonight at the CSCOPE Meeting, it is apparent that this CSCOPE thing is far more insidious than merely obsessing over an indoctrination.  No, CSCOPE goes much deeper than that and it is important for parents to take note, and take note I believe they will.

While I appreciate the sentiment of Dr. David Vinson’s note below posted on his blog, I remain skeptical and concerned.  The last thing I want is to hear is a regurgitation of talking points from CSCOPE on how to deal with concerned parents:

Blog: Sunday, March 10, 2013
Last week we posted some information in response to questions regarding the curriculum management tool called CSCOPE. The posting was intended to help parents understand more about CSCOPE and its contents. Since that time, we have received more questions from parents and the community, specifically regarding concerns raised by the media centered around anti-American lessons contained in CSCOPE.
We want to draw a CLEAR distinction between how Wylie ISD is using CSCOPE and what is being portrayed on the news.
The biggest concern is centered around controversial lessons once contained in CSCOPE. Our district does not promote or condone the ideology of these controversial lessons, and they are not being taught in our district. Our cooperative of school districts that use CSCOPE demanded that the controversial lessons be removed. In fact, unlike many other districts in Texas Wylie ISD does not require teachers to teach CSCOPE lessons.
Once the recent CSCOPE concern was brought to light, Wylie ISD created a team of educators that reviewed PK-12 Social Studies curriculum to ensure that no lessons containing controversial content were included in our curriculum.  
To date, we have not received any concerns specific to any CSCOPE lessons being taught in Wylie. We encourage parents to be vigilant in your child’s education. We encourage you to review what your children are learning and encourage you to bring any concern to Wylie ISD educators; please feel free to contact me personally.  At any time, a parent has the option of speaking with a teacher and any CSCOPE lesson will be made available to them.  The board of trustees and I share the conservative values of our schools and community.  
We use CSCOPE to serve our teachers and students. This system, combined with good judgment and district oversight, reflects the conservative values of our community.

I appreciate that Dr. Vinson states he is a conservative.  I suppose that proof will be in the pudding.  I appreciate his statement that the way WISD intends to use CSCOPE is reflective of the “conservative values of our community.” To be honest, I have not found Wylie to be all that conservative.  Clearly Dr. Vinson has not been on that trash rag, the Wylie View and read some of that progress clap trap and general boobheaded nonsense from a bunch of liberals.   

I appreciate Dr. Vinson’s comments, but I would ask him that if they indeed are using CSCOPE, the main thrust for teachers is to teach the same thing as every other CSCOPE district, on a very strict time-scale.  There is no varying that timeline either.  So though CSCOPE has decided that (more to the point since they were busted by conservatives for the progressive, liberal rhetoric) they would allow for teachers to change or add to the curriculum.  However they do not allow for any change in the time clock, so to speak.

There is a real problem with the idea of holding to a strict time scale.  It passes over those students that need extra instruction and it holds back those who are ahead.  Why would you wish to do this?  Well, frankly CSCOPE doesn't give a damn Scarlet.  

This sort of equalization is not beneficial to any of our students and is the group-think hallmark of CSCOPE.  Students must sit in little round groups holding hands and singing Kumbaya as they come with a consensus while answering tests or worksheets together.  Notice how many groups your student is currently working in.  Oh and there is no wrong or right answer according to CSCOPE. 

I wonder did our Superintendent buy into the equalization and homogenization of our students?  This is precisely what CSCOPE hopes to achieve and he presented this to our Trustees, and they bought into it.  I wonder what our trustees are thinking at this very moment.  These are people who for the most part appear to be conservatives.  Is this what they really want for their children?  

I make the important point on equalization because I understand Dr. Vinson has dismantled Wylie ISDs Gifted and Talented Program and let the head of it go and is about to implement some other strategy.  Given the stated aim of CSCOPE, this change is of grave consequence since the goal of CSCOPE is to homogenize our students into one mind.  So too am I concerned that Dr. Vinson is waiting for ‘misinformation’ to smooth over in questions posed to him.  Plant the ‘misinformation’ seed + wait for questions= Alarming.

I believe the parents of WISD need know what their hard earned tax dollars paid for with CSCOPE.  Frankly, we need to know because the CSCOPE contracts are in negotiation right now so it is not too late to pull out.   

A couple tidbits of information parents also need to know is that CSCOPE does not stand for anything, it is not an acronym.  CSCOPE is a non-profit made up of service centers and headed by Texas superintendents.  So one should ask themselves why a non-profit has tried so hard to infiltrate the Texas educational system. What exactly is their goal?  They intend to begin small and move into the larger districts, which they have not yet.

With all we have learned about CSCOPEs problems, I am asking our Trustees and Dr. Vinson to do the right thing. Here is my letter to the WISD Board of Trustees and it should be yours as well.  Please feel free to copy and paste in an email to:  :,,,,,,

As a citizen and taxpayer of Texas, I am deeply troubled by the growing revelations about CSCOPE and the conduct of the unelected educational establishment.  As a member of my elected ISD Board of Trustees, I am asking you to:
·        Opt out immediately
·        Void any and all non-disclosure agreements that teachers and administrators may have signed so the full extent of problems with CSCOPE can be brought to light.
·        Confirm your commitment to traditional teaching methods and traditional Texas values.
·        Lobby our State Representatives, Senator and Commissioner of Education to put the SBOE in control of the curriculum used in our Texas Schools.
·        Support a full investigation of CSCOPE, ESCs, TESCCC, the non-profits and their funding sources to determine if there has been violations of state law, copyright law, ethics standards or other infractions.
Our children are our future- trite but true.  We need to ensure that our Schools remain independent, locally controlled and guided by Values that have made Texas great.

Sadly, my friends in Wylie all have students at or nearing the end of their academic life in WISD.  Most of my friends, like me, see nothing wrong with some cultural sensitivity training, however make no mistake, the more blingy side of CSCOPE that glitters in the media at the moment has the more controversial ‘love Islam/hate Christianity’ bent, however we must be mindful of what content and structure is not in current affairs at the moment.  One of the selling points in CSCOPE is the idea that test scores and grades will plummet before they get better.  That’s about as stupid as the statement from Nancy Pelosi about Obamacare, “We need to pass it before we can find out what’s in it.” 

Now that Obamacare is passed, this is what happens when people do not become outraged – Obamacare regulations printed:

The CSCOPE curriculum ultimately means leaving children behind and holding back others. The problems can be easily glossed over by CSCOPE as issues are brought to the limelight by outspoken people and the media, but fact remains that the crux of the problem is what is being left unsaid.  Be careful of what you ignore.