DC Running Amok

Upon hearing the IRS apology to conservative groups for targeting them since 2010, President Barack Obama feigned lack of knowledge on any wrongdoing. This president never seems to have a clue what is going on in his administration.  He had no idea another 9/11 terrorist attack was being planned in Benghazi, he had no clue there were Boston terrorists posting Al-Qaeda propaganda on social networking sites, and he had no idea what was going on with the criminal IRS abuse of power. What exactly does he know about?  Oh right, selecting his teams and satisfactorily reading teleprompters.  And people voted this classless ass-clown in office because why? 

Mark Levin spoke with FOX News Neil Cavuto today and addressed the IRS abuse of power. Yet again we find ourselves having to form an investigative committee to dig into another problem promulgated under the Obama administration. There seems to be no end in matters to investigate these days.

Obama's appointees and departments are running amok, and as a leader of this great nation for over 5 years, is it too much to expect Obama to have some type of clue by now? This man is an abject failure and to blame anything that is taking place on former President George Bush absolutely defies logic at this point.

In the words of the Great One, Mark Levin, "Where were the Republicans in the House a year ago?" I can answer that one: they were also running amok and being led by another ass-clown named Boehner.  Is it any wonder this country is floundering with so many boobs in office?