Yet another photo is circulating on the internet about CSCOPE.  This time it is a test question in the limelight: 

Oh I see, so our students now need to know about Sharia Law.  Well of course they do.  Why would they need to know about the laws of the United States?  

More disturbing, see how the question and answers seem to leave out the fact that Sharia Law is an absolute human rights travesty?  How can you look at this and not wonder what the underlying intent was of the people who wrote this curriculum? More important, as an administrator, superintendent, or trustee, why would you continue to praise it?

Not convinced that CSCOPE writers want to indoctrinate the students yet?  Not sure you care about the students learning about other laws in the world?  Hows about you take a gander at this photo which depicts just what Sharia Law has done for Muslim women over the past 40 years:

 Some progress there, eh? 

While you are at it, why don't you take a look at this video of a woman being stoned to death as well, having been convicted under Sharia Law:


We want to teach our students about Sharia Law cuz why?  Seriously.  Grow a pair and go watch the video and then explain why this test question, with what I can only think has a corresponding lesson plan, would exist in the curriculum that WISD is using to teach our students.  

I sent this link to Kerry Gain, WISD Director of Curriculum and I received this reply back:

That question has already been pulled from the World History Unit 8B assessment that Wylie will be administering in 2 weeks.  As always, thank you for your input!
We appreciate your feedback!
Kerry Gain
Director of Curriculum Wylie ISD
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This is just so disconcerting.  Oh I see, so we are relying on administrators to 'catch' things before they fly.  The fact is, it is confirmed to us by the Director of Curriculum for WISD that this question indeed exists in CSCOPE.  What is the lesson plan then?  Where is that?  Her response doesn't address that.  So as parents, we are expected to rely on our administrators and teachers to find these things and root them out?  What about the items that slip by them?  Can we trust them to hold the same values we do?

CSCOPE is just so untoward and wrought with issues.  These issues are played out over and over again yet catching CSCOPE is like a moving target.  When someone finds an issue and it makes the headlines, CSCOPE goes in and changes it.  I shudder to think what isn't being caught.

Still, WISD is holding fast to the notion that they need CSCOPE.  Honestly, is there nothing else better out there? Must we hold on to CSCOPE as a matter of principle?  Heaven forbid our superintendent and administrators admit they are wrong and seek another avenue.