No Stinkin' Code

Two years later and nothing has changed. The Code of Conduct that floated around the dais several times has been swept under the carpet just as I knew it would be by Mayor Eric Hogue his little legal playmate, and a few others who would like to hide behind the City Charter.  Indeedy, council may still do and say what they please despite the fact they enforced a Code of Conduct on city employees in 2010.  What is good for the goose is rejected by the gander one might surmise.

I find it astonishingly amazing the break neck speed with which our little community leaders precipitously pushed through an ordinance change allowing low-income housing in Wylie, yet they have dragged their feet harder than a Fred Flintstone foot brake in the Bedrock car when it comes to a Code of Conduct.  To say they have stalled is a flagrant understatement.  

What I don’t understand is the Beavis and Butthead act our City of Wylie leaders played as they sat around the work table drafting  a Code of Conduct more than a year ago.  Is it that easy for them to ignore how ridiculous they look when they talked up a Code of Conduct, even going so far as to put pen to paper, and then purposely drag it to infinity and beyond with what appears to be a hope it is forgotten?  Why bother wasting the citizen’s time that came out to the work sessions then? 

I think everyone knows how much I like Councilwoman Diane Culver, but I am disappointed in this one platform promise.  I remain stymied as to why she ran on a Code of Conduct when the City still sits silently without it two years later. God love her, I know she has tried to launch an exceedingly lethargic Council on the subject.  So how do you prod a lazy group of people toward forward motion when they think they are above any and all standardized constraints?  Especially when the city legal eagle Abernathy appears to be dragging his feet so hard on this task that it is leaving skid marks. Dragging ass doesn’t even come close to summing up the unwillingness to accept this task as it feels more like a mouse moving an 800lb gorilla.  My understanding is that Abernathy doesn’t want Council to approve a code because he thinks it will cause all manner of issues, but what with the other cities he has written one for?  Does he have the same refusal latitude with them that is evidently allowed by our Mayor and Council?  Perhaps our City leaders should grow a pair when it comes to our legal representative because the last time I checked, Abernathy wasn’t sitting on council, he was a paid servant.  

That old adage, the more things change the more they stay the same couldn’t ring louder.  The gang of three who started the narrative on a Code of Conduct consisting of Councilwoman Culver, Councilman Jones, and Mayor Hogue all sit on council still, so why it has not come before the dais is a mystery.  Perhaps their respective pet projects are getting in the way, making the code anything but central to their minds.  Sadly, I doubt the two newbies will support a code either as Councilman Goss makes his hasty exit stage right. It seems everyone narcissistically thinks they are above reproach and the newbies who were able to slide into the new council seats without campaigning or nary an outlay of cash for signs will not want to be saddled with the task early on. 

Everything seems to get in the way; the next task horse they will astride will be the budget and the code will be woefully forgotten for another six months.  Sadly every day that passes without a Code of Conduct means that those who are sitting on council have proven themselves increasingly self-absorbed and egocentric as they sit on their gluttonous thrones and pretend they don’t need no stinkin' code.