WISD Attempts to Address CSCOPE

Whether you like Glenn Beck or not, he recently covered CSCOPE in-depth on his show.  Guests included one educator who fought to equalize the globalist, anti- nationalist, socialist-leaning and historical revisionist text within CSCOPE, as well as two teachers, and our State Legislator Dan Patrick who has filed a bill with the Texas State Senate requesting to bring CSCOPE under review of the Texas State Board of Education.

The three part series on this can be accessed here:


This is a serious matter folks.  Today on the Wylie Independent School District's Facebook page, the following post was made:

Wylie ISD believes that parents should be informed about every aspect of their child's education. We understand that there may be questions, and possibly some misinformation, about C-SCOPE. To learn more about C-SCOPE please visit: http://www.cscope.us/parentportal/

If you have additional concerns or would like more information, please contact the Wylie ISD Curriculum and Instruction Department. Thank you.

I am highly concerned as a parent with a student attending WISD.  Anyone who has accessed that CSCOPE parent portal will find they cannot dig into the lesson plans to digest what is really being presented to the students, they can only get a snapshot of basic topics.  Perhaps that has changed since CSCOPE was ruled to allow parents to view the curriculum, however when I checked it last month I found the parent portal watered down and glossed over and frankly, not terribly insightful.

One must ask themselves why Wylie is the only ISD in the area that purchased and adopted this curriculum "enhancement" as they call it?  I believe the WISD Trustees made a grievous error buying into what appears to be an indoctrination of our students into a 'globalist view' over 'national pride'.  There appears to be so much text that is revisionist that even if a WISD teacher used only a portion of the text in social studies for example, they would be doing a complete disservice to the great history of not only Texas, but of this nation. 

I applaud our Superintendent Dr. David Vinson for attempting to be proactive, considering the bad press CSCOPE is garnering, but I would suggest he take it several steps furtherIn my opinion, his approach of merely asking for questions does not go far enough.  Merely waiting for questions is an unacceptable stance to take considering how much negative facts are just now being made public.  I am concerned that the WISD post above uses the word 'misinformation' in an attempt at damage control and as a marketing ploy which makes parents believe that misinformation is being spread.  The idea of misinformation has been debunked numerous times by some very trustworthy sources. 

Perhaps it is time for an independent and rather large and varied group of Wylie's citizens to be gathered to investigate the curriculum and properly vet it, since we were never provide with an opportunity to access it fully prior to the WISD Trustees approval for its purchase.  By gathering a group of individuals, I don't mean having the Trustees thrust their pre-programmed pals on such a committee either, since I believe we are now dealing with a trust issue between parents and the Trustees and this Superintendent.

I want to believe that we can trust in our administrators and board.  Sadly, I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg and if CSCOPE is able to take this curriculum national as they intend, there will be a lot more uproar to be heard.  The fact is, this problem, as distasteful as it may be to WISD, will probably not go away any time soon.