Jihad Mom

Michele Malkin pretty much summed up the mother of the Boston bombing terrorist Tsnaraev brothers in two words:  jihad mom.  And you thought soccer moms were bad enough with their stick figure cling-ons donning the back SUV window depicting every household member, the baby sitter, the lawn guy, as well as the dog, cat, and parakeet too. Now we have jihad moms on the loose.  Yikes!

I can still hear her voice; that pinched nose screech, like nails to chalkboard, squealing that she doesn’t care that her oldest son is dead or if they kill her youngest or even if they kill her.  So sweet. Sounds like she should get the Mom of the Year award or better yet make Time Magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year cover. I swear I have been having nightmares that a woman with sunken eyes and a scarf wrapped around her head has been chasing me with those flailing hands, like some sick and twisted Muslim caricature. 

So exactly what do you get jihad mom for the upcoming Mother’s Day anyway?  I mean, it is not as if flowers will suffice.  Perhaps an Uzi and some handcuffs? Hey I saw a hot pink Barbie uzi on Google.  There’s a fine collectible Burqa Barbie worth shelling out some cold hard cash for eh?

Yet despite how terrible this woman seems, I refuse to feel sorry for how messed up the fruit of her loins are.  Yes, jihad mom not only birthed the two terrorists but dropped those rotten apples right there on the ground next to the thorny tree as well. Hells, she not only had time to raise those little jihadi radicals, but also buy groceries with American food stamps, all while carrying on a telephone conversation with other terrorists.  What a gal. 

If you think jihad mom is bad, you should check out the twisted sister. The aunt living in Canada is a real peach.  The woman claims to be a lawyer back in the home country, waiting tables now or some such, yet she couldn’t put together a cogent thought as to why the FBI had gone after her nephews.  Wow, nothing like being a jihadi enabler. 

Sadly, America will continue let in people who have all the trappings of a jihadi terrorist network in their pockets because we have learned nothing from 9/11. Yes, insane and delusional people will continue to stream into America across open borders, and on student visas approved by the Saudis so that they may pilfer Obamadollars and then attack us because we are just too stupid to fix the problem.  Not only are our borders essentially wide open - just look at the Canadian self-serve border crossings, but our FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security departments can’t get their act together, yet again as proven by these Boston Marathon bombers who were anything but discrete.

On top of that, we refuse to teach people how to profile because we are so afraid of offending people.   We are not taught to be aware of our neighbors, be aware of our surroundings, and make a report of things that don’t gel. Why? The answer is because, for our part, profiling is all too politically incorrect for Americans.  We are above that sort of thing so we go on ignoring each other like the friends of Tamarin and Dzhokhar ignored their social network of jihadist pals. Will it take another incident? Wasn’t 9/11 bad enough? Wasn’t the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber enough? When will we wake up? Sadly that question remains unanswered.