Obama Drama

It's summer and to be honest, all I want to do is spend my time floating about in the pool, listening to the Lumineers and sipping an adult bevy or two. The last thing I intended to do was to spend my time fretting over politics.  However, with the continuing saga that is the Obama administration, it appears I will be forced to focus a good bit of my attention on the numerous scandals. Obama and his dismal cast of characters are likely to provide not only continued, but also increasing levels of drama that will surely invade the comfort of my personal floatation device.

Today I will focus on the IRS, mostly because they have been providing me with hours of entertainment. Honestly, if this department wasn't so tragic, it would almost be funny.  I am starting to believe that in order to work for the IRS, one  must take an oath  and vow eternal Teflon. The repetitious IRS lie du jour is to admit to the abuse of power out of one side of your face, which culminated in inflated scrutiny of conservatives,  but also claim it is not your responsibility out of the other side of your face. So whose is it then?

Douglas Shulman stated emphatically that he was not responsible.  Lois Lerner claimes she did nothing wrong. Eric Holder said he knew nothing about it, though he is currently being investigated for lying under oath, and Obama claimed he found out about everything in the newspaper. It's no surprise the people working under Obama's leadership share the same lack of character.  These people all seem to live by the Sgt. Schultz motto of life, if you get caught just say, "I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing!"

What is most unfathomable about this situation is the leader of the greatest nation on earth admits to having no clue what is going on in his own administration, rather resorting to newspapers and the media to find out. I am honestly embarrassed for him.  If Obama gets his news from the papers, then what the hell do we need his useless administration for then?

The Wintters of our Discontent

So Todd Wintters sits on the WEDC and also the Wylie City Council, so what’s the big deal? I would expect that question from the good old boys within Wylie who think nothing of double-dipping into the same taxpayer pot. From an ethical standpoint it is a huge conflict of interest.  The moment Wintters was sworn in to council he should have resigned from the WEDC board immediately. He has already been slimed, along with newly installed Councilman Keith Stephens, for playing games by voting in probably the greenest Mayor Pro Tem in Wylie’s recent history, their Chamber of Commerce playmate Nathan Scott. Wintters’ and Stephen’s start last week was choppier than a 16 year old learning to shift and clutch in a Mustang GTO. 

Wylie has been known in the past for their obfuscation of inadvertently or perhaps planned padding of their pals pockets. Board members from the WEDC and other local groups have benefited nicely from City Council decisions. It’s a great gig if you can get it. 

A prime example is funds granted to Wylie’s good old boy association was made to Wylie’s Advocates for Senior Activities (WASA) where Councilman Nathan Scott sits on the board as Treasurer.  WASA received $13K from the City last year, though he recused himself from the vote. Guess you could say he got a little help from his mayoral pal - pay no attention to the man sitting behind the curtain.

Last year we also had that nifty piece of land on Brown that the Humane Society was going to purchase for an animal shelter. This land was marketed by the realtor on records, then Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards. She recused herself from proceedings but she would have made commission on it had grassroots efforts not welled, causing the Humane Society to look elsewhere.

We had award after award for taxpayer funds granted for our city parks over the years to Teague, Nall, and Perkins whose employee Chris Seely was a member of the WEDC board at the time. You could say he benefited indirectly from the continued employment and perhaps commission or bonuses paid by his employers for millions of dollars in business. So how do you stop this greedy grab of taxpayer funds?

Rumors are floating around that the Boards and Commissions Panel just selected at the last council meeting will likely remove Wintters from his cushy WEDC board position. I wouldn’t place my money on that bet just yet. Make no mistake we can have absolutely no trust of our City Council based upon past experience, shifty votes, and games.  Several of your council members would rather play games than work for you.  The sad part is that Mr. Wintters’ integrity will forever be marred with wonderment as to why he did not resign from the WEDC.

Breaking News: CSCOPE Loss to Grassroots Efforts

From Texas Senator Dan Patrick's Facebook and Twitter posts moments ago:

"I just announced that the CSCOPE lesson plan is over in Texas. All 20 CSCOPE Board members sent me a signed letter that they are out of the lesson plan business for good. They will officially vote on Friday at their board meeting.
This has been my goal all session. I will post their letter & our press release later today
This is a great victory for the citizens, parents, & courageous teachers who brought this to light last fall."

My understanding is that all districts in Texas will receive an official letter telling them to stop using CSCOPE by May 24th.

Immigrant or Immacan't?

I always find it amusing when I receive details from sources for me to blog about. Mostly the information comes from people who have a particular axe to grind with one of the city leaders. I always ask for data to back up their claims and I usually get nothing in return other than the promise that they hold some sort of proof. Well they didn't turn it over to me or tell me where to duplicate it. This screams sour grapes to me, so the message then goes on my ignore list.

This time I began checking the details on my own, more particularly because of the disturbing accusation that someone has received death threats if they continue to dig. The information sent to me claims people all over Wylie and even within the highest ranks within the city government are involved. As you can imagine, this piqued my interest because I love a good puzzle and because I am not one of those people who sits in front of the boob tube feeding my brain with mindless nonsense.  I like to think I’m a tad more cerebral than the average bear.

My inquiring mind wants to know why a death threat would not be reported to the police?  Do I believe this accusation? Debatable. First, I have been told about threats being made against others within the city before. My estimation is that such threats are made out of anger because the person issuing them was losing control. Finally, as much as some people would like to pretend they are capable of intricate Chicago-style thuggery, the problem is that in teensy town Wylie there is not a soul here that has enough balls, backing, or intelligence to carry out such a threat without getting caught. Pretty good deterrent.

Thank God we live in Texas, because these types of threats can be handled quite nicely with a well-placed concealed firearm. Even our council voted to approve concealed weapons at city hall because Chief of Police Duscio said he supported the idea that if something were to go down at city hall, he would appreciate the back-up.  Googly love that man.

So what is the big dealio with this visa company Action Visa Assist and why are they being accused of doing some lobbying for amnesty that has got all manner of people involved? In what exactly I don’t know yet though last time I checked lobbying was not illegal.  Why are high level names in Wylie being tossed my way as part of whatever is allegedly taking place in town? From my investigation, all I see is a company that is run by a woman who claims to be a good Christian, who is followed by a few of my friends in Wylie, who brings people in to the US legally to work in jobs they claim nobody wants, I beg to differ with her on that one but that is another discussion altogether.

What I am opposed to is people remaining here illegally and you can probably bet a portion of these types of clients do.  Do you honestly believe these types of companies are helping Chinese workers come here to work? Why would they come from one sweat shop to work at yet another? I'm sure this type of company targets workers from Mexico, as if we haven’t enough here already that are capable of doing the jobs offered. And nobody is watching. Pathetically, the Obama administration would rather do targeted investigations of conservatives than crack down on these types of companies which offer H2B type visas where the migrant workers have little or no oversight while in this country.

I don’t like our current immigration policy and I stand with Senator Ted Cruz on this one.  I don’t particularly care for this type of business because I am a political conservative. I understand the need for workers and the service these companies provide, but I feel the way the laws are set up and the lobbying that takes place help contribute to our illegal immigrant problem.  But hells the woman is making butt-loads of cash so viva la capitalism to her. 

Why does our government not really give a rats posterior about immigration? Because like it or not, they know these people will eventually be grandfathered in through some sort of amnesty program and become their supporters. Whether they broke the law or not to get here is inconsequential. Whether they suck up taxpayer dollars in freebies is of no consequence because the American people are stupid enough to allow it to continue at the government level, and through contributing to organizations that hand out the freebies. If you build it, they will come.

Aborted Baby Speaks

One of the most compelling reasons to support the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  Too bad your President Barack Obama did not support it.

Little Town with Big Issues

What is it about this Podunk town called Wylie? The politics played are absolutely shameful and harken back to the lawless days when the little town and its collection of brothels and bars was coined Wide Awake Wylie.

When I started this blog I was accused of playing politics by Mayor Eric Hogue because I was using my voice to advance a conservative agenda.  I would remind him that I do not sit on any boards so that accusation doesn't hold water. Yet I would suggest the voice in my blog has nothing, absolutely nothing on the leaders sitting on Wylie City Council and appointed to Boards and Commissions. In my opinion, a great deal of what goes on within Wylie's City government is highly unethical.

Ethics is defined as:
the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation
a : a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values
b : the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group
c : a guiding philosophy
d : a consciousness of moral importance
plural : a set of moral issues or aspects (as rightness)

I have blogged about this before, but imagine if you will how unethical it is for a member of the Wylie Economic Development Board to also serve as a City Council Member. This is precisely the position Todd Wintters is in.  Not only can he vote on the WEDC budget as a councilman, but he can also spend the money while sitting on the WEDC.  And nobody thinks this is unethical because why?

Imagine if you will how unethical it is for a member of the WEDC board, Mitch Herzog to be also serving on the Wylie ISD Board of Education as a Trustee, especially when it involves a little piece of land owned by WISD. This 4 acres , which was lied about by the WEDC calling it 1.5 +/- acres, was snapped up by Herzog's employer for a  steal, and was combined with another small parcel to form one nicely priced piece of land currently being pimped by Herzog for a tidy sum of money. I believe the only moral duty and guiding philosophy here is the almighty buck and screwing WISD to pad one's pocket with commission.

Those are examples of more recent ethics issues, but Wylie is chock full of others. There was a formal State ethics violation brought against WEDC and Executive Director Sam Satterwhite for holding closed meetings some years ago.  Did I mention this is the same Satterwhite who was allowed by Mayor Eric Hogue and his City Council pals to keep his job, against company policy, even though he was arrested for a DUI in 2009? Now WEDC meetings are held at 6:30am as if such an hour makes them oh so transparent.  Sadly, the only set of ethical conduct governance of WEDC and their Director was by the State who stepped in for both these incidents.
The unethical behavior doesn't stop there either. Former Mayor John Mondy wrote a letter on City of Wylie letterhead asking for leniency in the sentencing phase for a convicted sex offender.  Do I need to explain what liability this places on the City should this guy offend again? This was just plain stupid.

As long as citizens continue to put their heads in the sand and ignore what is going on outside of their little personal domains, we will never rise above the garbage that is running this City.  Wylie's taxpayers deserve to have a selection of upstanding citizens that wish to serve without hidden personal agendas but with our ethics record we certainly don't entice them to move here.  With nobody worthwhile to select from, it is an absolute crime for anyone to walk into their seats uncontested, as just occurred last Tuesday evening with Keith Stephens and Todd Wintters. Wylie needs to step out of the limelight as the little town with big issues.

With so many ethics questions, you would think Mayor Eric Hogue, who has worked diligently to market Wylie within the DFW area, would work tirelessly to clean up the ethics problems that exist in Wylie.  If you want Peyton place, look no further than the little town of Wylie, Texas.

Supporting the Illegals

I always love when my readers write to me, first because they usually lay on the praise which  pads my already large ego, but mostly because it tells me I am engaging people. Recently I was contacted by someone who woke me to the fact that Wylie has it's own little shamnesty business. Indeed, we have what I shall call a very interesting business that helps bring in 'non-immigrants' to the US for temporary work. They like to tell themselves that American citizens simply don't want to do the work. Hard to believe as I just watched the trash men pick up the neighbor's bush and tree trimming and they were anything but immigrant workers.

This company specializes in the H2A/H2B federal program which promotes the issuance of temporary work visas.  Well that's all fine and dandy but wouldn't you know these types of businesses are also contributing to the growing numbers of immigrants remaining here illegally?  Oh but we don't really hear about these in the news, do we?

Once this so-called non-immigrant is here, nobody makes sure they go back after their allotted 365 day visa expires. Sadly, supporters of these types of programs back them up with statements like nobody else will do the work, yet interestingly, many of the jobs listed on their website are ones that young people might be interested in taking on would the jobs actually be available to US citizens. Alas they are not.

Rather than advertise for the position and interview, these companies would rather pay to have someone else bring these workers into the US, virtually unvetted and nobody cares what they do afterwards, as long as the departure paperwork is submitted. As long as the money rolls in, who cares what sort of conditions these people might work under, whether they commit crimes while here, or whether they go back from whence they came.

Most disturbing is that this company sits right in Wylie and is supported by some of the more interesting citizens in Wylie. I am looking forward to finding out more.

Newbie Screw

I had hoped I could move on to bigger and more important political scenes than rinky-dink Wylie, Texas politics, however the activities of tonight are about to provide me with months, if not years of solid entertainment.  Tonight's antics are truly the stuff rip roaring gigglesnorts are made of.

After a yawn-worthy hour and a half horse and pony show that is a staple in what is the chamber three ring circus, council finally got around to the Mayor Pro Tem selection bit. Lord have mercy I thought they would never get to it.  I mean I like fun as much as the next guy don't get me wrong,  but even I don't want to do anything for an hour and a half without it culminating in a little something something for me if you know what I mean.  So you can imagine how incredibly painful it was to sit there that long as Mayor listened to himself talk. 

At one point I saw the newly instilled Councilman Wintters look at me so I quickly winked at Councilman Jones who wasn't even looking at me at that moment, and when I glanced back at Wintters he was looking over at Jones to see what was going on.  You would think Wintters might have been warned about me by now; God, messing with these punks is fun.  I have carefully watched Wylie politics for the last several years and feel fairly confident in what exactly went down tonight. Watch and learn: 

Mayor set the process in motion making the statement that Mayor Pro Tem should be someone that can speak well and clearly in public. Well that knocks Pee Wee Herman twin Rick White out of the picture, nor did he want it I'm sure. White doesn’t show up for anything except sitting at the council dais twice a month.  Frankly, had he wanted it he would have arrived in a sport coat and his wife would have been there for pics.

Mayor couldn’t possibly buzz in first with a recommendation, he is after all only a presider and voter and not part of council, however his 'speak well and clearly' statement made it obvious he had no intention of supporting White for the endeavor because of White’s stutter.  At that point we expected someone rational to pipe up but there sat Culver and Jones in complete silence hoping one or the other would get over themselves and buzz in.  It was clear each wanted it more for themself and in doing so they left the buzzer wide open. Did they really believe Scott or White would select one of them? To be sure, a disappointing tactical maneuver because they will never know if the two newbies played a game tonight or if they are actually that stupid.

Meanwhile the newbies sat in silence, quite frankly it is as it should be, as Pee Wee fuddled around with his buzzer for a moment.  Suddenly White was up and he nominated Councilman Nathan Scott, as the newbies panted in unison with eager anticipation.  You could almost hear the drool well up like Pavlovian’s dogs.  Their Chamber of Commerce playmate Councilman Nathan Scott received the majority vote with Councilwoman Diane Culver, Councilman Bennie Jones, and Mayor Eric Hogue as the only dissenting votes.

Even setting aside Nathan Scott’s past arrest for beating his wife up, anyone who has watched council meetings online can see he makes all manner of flubs and is barely feeling his way through being a Councilman.  I actually have come to like Scott despite himself.  For his part he is a thoughtful voter, however anyone with synapse activity a hair above comatose would not normally vote to place someone so green in that post, that is not anyone without a secret agenda. With that first vote I guess we can come to expect some really stellar decisions from greenlings Councilman Todd Wintters and Councilman Keith Stephens. Joy.
It is about this time that I believe Mayor Eric Hogue rose from his seat about 5 inches as his butt cheeks were violently scrunched at the travesty that just too place.  Rick White so hates Diane Culver and Bennie Jones that he would have selected Bullwinkle had he been available. In that moment Mayor Eric Hogue’s power was usurped by the newbies.  The man and his power bubble were irreversibly popped in one power play.  Evidently the newbies are in town and they are a reckless and feckless force.

The newbies are all Chamber of Commerce playmates and can be found hobbing each other’s knobs at the card exchanges and other Chamber hacktivities. The Chamber of Commerce, hardly a beacon of fiscally conservative policy, has now grasped Mayor’s nuggies in one simple vote.  I wonder will Mayor be able to resist their power as they begin obliterating conservative values and sound fiscal policy. 

Bringing popcorn next time.

DC Running Amok

Upon hearing the IRS apology to conservative groups for targeting them since 2010, President Barack Obama feigned lack of knowledge on any wrongdoing. This president never seems to have a clue what is going on in his administration.  He had no idea another 9/11 terrorist attack was being planned in Benghazi, he had no clue there were Boston terrorists posting Al-Qaeda propaganda on social networking sites, and he had no idea what was going on with the criminal IRS abuse of power. What exactly does he know about?  Oh right, selecting his teams and satisfactorily reading teleprompters.  And people voted this classless ass-clown in office because why? 

Mark Levin spoke with FOX News Neil Cavuto today and addressed the IRS abuse of power. Yet again we find ourselves having to form an investigative committee to dig into another problem promulgated under the Obama administration. There seems to be no end in matters to investigate these days.

Obama's appointees and departments are running amok, and as a leader of this great nation for over 5 years, is it too much to expect Obama to have some type of clue by now? This man is an abject failure and to blame anything that is taking place on former President George Bush absolutely defies logic at this point.

In the words of the Great One, Mark Levin, "Where were the Republicans in the House a year ago?" I can answer that one: they were also running amok and being led by another ass-clown named Boehner.  Is it any wonder this country is floundering with so many boobs in office?

Joe Schmuck Calls Senator Ted Cruz

I have not found a Letter to the Editor published in our little-town rag in months. In fact embarrassingly, our little paper hasn’t even updated their online opinion posts since August 2011. I recently opened our weekly newspaper to find hate mail written to Senator Ted Cruz, as if he is going to read our tiny community paper. 

Many of my long-time blog readers know that I was a supporter in the very beginning when Cruz decided to run for the Senate, even co-hosting a US Senate Debate in Garland, Texas.  Politically I am in love with this man, so you can imagine how this diatribe against Cruz got me thinking about what is fueling the hatred.

The writer was complaining that he didn’t like Cruz’s stance on guns and wanted to call and have his voice heard.  He didn’t like that he couldn’t reach anyone at the office and that Cruz’s mailbox was full, and when he transferred to a staff member they didn’t get back to him. 

Is this man on the same planet I am?  The larger than life epic that is Senator Ted Cruz is hot, hot, hot right now.  I don’t think this letter writer understands, dismally encapsulated within his little onedom, that Senator Ted Cruz is a one-man walking conservative band.  Cruz and his staff are receiving hundreds of calls each day and there is no possible way to call everyone back. In fact, it might have been a good idea for this gentleman to do a little research and find out how things work at our esteemed Senatorial offices because he would have known that calls and messages are logged.  When a call to action goes out, hundreds of us call and leave messages on various congressional phone lines. So no Mr. Joe Schmuck, you are not likely to be able to pick up the phone and speak directly to Ted Cruz, Barney Frank, Rand Paul, or even Barack Obama.

So what is it about this man that has so many people launching into a smear campaign?  MSM Politico liberal Evan Thomas calls Senator Ted Cruz a dangerous demagogue. I think they are confusing him with President Barack Obama with his illogical messages and abject hatred of conservatives and Republicans, which I don’t dare group because there is a huge difference between being a Republican and being conservative. I can only guess that many people, including the dribbling idiots at MSNBC, have no clue what a demagogue is.  A quick Google search brought me the following response:

1.    A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.
2.    (in ancient Greece and Rome) A leader or orator who espoused the cause of the common people.

Many political pundits toss around the word demagogue, stopping at that ‘appealing to popular desires and prejudices’ part of the definition. While it is easy to entertain the notion that anyone providing support of a popular idea holds a certain prejudice about it, what is being left out of the equation is, ‘rational argument’. A statement used in Obama’s first presidential bid brought about the term, ‘bitter gun clingers’ which is a statement that has no rational argument to back it up. This is very dangerous demagoguery because it solicits hatred and fear.  

Senator Ted Cruz is incredibly intelligent, having graduated from the cream of the crop Ivy League schools. He employs rational argument to back up his statements which is not demagoguery as defined, though MSNBC cackling liberal Chris Matthews would have you believe otherwise. MSM calls Cruz a demagogue because they are becoming increasingly afraid of the orbital power and attention he is garnering. 

For their part, MSM is attempting to capitalize on their smear campaign using a few RINO Republicans who are deathly afraid of Cruz's quick rise to power.  Cruz makes them shamefully aware of their inadequacies, such as Senator John McCain who was completely unsuccessful at garnering support for his stale campaign message. So too Cruz's refreshing conservative message glaringly points out that people like John McCain are merely Republican posers.  McCain is not a Maverick, he’s a has-been that should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.

You may not agree with Cruz's stance, but he is the real deal.  Cruz does not merely toss out one-liners just to gain populace accolades, he is a conservative leader who should be feared by the left because his followers walk in tight lock-step with him.  Senator Ted Cruz's political stands are based upon the US Constitution and nothing more. This is the reason so many grassroots conservatives in Texas like myself helped to thrust that message into Washington DC.  

Bible and Constitution haters are scared to death of this man and they rightfully should be. Cruz has gone from relatively obscure to rock star status within a relatively short period of time, and there seems to be no stopping his popularity.