Super Stroke

I had the great pleasure of attending the WISD School Board meeting last night in support of a couple supremely gifted theater students.  Wylie’s teachers are simply the best and they are the reason I put my kids in WISD, not the strangely effervescent Dr. Vinson or even that crusty old zealot Dr. Fuller before him.  Wylie’s teachers are the absolute best.  So just when you think you are there to enjoy watching a couple Thespian students receive awards in a calm, relaxed and unobtrusive manner, you get tackled by the big gun the moment you hit the door.  Let me tell you there’s nothing quite like having a short, bald dude make a beeline for you and pretend he is your new bff.  Now I know how a whale must feel about barnacles.

The sickeningly bubbly, almost to the point of giggly, and quasi looney toons enigma which is our WISD Superintendent spotted me like a Bald Eagle spots an American Coot enjoying a meal in the lake.  He swooped in for what he thought was the kill.  I mean, how else do you deal with detractors than to kill them with kindness?  Thus the touchy feely routine began. I’m just not that familiar with strangers and acquaintances so I find it a bit odd and almost creepy.  I will note here that the touchy feely routine was blogged about the very first time I met Dr. Vinson as well.  I suppose since he recently friended me on Facebook he thinks we are eternally pledged to niceties.  In all actuality, I had already guessed that allowing him free access to creep on me somehow guaranteed the enigma which is the Super access to the enigma which is TXun.  I have been informed of the rather stalkerish behavior of Dr. Vinson friending and calling to other parents who have expressed concern about CSCOPE as well. 

Let me share a little bit with you about the TXun.  Unfathomably, I am not combative in public. In fact, I appreciate my privacy so much that I prefer to sit in the back of the room so that I may come and go as I please without making a large production in front of an audience.  If confronted in public, I will stand my ground but there will be no confrontational behavior emitted from me.  I don’t roll like that.  I am a writer, not a talker, so you will not get a tumbling of words out of me in person either.  I am not easily persuaded to change my mind, though you may think you have succeeded because you won’t see me rolling my eyes and shaking my head in disgust after we part. I try to keep that rather snarky side on the down low while in public.

Suffice to say, I know when someone is attempting to coerce compliance out of me.  I know when someone is trying to figure me out and size me up.  I know when someone is attempting to persuade mutual agreement out of me.  I have studied all of these techniques, so I am adept at identifying them rather quickly.  I wonder did Dr. Vinson recognize me mirroring his body language as we chatted just inside the board room door for 15 minutes?  The crossing of the arms, the leaning against the wall; it’s kind of fun, in a twisted sort of way, because you wonder if the receiver actually gets it.

The real gist here is that Dr. Vinson had hoped to accomplish a couple things with me.  Ever the PR man, he wanted to see what information I would provide him ahead of the Parent CSCOPE meetings so that he could head off any further bad publicity and set up damage control, and he hoped to gain compliance through familiarity and a few selected tactics of the Delphi Technique. 

Here is a little nugget of TXun wisdom: just because I accept your friend request on Facebook doesn’t mean we are the new Bobsey Twins.  It means I am not afraid to allow you into my personal life because I have nothing to hide.  In fact, I have blogged publicly here about all the topics in which various people know about me so that any stories might come directly from me, rather than through that game of telephone where ‘she was a punker with a mohawk’ turns into ‘she was an axe murderer with tattoos’.

I would have signed up to speak at the public bit of the meeting last night, but I was selectively waylaid until moments before the meeting.  That doesn’t bother me though, because I have this venue to speak my mind, and it is one in which quite a few people are reading.  What I would have said last night was this:

Texas is known for our conservative values.  This CSCOPE curriculum contains lesson plans which promote Islam over Christianity, demonizes the free market society, obviously our nation’s economic system, rather promoting Marxism and Communism in a positive light.  Sadly, CSCOPE suggests Capitalists as selfish people who think only of themselves and compares them to Communists who are considered to be giving.  However worse yet, CSCOPE positively emasculates American Exceptionalism. 

Wylie cannot operate in a vacuum.  Though only 5-10 parents in Wylie may seem concerned about CSCOPE, we must consider the thousands in Texas who are currently fighting against it.  Our esteemed Trustees simply cannot ignore the controversy and wave off what appear to be only a few concerned citizens.  I would caution our Trustees and Administrators against spending good taxpayer funds for such a controversial curriculum because I believe this controversy will not go away any time soon. 

Wylie’s parents may be complacent and willing to hand over the care of their children to someone else, but not every other community is so willing.  Dr. Vinson’s stance that 80% of the schools in Texas have adopted this curriculum leaves out the fact that they are all for the most part ‘rural’ schools compared to the larger districts which write their own curriculum; and they write their own for good reason.  80% of the schools does not equate with 80% of the students in Texas and that little morsel of wisdom being spewed is incongruous if we count actual heads exposed to this Marxist CSCOPE propaganda instead of districts.  80% is merely a CSCOPE talking point and Superintendent regurgitated it back to me last night.   

Dr. Vinson also regurgitated back that our district is considered large with over 15K students so I would ask why then are we not writing our own curriculum?  WISD has not shown, with facts and figures, how CSCOPE has saved us money, nor are Wylie’s parents interested in saving money because they fairly willingly have approved bond after bond, except for those couple that were too ridiculous.  So too, if our children’s education is only about saving money, then our Trustees and Superintendent have failed our students and have failed the taxpayers.  At last check, WISD was the 2nd highest taxing school district in all of North Texas, so excuse me when I say that I am just not all that concerned about the nickel and diming of writing curriculum over our student’s learning. 

If you are a self-avowed Christian and an American, do not tell me you support CSCOPE in the same breath because it is absolute sacrilege to the sanctity of United States sovereignty, and serves to weaken patriotism which will ultimately threaten our national security. 

WISD has some of the best teachers I have ever come across and to thrust this curriculum, which is not only controversial but admittedly very cumbersome to the teachers, is just plain wrong.  So for a person who beats himself on the back and happily mounts the conservative pedestal, Dr. Vinson can take that statement above and stroke on that for a while.