Jihad Mom

Michele Malkin pretty much summed up the mother of the Boston bombing terrorist Tsnaraev brothers in two words:  jihad mom.  And you thought soccer moms were bad enough with their stick figure cling-ons donning the back SUV window depicting every household member, the baby sitter, the lawn guy, as well as the dog, cat, and parakeet too. Now we have jihad moms on the loose.  Yikes!

I can still hear her voice; that pinched nose screech, like nails to chalkboard, squealing that she doesn’t care that her oldest son is dead or if they kill her youngest or even if they kill her.  So sweet. Sounds like she should get the Mom of the Year award or better yet make Time Magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year cover. I swear I have been having nightmares that a woman with sunken eyes and a scarf wrapped around her head has been chasing me with those flailing hands, like some sick and twisted Muslim caricature. 

So exactly what do you get jihad mom for the upcoming Mother’s Day anyway?  I mean, it is not as if flowers will suffice.  Perhaps an Uzi and some handcuffs? Hey I saw a hot pink Barbie uzi on Google.  There’s a fine collectible Burqa Barbie worth shelling out some cold hard cash for eh?

Yet despite how terrible this woman seems, I refuse to feel sorry for how messed up the fruit of her loins are.  Yes, jihad mom not only birthed the two terrorists but dropped those rotten apples right there on the ground next to the thorny tree as well. Hells, she not only had time to raise those little jihadi radicals, but also buy groceries with American food stamps, all while carrying on a telephone conversation with other terrorists.  What a gal. 

If you think jihad mom is bad, you should check out the twisted sister. The aunt living in Canada is a real peach.  The woman claims to be a lawyer back in the home country, waiting tables now or some such, yet she couldn’t put together a cogent thought as to why the FBI had gone after her nephews.  Wow, nothing like being a jihadi enabler. 

Sadly, America will continue let in people who have all the trappings of a jihadi terrorist network in their pockets because we have learned nothing from 9/11. Yes, insane and delusional people will continue to stream into America across open borders, and on student visas approved by the Saudis so that they may pilfer Obamadollars and then attack us because we are just too stupid to fix the problem.  Not only are our borders essentially wide open - just look at the Canadian self-serve border crossings, but our FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security departments can’t get their act together, yet again as proven by these Boston Marathon bombers who were anything but discrete.

On top of that, we refuse to teach people how to profile because we are so afraid of offending people.   We are not taught to be aware of our neighbors, be aware of our surroundings, and make a report of things that don’t gel. Why? The answer is because, for our part, profiling is all too politically incorrect for Americans.  We are above that sort of thing so we go on ignoring each other like the friends of Tamarin and Dzhokhar ignored their social network of jihadist pals. Will it take another incident? Wasn’t 9/11 bad enough? Wasn’t the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber enough? When will we wake up? Sadly that question remains unanswered.

No Stinkin' Code

Two years later and nothing has changed. The Code of Conduct that floated around the dais several times has been swept under the carpet just as I knew it would be by Mayor Eric Hogue his little legal playmate, and a few others who would like to hide behind the City Charter.  Indeedy, council may still do and say what they please despite the fact they enforced a Code of Conduct on city employees in 2010.  What is good for the goose is rejected by the gander one might surmise.

I find it astonishingly amazing the break neck speed with which our little community leaders precipitously pushed through an ordinance change allowing low-income housing in Wylie, yet they have dragged their feet harder than a Fred Flintstone foot brake in the Bedrock car when it comes to a Code of Conduct.  To say they have stalled is a flagrant understatement.  

What I don’t understand is the Beavis and Butthead act our City of Wylie leaders played as they sat around the work table drafting  a Code of Conduct more than a year ago.  Is it that easy for them to ignore how ridiculous they look when they talked up a Code of Conduct, even going so far as to put pen to paper, and then purposely drag it to infinity and beyond with what appears to be a hope it is forgotten?  Why bother wasting the citizen’s time that came out to the work sessions then? 

I think everyone knows how much I like Councilwoman Diane Culver, but I am disappointed in this one platform promise.  I remain stymied as to why she ran on a Code of Conduct when the City still sits silently without it two years later. God love her, I know she has tried to launch an exceedingly lethargic Council on the subject.  So how do you prod a lazy group of people toward forward motion when they think they are above any and all standardized constraints?  Especially when the city legal eagle Abernathy appears to be dragging his feet so hard on this task that it is leaving skid marks. Dragging ass doesn’t even come close to summing up the unwillingness to accept this task as it feels more like a mouse moving an 800lb gorilla.  My understanding is that Abernathy doesn’t want Council to approve a code because he thinks it will cause all manner of issues, but what with the other cities he has written one for?  Does he have the same refusal latitude with them that is evidently allowed by our Mayor and Council?  Perhaps our City leaders should grow a pair when it comes to our legal representative because the last time I checked, Abernathy wasn’t sitting on council, he was a paid servant.  

That old adage, the more things change the more they stay the same couldn’t ring louder.  The gang of three who started the narrative on a Code of Conduct consisting of Councilwoman Culver, Councilman Jones, and Mayor Hogue all sit on council still, so why it has not come before the dais is a mystery.  Perhaps their respective pet projects are getting in the way, making the code anything but central to their minds.  Sadly, I doubt the two newbies will support a code either as Councilman Goss makes his hasty exit stage right. It seems everyone narcissistically thinks they are above reproach and the newbies who were able to slide into the new council seats without campaigning or nary an outlay of cash for signs will not want to be saddled with the task early on. 

Everything seems to get in the way; the next task horse they will astride will be the budget and the code will be woefully forgotten for another six months.  Sadly every day that passes without a Code of Conduct means that those who are sitting on council have proven themselves increasingly self-absorbed and egocentric as they sit on their gluttonous thrones and pretend they don’t need no stinkin' code.

Institute for Policy Innovation Dinner with Senator Ted Cruz

I attended the Institute for Policy Innovation’s 25th Anniversary Dinner last night where key-note speaker was none other than Senator Ted Cruz. As always I was ecstatic to see him speak in person. He is such an efficient orator, not sparing words but also not adding unnecessary fluff. Sick but true, I have total groupie-itis for the man. To be honest, I was merely was holding my breath until he came along. It is as if I can breathe again. There is hope now. I sat with some of the coolest, politically savvy, and uber-plugged in peeps in Dallas and met many other awesome and like-minded folk. These people inspire me because they are members of highly active conservative groups from which I draw upon a lot of information for my blog posts. Contrary to popular MSM rumor, I saw not one person there that was a bitter gun clinger, beating on their bible, nor did I see any wackobirds; just everyday average folks like me that want to see the US Constitution as our litmus test rather than the Quoran, Mein Kampf or Das Kapital. I noticed as I pulled up to the Flights of Fancy Museum at Love Field that WFAA was in the house. I have to admit, they are my favorite local news source and I have watched them for years. I find them to be not only entertaining, but professional, and also supportive of our endeavors. So when I got home, I turned to the DVR to watch my recording of WFAA’s nightly news to see what they reported about the demi-God that is Senator Ted Cruz. They showed blips of the event and also a quick blip of a handful of what I can only surmise were illegals that came to protest his stance on the shamnesty which is amnesty. For every protester, they were outnumbered by close to two dozen supporters who were in attendance. Embarrassing odds. There was also a blip suggesting Cruz’s recent trips to other states indicate preparation for a run in 2016. One can only hope. As Ted Cruz just about finished speaking, the one, the only, the original Tea Party Darling, Katrina Pierson turned to me and said, “I just love this guy!” Yup, I do too.

To Hell With Political Correctness

Just how did we get here? How did we get to the point that two young men, who were by all accounts immigrants that adopted the lifestyle of their new society, could drop a bomb at the feet of an 8 year old boy?  How could two young men become so radicalized on American soil and fall prey to Al-Qaeda propaganda and seemingly long-armed indoctrination? How does this happen right under our noses?

After 9/11, I thought we had departments set up on our taxpayer dime such as the Department of Homeland Security which is designed to watch for chatter and threats on homeland soil. I suppose that was a false sense of security we were offered because we clearly missed some very public signs.  Shockingly, these two terrorists didn't even attempt to hide their jihadist views.  Rather they blatantly posted disturbing propaganda through their heavy social media interactions and nobody heard that chatter. Astounding.

Perhaps I am a little more curious than the average person, but I can assure you that I have checked out every person on my Facebook friends list and were I ever to find terrorist propaganda, I can also assure you I would be reporting them. I cannot fathom being alone in this sentiment, so how is it that these two young men could be posting Al-Qaeda propagandist materials, videos, and songs in plain sight and nobody noticed?

I don't know about you, but I don't really want to be my brother's keeper, yet haven't we learned anything after 9/11?  Haven't we learned that we can trust no one? Haven't we learned that we need to make it our business to know who is around us and report anything and everything suspicious?  Evidently the great Sleeping Giant still lies in a highly sedated twilight daze. To say we are awake and lucid would be a great overestimation. 

The question begs to be asked then, is it really up to the citizens of the United States to keep an eye on their fellow citizens?  I believe it is.  I believe that we all have a 6th sense and we need to learn to trust in that, because it can be a strong indicator that something is out of character with what behavior or outcome should be expected or anticipated. It is a strong trigger and I believe it still resides in our genes. 

We all have this gift but we simply need help with understanding it.  Homegrown terrorism is exactly one reason why the Israelis are experts at cultivating this 6th sense.  It's called profiling and after 9/11 the Israeli government contacted the Bush administration offering their vast knowledge and expertise on terrorist profiling. Who better to learn from than the experts in the field. Yet in all our government's wisdom, we have continued to refuse their assistance.

Had we rose above our own stifling prejudices about using this tactic, rather than confusing it with an unrealistic ideal about a right to privacy, I am convinced officials would have easily cherry-picked these two individuals out of the massive crowds at the Boston Marathon. 

Terrorist profiling would have highlighted their behavior and unobtrusive interactions on the sidewalks of Boston which in hindsight, were dead giveaways. 

All the signs were there and if we had highly trained profilers we could have detained these individuals before they unleashed the horror that will forever mire the Boston Marathon. 

In all our infinite wisdom, and twisted expectation of exactly what freedoms were bestowed upon us by our US Constitution, we are being held hostage by our own need to be politically correct. We no longer have the right to not be assessed using terrorist profiling techniques.  Clearly it is time for us to learn to profile. Clearly it is time for us to get out of our own way.

Mr. Kim Has a Bad Day

I have thought a lot about all of this North Korea chatter in the news lately.  Of course the media talking heads are doing their level best to scare the bejeebers out of citizens.  I am convinced they do this to obfuscate what is really going on behind the scenes.  I am of the opinion that if citizens really knew what was happening with our own personal Star Wars program, they would be crapping not only bricks, but whole Empire State buildings.

I am going to draw a couple conclusions here that should really grab you by the scruff of the neck or at least make the hair stand up.  Well, that is if you are an intricate tactical thinker.  The first thing I am going to ask you to contemplate is exactly why is it the US flew those Stealth B2 Bombers along the North Korean border a couple weeks ago?  Did the US know exactly what sentiment they would receive from the young Kim Jong Un when they took this stance? I would bet they did. Additionally, imagine why it is that South Korea doesn't seem too concerned?

The US has given North Korea the big F U. Yes Mr. Kim, F U we are gonna fly our Stealth Bombers along the border and drop a couple mock 2K bombs.  F U Mr. Kim, you are really insignificant and we put out a faux message that you have the ability to have nuclear tipped missiles and then oops, we recant that story saying you don't.. Oh yes, and Mr. Kim, we made sure these incidents make the Washington Post front page just to poke you some more. And Mr. Kim, we really aren't all that concerned about your rhetoric.  Yawn.    

Next, I want you to think back to many years ago.  Do you recall all those nifty lasers flashed into the eyes of some of our commercial airline pilots?  Remember the big todo because it happened some years after 9/11? It hit the news after reports were made that some of the pilots became permanently blinded by the lasers, and so the 'search' commenced. Did anyone catch those folks? The rash of lasers went on across the US for a short period and then as soon as the lasers started they stopped.  Let yourself entertain the idea of just how strong those lasers were that they could burn the retina of a pilot almost immediately, thousands of feet in the air, moving at great speeds. Do you think the average American could track an airliner with that sort of accuracy so as to laser tag the pilot in the cockpit? 

Finally, I want you to think about the fact that our US military has been practicing shooting down our own drones with lasers and there have been photos on this in the news lately.  The drones actually burned up and disintegrated before they had a chance to hit the ground.  Imagine how strong a laser would have to be to do that?

Now let me tie all of these events together for you if you haven't figured it all out on your own yet.  Those lasers years ago were more than likely our own CIA or military testing them out by spotting the pilots in moving aircraft.  Searches of the areas these lasers emanated from came up empty-handed, except for any copy-catters. Nothing ever came from any of this and as it were, everyone forgot and moved on.  Now these lasers have evolved to the point that they can shoot aircraft out of the sky and disintegrate it.  We certainly don't want to practice on our own missiles, why not practice on a country that provides us with absolutely nothing in return and has a spotty range at best. 

Imagine what the US would gain in provoking a young'un with little man syndrome, who has a chip on his shoulder and a desire to prove a point, to the level that he wants to shoot off a missile, let alone a nuclear one.  Imagine the absolute fear we would strike in the hearts of Iran and the world as we prod Mr. Kim into shooting off a nuclear missile in a titty-baby tirade and we not only shoot that sucker down, but we disintegrate it.

I would like to think I'm wrong, but I suspect there is more to the provocation of the little chubby Communist dude than just an innocent joint annual military exercise with South Korea. 

Altruism or Alteration?

I should have seen this coming sooner or later.  I was accused of writing all these horrible things about CSCOPE because I must 'hate' Dr. David Vinson.  Oh contraire.  I don't hate Dr. Vinson.  In fact, I don't even really dislike him either.  Once I got him past the canned CSCOPE rhetoric when I attended the parent meeting, he's actually pretty decent. 

So that I can clear this up once and for all.  I find CSCOPE completely distasteful. There you have it. I'm not hating Dr. Vinson, I'm hating CSCOPE. 

One of the parent attendees of the WISD CSCOPE meeting wrote to me and was completely disheartened.  They are very sad that as usual, the citizens of Wylie lie complacently down and just accept what is without further question.  Oh I suppose they gave their cursory complaint, but ultimately their response shows me that the initial complaint was really just for show.  I can get away with saying this because it's true.  I've been blogging for a long time now and one thing I have learned to bank on is that people love to cheer but nobody wants to put on the leotard and take up the pompoms.  It takes a very tenacious and fearless individual to take the lead and tag, I'm it.

Whether I can rally the masses, is probably unlikely.  Most people just want me to do all the work.  I'm pretty much told that in one form or another and you know, I'm used to it.  I do some of my best and most devastating work alone.  Sadly, I can't even get my own friends off their dead asses.  They are all in the same boat student-wise as their student is about to graduate next year with my son and they could care less. Sad but true, people really don't care about anyone else's kid but their own up to a point, yet for me the right thing to do is to continue fighting this mind-altering curriculum called CSCOPE because absolutely  horrifying material is being pulled out almost daily and it's wrong.  I will continue to fight it after my son is long graduated because my taxes are paying for it.  As long as my  hard-earned money is going toward this, I get a say. 

What say I is that I dislike CSCOPE because of everything that was slipped in by the writers.  Even though they pull the offending items out, they only do it after the fact when they have been 'caught'.  Understanding that these writers have a radical platform they are teaching from should be of grave significance to everyone in Wylie, not just of concern to me.  

Will I continue to fight against CSCOPE even after my son graduates next year?  You bet.  It is the right thing to do even though I'm not concerned for my own son.  What is, is and has already been done to him by WISD.  By his junior year, there isn't much left to do, educationally speaking.  His moral compass has already been programmed.  He has basically all the backbone he will gain from his school experience, except for the final icing on the cake so to speak.  His opinions have already formed and I am thanking my lucky stars that both of my sons are politically conservative. 

No surprise there, their parents are both staunch conservatives, in fact, their father is even more conservative than I am. How do I know my sons are conservative?  Because in the mock presidential elections held in 2008, both of my sons told me they were pretty much the lone participants at the 'Republican' table.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there a minute.  Come again? 

You heard me, the schools went so far as to separate the mock voting.  Oh yes they did, they segregated the students to vote at a Democrat table or a Republican table and this occurred prior to WISD purchasing CSCOPE.  This is just another reason our schools need to remain under heightened parental scrutiny, not just because of CSCOPE, but because our educators do not necessarily share our same 'conservative value system', as Dr. Vinson stated in his blog post about CSCOPE.

Just so you don't walk around Wylie thinking your educators aren't above a little personal application of peer pressure and the resulting brainwashing, yes indeedy they separated the student voters and if your student was daring enough to walk up to the Republican table to cast their vote, I'm sure at least a mental note was made of those who dared vote 'conservative' in the mock election.  The point is, parents should have been paying attention all along, not just for one blip in the news.

Unfortunately all those parents who were so outraged that Wylie has CSCOPE seemed to fade away with the sunset. Probably those same people who never vote either.  I'm sure life will continue on business as usual within WISD but make no mistake, I will continue to call out the problems with CSCOPE as long as it does not fall under the oversight of the State Board of Education. 

No worries, I am used to being the lone conservative leader and blogger in Wylie.  I am the only one who has continued to stand up to Wylie's leaders while all the others have faded away just like those faux concerned parents. If you recall back, I said I wasn't going to go away any time soon and from that point there is no alteration.

Stand Your Ground

During the Wylie Independent School District CSCOPE parent meetings, WISD did a good job of glossing over parent concerns.  Seems like all the hoopla just slid away.  Sadly, most parents aren't as savvy or as driven as they ought to be and our superintendent knows this after years of experience with this fleetingly interested creature that is called 'concerned parent'. 

I received a couple emails from some sheeple who have taken the, "Well Dr. Vinson says it's all good, so it must be" stance.  Oh hells no.  Really?  Have I not taught you people anything about human nature these past several years? I cringe as I read that because I never take anyone at face value, other than my family members and even then they can be sketchy as hell.  I suppose it's the Detroit coming out in me.  When you are walking down the streets of Detroit late at night after a concert or a hockey game, you inherently feel like running but you know that doing so will plaster a large bulls-eye on your back, which is neither desirable nor terribly helpful. You learn pretty early on that the weak are targeted, trampled, or ignored and in order to survive this world, you need to stand your ground.

I like to think I'm fairly difficult to ignore.  Who else would wear a fuchsia fox stole to a Christmas party? You have all heard that saying, "I came into this world kicking and screaming, and I intend to leave it that way." Well I intend to not only leave it with a helluva party, but also skidding out of control, with lots of raucous laughing, and maybe a table dance or two. Well you get the point. 

Given the lack of interest, imagine how happy our superintendent, trustees, and administrators are that 99.9% of Wylieites bought what they were selling.  Honestly as a regular guy I have all sorts of googly love for David Vinson.  He's kind of cute and cuddly in a bald sort of way, but as our superintendent I find him to be a bit of a cocky twerp. 

Over and over again the negative aspects of CSCOPE keep coming up in the blogosphere but despite this, according to our super, it appears CSCOPE isn’t going to be removed from WISD.   This situation isn’t pretty folks and I will continue to exercise our administrators with every new piece of evidence as long as they keep holding on to CSCOPE with their clenched, blood-drained fists.

Kerry Gain was kind enough to call me today and let me know that WISD administrators found the offending Sharia Law text, as referenced in my previous post , in January and removed it as well as reported it to their ‘CSCOPE contact’. Is this good enough?  Not really, especially when this curriculum is without oversight by the State Board of Education.  We have to rely on administrators to be the litmus test for all parents within the district.  Because of this I continue to maintain that we are being held hostage by a rather subjective system of catch-as-catch-can as long as parents must rely on someone to ‘catch’ these offensive lessons and assessment questions.  Sure, Wylie is not passing this particular offensive one on to the students, but what about others that perhaps were missed?  What about others that the individual did not find offensive?

Kerry also sent me an email right after the first CSCOPE parent meeting letting me know they posted the CSCOPE IFD charts she talked about in the meeting.  These charts show what lessons WISD will be following.  WISD can claim they are transparent and all, but burying these charts under 5 clicks to get there will surely lose most parent’s attention fairly quickly.  

This is the path to get there: WISD home page > Departments > Curriculum and Instruction > Curriculum > CSCOPE Units of Study,  wow not terribly intuitively obvious.

Sure, the TEKS require students to be well-rounded and taught about other cultures, but I defy anyone to tell me the purpose of a lesson on Sharia Law should be to remove the negative stigma that surrounds it by focusing on all the sweet little details.  Contraire my little funny bunnies, Sharia Law should be touted as what it indeed is, an extremely oppressive law designed to keep women diabolocally constrained. Trust me, nothing good can come from focusing on the ‘positives’ of Sharia Law.  Nothing. 

Nothing good can come from the lesson plan:

Scary stuff.  I'm just thankful my last student is nearly through with this nonsense of CSCOPE, but I worry about those yet to come. What sort of precedent is being set by pitting students against their parents?  

On top of this chipping away at family bonds and parental rights, our students are slowly being dumbed down with the environmental mumbo-jumbo with lessons that include such nonsense as flatulent livestock are polluting our air.  

Oh for God sake.  Why are they not addressing all the farting humans as well? Oh, and how about those guys that are intelligent enough to combine fire and farts?  Imagine just how much that is damaging our environment! Honestly.  

If we continue to lie prostrate and let our school administrators walk all over us, we have done a complete disservice to our students.