Walk Right In

I always find it a curiosity when people in politics make sweeping statements such as, “Nobody better complain about the candidates when nobody ran against them.” Or my particular favorite, “If nobody complains to us then they must be happy with the job we are doing.”  No two phrases could be more inaccurate. 

The grandstanders making these remarks use them as a tool to support their own belief system.  Rather than continue to improve upon themselves, they search for and collect easy examples to support their narrow view of the world.  Such phrases lack any vein of sentient quality.  They are self-centered and unsympathetic phrases expressed by people who are clearly out of touch with the quandary of rather harried taxpayers.  US citizens are absolutely consumed with trying to pay their bills, keep up with the rising cost of goods and services, and cover the increased taxes being thrust upon them by the most heinous White House ever.  Discounting their silence is just as dangerous as assuming their support.

The same comments have been made about my criticism as well.  It has been said that if I am going to complain then why don’t I run for council.  That statement is the least common denominator that can be used in an attempt to browbeat me by the dimwits.  It is an illogical argument designed to shut down dissent, as if nobody has a right to hold any opinions whatsoever, more to the point any negative opinions.  The basis is that unless comments are positive, they should be held to oneself, and especially if the individual doesn’t join in the glory that is holding a public office. Not everyone is cut out to hold office and it takes a mature, introspective, and insightful person to recognize that.  Conversely, it takes an immature one to use it as a tool to support their misconstrued and maligning accusations. If the only position worthy of emitting argument is that of a seat on some political council or board, then we wouldn’t have some highly intelligent citizens making some highly intelligent arguments such as in the case of Dr. Benjamin Carter, Glenn Beck, or even Michael Moore.

You may not agree with any of them; and none hold office yet they contribute highly persuasive arguments and castigations for their cause.  To discount them and say they should put up or shut up seems pretty silly when you consider their influences. Sadly there exists a group of individuals who would rather brainwash their supporters, in some bastardized Ministry of Truth, into thinking they don’t have a say if they don’t run for office.  This is such an antiquated idea and based upon that ridiculous premise, nobody had better utter a harsh word about our new Councilmembers in Wylie.

It would appear that Keith Stephens and Todd Wintters were able to secure a seat on the Wylie City Council by walking right in.  There was no campaign, no expenditure, no debate, no public scrutinizing.  The only vetting done was by yours truly, and yes I have formed an opinion, and no I don’t need to run for office to give it or to be taken serious.   

To be honest, had someone run against Keith Stephens, I probably wouldn’t have supported that individual.  Mr. Stephens appears to hold at least similar conservative views, well at least with regard to the rights bestowed upon us by the 2nd Amendment, which at the moment is a Godsend and refreshing considering all of the rhetoric being spread on gun violence.

Todd Wintters on the other hand leaves quite a bit to be desired.  Though from a professional level he could turn out to be the best Councilman we have ever had, however from a personal stance I find his membership in the elite good old boy club of the Wylie Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to be his largest downfall.  No matter how ‘nice’ Mr. Wintters might be, I cannot retract my statements that nothing good can come from the love-fest between Chamber of Commerce, WEDC, the Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) and the Wylie City Council.  This bizarre ménage à quatre is precisely what has caused less than stellar tactical moves and practices. These questionable practices have been known to cost Wylie’s taxpayers in ways that we can only now begin to measure.

Wylie had the potential of becoming something truly special.  Sitting in close proximity to two lakes should have been a priority.  Rather we have weird zonings, an ugly metal building fest, a sea of inexpensive cookie cutter homes, low-income housing projects kicking around town, and the patchiness that is big box stores, fast food restaurants, and a discount store haven.  Did the gang of 4 entities serve us wrong by proposing and supporting such mediocrity? I suppose so when we investigate our ridiculously high and out of proportion tax rate for what little we get for it.

Certainly awesome fire and police departments are worth the money, but we have a less than stellar Rec Center, a mish mash of unconnected and unfinished parks and open space plans, completely unutilized lakes, and despite how high our taxes are we still have an underpaid police force.

Whether Mr. Wintters and Mr. Stephens prove to be worthy of the seats they were just handed will remain to be seen.  However the citizens of Wylie have the right to express their opinions on that matter whether they run for office or not because of one rather large credit; everyone at City Hall reports to the taxpayers and our say is automatically built into the fact that we are paying our taxes with money we could take elsewhere.  Our tax dollars allow us any opinion we want and grant us the ability to state that opinion. Sadly, this little morsel of wisdom seems to be lost on some of the people representing City Hall.