Mr. Kim Has a Bad Day

I have thought a lot about all of this North Korea chatter in the news lately.  Of course the media talking heads are doing their level best to scare the bejeebers out of citizens.  I am convinced they do this to obfuscate what is really going on behind the scenes.  I am of the opinion that if citizens really knew what was happening with our own personal Star Wars program, they would be crapping not only bricks, but whole Empire State buildings.

I am going to draw a couple conclusions here that should really grab you by the scruff of the neck or at least make the hair stand up.  Well, that is if you are an intricate tactical thinker.  The first thing I am going to ask you to contemplate is exactly why is it the US flew those Stealth B2 Bombers along the North Korean border a couple weeks ago?  Did the US know exactly what sentiment they would receive from the young Kim Jong Un when they took this stance? I would bet they did. Additionally, imagine why it is that South Korea doesn't seem too concerned?

The US has given North Korea the big F U. Yes Mr. Kim, F U we are gonna fly our Stealth Bombers along the border and drop a couple mock 2K bombs.  F U Mr. Kim, you are really insignificant and we put out a faux message that you have the ability to have nuclear tipped missiles and then oops, we recant that story saying you don't.. Oh yes, and Mr. Kim, we made sure these incidents make the Washington Post front page just to poke you some more. And Mr. Kim, we really aren't all that concerned about your rhetoric.  Yawn.    

Next, I want you to think back to many years ago.  Do you recall all those nifty lasers flashed into the eyes of some of our commercial airline pilots?  Remember the big todo because it happened some years after 9/11? It hit the news after reports were made that some of the pilots became permanently blinded by the lasers, and so the 'search' commenced. Did anyone catch those folks? The rash of lasers went on across the US for a short period and then as soon as the lasers started they stopped.  Let yourself entertain the idea of just how strong those lasers were that they could burn the retina of a pilot almost immediately, thousands of feet in the air, moving at great speeds. Do you think the average American could track an airliner with that sort of accuracy so as to laser tag the pilot in the cockpit? 

Finally, I want you to think about the fact that our US military has been practicing shooting down our own drones with lasers and there have been photos on this in the news lately.  The drones actually burned up and disintegrated before they had a chance to hit the ground.  Imagine how strong a laser would have to be to do that?

Now let me tie all of these events together for you if you haven't figured it all out on your own yet.  Those lasers years ago were more than likely our own CIA or military testing them out by spotting the pilots in moving aircraft.  Searches of the areas these lasers emanated from came up empty-handed, except for any copy-catters. Nothing ever came from any of this and as it were, everyone forgot and moved on.  Now these lasers have evolved to the point that they can shoot aircraft out of the sky and disintegrate it.  We certainly don't want to practice on our own missiles, why not practice on a country that provides us with absolutely nothing in return and has a spotty range at best. 

Imagine what the US would gain in provoking a young'un with little man syndrome, who has a chip on his shoulder and a desire to prove a point, to the level that he wants to shoot off a missile, let alone a nuclear one.  Imagine the absolute fear we would strike in the hearts of Iran and the world as we prod Mr. Kim into shooting off a nuclear missile in a titty-baby tirade and we not only shoot that sucker down, but we disintegrate it.

I would like to think I'm wrong, but I suspect there is more to the provocation of the little chubby Communist dude than just an innocent joint annual military exercise with South Korea.