Altruism or Alteration?

I should have seen this coming sooner or later.  I was accused of writing all these horrible things about CSCOPE because I must 'hate' Dr. David Vinson.  Oh contraire.  I don't hate Dr. Vinson.  In fact, I don't even really dislike him either.  Once I got him past the canned CSCOPE rhetoric when I attended the parent meeting, he's actually pretty decent. 

So that I can clear this up once and for all.  I find CSCOPE completely distasteful. There you have it. I'm not hating Dr. Vinson, I'm hating CSCOPE. 

One of the parent attendees of the WISD CSCOPE meeting wrote to me and was completely disheartened.  They are very sad that as usual, the citizens of Wylie lie complacently down and just accept what is without further question.  Oh I suppose they gave their cursory complaint, but ultimately their response shows me that the initial complaint was really just for show.  I can get away with saying this because it's true.  I've been blogging for a long time now and one thing I have learned to bank on is that people love to cheer but nobody wants to put on the leotard and take up the pompoms.  It takes a very tenacious and fearless individual to take the lead and tag, I'm it.

Whether I can rally the masses, is probably unlikely.  Most people just want me to do all the work.  I'm pretty much told that in one form or another and you know, I'm used to it.  I do some of my best and most devastating work alone.  Sadly, I can't even get my own friends off their dead asses.  They are all in the same boat student-wise as their student is about to graduate next year with my son and they could care less. Sad but true, people really don't care about anyone else's kid but their own up to a point, yet for me the right thing to do is to continue fighting this mind-altering curriculum called CSCOPE because absolutely  horrifying material is being pulled out almost daily and it's wrong.  I will continue to fight it after my son is long graduated because my taxes are paying for it.  As long as my  hard-earned money is going toward this, I get a say. 

What say I is that I dislike CSCOPE because of everything that was slipped in by the writers.  Even though they pull the offending items out, they only do it after the fact when they have been 'caught'.  Understanding that these writers have a radical platform they are teaching from should be of grave significance to everyone in Wylie, not just of concern to me.  

Will I continue to fight against CSCOPE even after my son graduates next year?  You bet.  It is the right thing to do even though I'm not concerned for my own son.  What is, is and has already been done to him by WISD.  By his junior year, there isn't much left to do, educationally speaking.  His moral compass has already been programmed.  He has basically all the backbone he will gain from his school experience, except for the final icing on the cake so to speak.  His opinions have already formed and I am thanking my lucky stars that both of my sons are politically conservative. 

No surprise there, their parents are both staunch conservatives, in fact, their father is even more conservative than I am. How do I know my sons are conservative?  Because in the mock presidential elections held in 2008, both of my sons told me they were pretty much the lone participants at the 'Republican' table.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there a minute.  Come again? 

You heard me, the schools went so far as to separate the mock voting.  Oh yes they did, they segregated the students to vote at a Democrat table or a Republican table and this occurred prior to WISD purchasing CSCOPE.  This is just another reason our schools need to remain under heightened parental scrutiny, not just because of CSCOPE, but because our educators do not necessarily share our same 'conservative value system', as Dr. Vinson stated in his blog post about CSCOPE.

Just so you don't walk around Wylie thinking your educators aren't above a little personal application of peer pressure and the resulting brainwashing, yes indeedy they separated the student voters and if your student was daring enough to walk up to the Republican table to cast their vote, I'm sure at least a mental note was made of those who dared vote 'conservative' in the mock election.  The point is, parents should have been paying attention all along, not just for one blip in the news.

Unfortunately all those parents who were so outraged that Wylie has CSCOPE seemed to fade away with the sunset. Probably those same people who never vote either.  I'm sure life will continue on business as usual within WISD but make no mistake, I will continue to call out the problems with CSCOPE as long as it does not fall under the oversight of the State Board of Education. 

No worries, I am used to being the lone conservative leader and blogger in Wylie.  I am the only one who has continued to stand up to Wylie's leaders while all the others have faded away just like those faux concerned parents. If you recall back, I said I wasn't going to go away any time soon and from that point there is no alteration.