Stand Your Ground

During the Wylie Independent School District CSCOPE parent meetings, WISD did a good job of glossing over parent concerns.  Seems like all the hoopla just slid away.  Sadly, most parents aren't as savvy or as driven as they ought to be and our superintendent knows this after years of experience with this fleetingly interested creature that is called 'concerned parent'. 

I received a couple emails from some sheeple who have taken the, "Well Dr. Vinson says it's all good, so it must be" stance.  Oh hells no.  Really?  Have I not taught you people anything about human nature these past several years? I cringe as I read that because I never take anyone at face value, other than my family members and even then they can be sketchy as hell.  I suppose it's the Detroit coming out in me.  When you are walking down the streets of Detroit late at night after a concert or a hockey game, you inherently feel like running but you know that doing so will plaster a large bulls-eye on your back, which is neither desirable nor terribly helpful. You learn pretty early on that the weak are targeted, trampled, or ignored and in order to survive this world, you need to stand your ground.

I like to think I'm fairly difficult to ignore.  Who else would wear a fuchsia fox stole to a Christmas party? You have all heard that saying, "I came into this world kicking and screaming, and I intend to leave it that way." Well I intend to not only leave it with a helluva party, but also skidding out of control, with lots of raucous laughing, and maybe a table dance or two. Well you get the point. 

Given the lack of interest, imagine how happy our superintendent, trustees, and administrators are that 99.9% of Wylieites bought what they were selling.  Honestly as a regular guy I have all sorts of googly love for David Vinson.  He's kind of cute and cuddly in a bald sort of way, but as our superintendent I find him to be a bit of a cocky twerp. 

Over and over again the negative aspects of CSCOPE keep coming up in the blogosphere but despite this, according to our super, it appears CSCOPE isn’t going to be removed from WISD.   This situation isn’t pretty folks and I will continue to exercise our administrators with every new piece of evidence as long as they keep holding on to CSCOPE with their clenched, blood-drained fists.

Kerry Gain was kind enough to call me today and let me know that WISD administrators found the offending Sharia Law text, as referenced in my previous post , in January and removed it as well as reported it to their ‘CSCOPE contact’. Is this good enough?  Not really, especially when this curriculum is without oversight by the State Board of Education.  We have to rely on administrators to be the litmus test for all parents within the district.  Because of this I continue to maintain that we are being held hostage by a rather subjective system of catch-as-catch-can as long as parents must rely on someone to ‘catch’ these offensive lessons and assessment questions.  Sure, Wylie is not passing this particular offensive one on to the students, but what about others that perhaps were missed?  What about others that the individual did not find offensive?

Kerry also sent me an email right after the first CSCOPE parent meeting letting me know they posted the CSCOPE IFD charts she talked about in the meeting.  These charts show what lessons WISD will be following.  WISD can claim they are transparent and all, but burying these charts under 5 clicks to get there will surely lose most parent’s attention fairly quickly.  

This is the path to get there: WISD home page > Departments > Curriculum and Instruction > Curriculum > CSCOPE Units of Study,  wow not terribly intuitively obvious.

Sure, the TEKS require students to be well-rounded and taught about other cultures, but I defy anyone to tell me the purpose of a lesson on Sharia Law should be to remove the negative stigma that surrounds it by focusing on all the sweet little details.  Contraire my little funny bunnies, Sharia Law should be touted as what it indeed is, an extremely oppressive law designed to keep women diabolocally constrained. Trust me, nothing good can come from focusing on the ‘positives’ of Sharia Law.  Nothing. 

Nothing good can come from the lesson plan:

Scary stuff.  I'm just thankful my last student is nearly through with this nonsense of CSCOPE, but I worry about those yet to come. What sort of precedent is being set by pitting students against their parents?  

On top of this chipping away at family bonds and parental rights, our students are slowly being dumbed down with the environmental mumbo-jumbo with lessons that include such nonsense as flatulent livestock are polluting our air.  

Oh for God sake.  Why are they not addressing all the farting humans as well? Oh, and how about those guys that are intelligent enough to combine fire and farts?  Imagine just how much that is damaging our environment! Honestly.  

If we continue to lie prostrate and let our school administrators walk all over us, we have done a complete disservice to our students.