Going Stealth

Something very concerning is in the air, quite literally.  Yesterday President Obama’s administration thought it would be a wise move to fly two B-2 Stealth bombers along the border between North and South Korea, in a display of grandiose military bravado.

If you have never seen one up close and personal, the B-2 Stealth is absolutely magnificent! It is everything you could imagine in a shiny, super sleek, powerful and oh-so-titillatingly sexy package.  In my previous life my ex-husband was a Marine.  Every year Camp Pendleton had an air show and I would attend to watch our brave men and women march in unison, display arms, and do fly-bys.  I had the honor and thrilling pleasure of seeing the Stealth up close and personal, as well as watching a fly-by of this craft when it was first conceived in the late 80s just before I moved away from California.  Let me tell you, it may be undetectable on radar but it is hella loud in person and make no mistake, once you hear it you have no doubt that it is a powerful weapon and should be feared as well as revered. 

In what I can only believe is a risky judgment call bordering on outright provocation, our not-so-savvy Commander and Chief decided he would take that sleek and sexy machine and fly it defiantly in broad daylight along the border during annual joint exercises with South Korea.  Does Obama really think this maneuver will scare the bejeebers out of the newly installed Communist Kim Jong Eun?  Pretty doubtful.  When I have looked into that sourpuss chubby face, I see a 30 year old man intent on not only taking up the reins of his father’s heavy handed rule, but surpassing it just to make a point. My personal assessment of this man is that this short chubby dude has no problem being reckless with his arsenal and loose-lipped with his threats.

This was a pretty ballsy move, especially since Mr. Kim has been spewing hateful diatribe toward the U.S., South Korea, and our Asian allies, and because the U.S. acknowledges that North Korea’s nuclear program has already far surpassed that of Tehran’s nuclear program.   What’s more, the U.S. has indicated by the use of these B-2 Stealth bombers that we will absolutely engage in nuclear war with North Korea. Scared yet?

For a president that insisted we should not be engaged in multiple wars, he is simultaneously inciting Mr. Kim as well as presently considering military action in Syria, and also is considering ways to handle Iran’s escalating nuclear threat. This is a very dangerous stance to take when we are already admittedly stretched militarily thin.

Folks, I would be afraid of this one; very afraid.