Immigrant or Immacan't?

I always find it amusing when I receive details from sources for me to blog about. Mostly the information comes from people who have a particular axe to grind with one of the city leaders. I always ask for data to back up their claims and I usually get nothing in return other than the promise that they hold some sort of proof. Well they didn't turn it over to me or tell me where to duplicate it. This screams sour grapes to me, so the message then goes on my ignore list.

This time I began checking the details on my own, more particularly because of the disturbing accusation that someone has received death threats if they continue to dig. The information sent to me claims people all over Wylie and even within the highest ranks within the city government are involved. As you can imagine, this piqued my interest because I love a good puzzle and because I am not one of those people who sits in front of the boob tube feeding my brain with mindless nonsense.  I like to think I’m a tad more cerebral than the average bear.

My inquiring mind wants to know why a death threat would not be reported to the police?  Do I believe this accusation? Debatable. First, I have been told about threats being made against others within the city before. My estimation is that such threats are made out of anger because the person issuing them was losing control. Finally, as much as some people would like to pretend they are capable of intricate Chicago-style thuggery, the problem is that in teensy town Wylie there is not a soul here that has enough balls, backing, or intelligence to carry out such a threat without getting caught. Pretty good deterrent.

Thank God we live in Texas, because these types of threats can be handled quite nicely with a well-placed concealed firearm. Even our council voted to approve concealed weapons at city hall because Chief of Police Duscio said he supported the idea that if something were to go down at city hall, he would appreciate the back-up.  Googly love that man.

So what is the big dealio with this visa company Action Visa Assist and why are they being accused of doing some lobbying for amnesty that has got all manner of people involved? In what exactly I don’t know yet though last time I checked lobbying was not illegal.  Why are high level names in Wylie being tossed my way as part of whatever is allegedly taking place in town? From my investigation, all I see is a company that is run by a woman who claims to be a good Christian, who is followed by a few of my friends in Wylie, who brings people in to the US legally to work in jobs they claim nobody wants, I beg to differ with her on that one but that is another discussion altogether.

What I am opposed to is people remaining here illegally and you can probably bet a portion of these types of clients do.  Do you honestly believe these types of companies are helping Chinese workers come here to work? Why would they come from one sweat shop to work at yet another? I'm sure this type of company targets workers from Mexico, as if we haven’t enough here already that are capable of doing the jobs offered. And nobody is watching. Pathetically, the Obama administration would rather do targeted investigations of conservatives than crack down on these types of companies which offer H2B type visas where the migrant workers have little or no oversight while in this country.

I don’t like our current immigration policy and I stand with Senator Ted Cruz on this one.  I don’t particularly care for this type of business because I am a political conservative. I understand the need for workers and the service these companies provide, but I feel the way the laws are set up and the lobbying that takes place help contribute to our illegal immigrant problem.  But hells the woman is making butt-loads of cash so viva la capitalism to her. 

Why does our government not really give a rats posterior about immigration? Because like it or not, they know these people will eventually be grandfathered in through some sort of amnesty program and become their supporters. Whether they broke the law or not to get here is inconsequential. Whether they suck up taxpayer dollars in freebies is of no consequence because the American people are stupid enough to allow it to continue at the government level, and through contributing to organizations that hand out the freebies. If you build it, they will come.