Gay Wrongs

I just read that Delaware has become the 11th state to legalize same-sex marriage.  What is it about this tiny percent of the population bent on excoriating Christian values?  It is not as if these same-sex unions do not offer them the exact same privileges heterosexual marriages have. They do. Do you ever ask yourself why it is that the lgbt community members are still unhappy?

There is a large percent of gay people that are refusing to accept civil unions in lieu of marriage. Can their only dog in this fight be to obliterate Christian values? I see no other explanation when they are being granted all the same rights yet still fight over one simple word ‘marriage’.
They claim they deserve equal rights, and state by state they are being granted, with Delaware as the most recent convert.  Yet civil unions are not enough?  What’s enough then?  Are they demanding the word ‘marriage’ be banned because it can only take place between one man and one woman?

Where are the Polygamists in this game? Hells, they don’t care, he’s getting it every night with a new one every week, and the sister wives are happy they don’t have to put up with the fat slob more than once every rotating 6 weeks,  and  they get help with the housework to boot! They could care less what it’s called because their sole purpose is not about destroying the Christian fabric.

I am amazed at the willingness of the majority of straight people to bend over backwards for the comparatively small numbers that make up the lgbt community. You don’t see us having hetero-pride marches, but can you imagine the shock and horror if we did?  MSM would be publishing maps of where we all live, and gays the countryside over might be breaking into our homes in search of our wedding cake toppers. Horrors!

In my Abnormal Psychology class at San Diego State University, we covered homosexuality under deviant behavior. Can you imagine how that notion has been sterilized and wiped clean from the textbooks now? What was once aberrant behavior is now supposed to be hip.

My best friend from high school is a lesbian. I love her to death and I want her to be able to live a rewarding life with the partner of her choice.  They should be allowed to get insurance for their partners, and leave their belongings to them as well - and they already do, so what is all the fuss then? Ah yes, that word ‘marriage’.

When I was sponsoring a woman into the Catholic Church many moons ago, one of the classes we took together through the RCIA process delved into homosexual lifestyles. The priest said, “Hate the sin, not the sinner.”  It seems rather harsh, but you would have to understand that statement from a biblical standpoint. We are all sinners, so what makes my lesbian friend’s sin any worse than mine or yours? If we apply Catholic doctrine, there are levels of sins as Catholicism suggests in cardinal vs. venial sins, or in layman’s terms, breaking the 10 Commandments vs. general right and wrong.  Oh sure I can see my readers sitting there all pious yet how many of us are guilty of coveting something someone else had?  How many are guilty of having an affair? Indeed these are cardinal sins, right there along with sex out of wedlock.

There it is, that offending, yet oh so titillating word ‘sex’ and the key to the biblical argument comes back to it over and over. The fact that two men and two women cannot procreate makes the activity a sin according to the bible. If they cannot procreate then it is not a marriage.  This is the reason the lgbt community will not rest until they obliterate that word from the face of this earth. Marriage is a word defined by the bible that can never apply to them so they want it banished.  Meanwhile in Sometown, USA stupid people everywhere are allowing gays to alter the very book of Judeo-Christian existence.