Little Town with Big Issues

What is it about this Podunk town called Wylie? The politics played are absolutely shameful and harken back to the lawless days when the little town and its collection of brothels and bars was coined Wide Awake Wylie.

When I started this blog I was accused of playing politics by Mayor Eric Hogue because I was using my voice to advance a conservative agenda.  I would remind him that I do not sit on any boards so that accusation doesn't hold water. Yet I would suggest the voice in my blog has nothing, absolutely nothing on the leaders sitting on Wylie City Council and appointed to Boards and Commissions. In my opinion, a great deal of what goes on within Wylie's City government is highly unethical.

Ethics is defined as:
the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation
a : a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values
b : the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group
c : a guiding philosophy
d : a consciousness of moral importance
plural : a set of moral issues or aspects (as rightness)

I have blogged about this before, but imagine if you will how unethical it is for a member of the Wylie Economic Development Board to also serve as a City Council Member. This is precisely the position Todd Wintters is in.  Not only can he vote on the WEDC budget as a councilman, but he can also spend the money while sitting on the WEDC.  And nobody thinks this is unethical because why?

Imagine if you will how unethical it is for a member of the WEDC board, Mitch Herzog to be also serving on the Wylie ISD Board of Education as a Trustee, especially when it involves a little piece of land owned by WISD. This 4 acres , which was lied about by the WEDC calling it 1.5 +/- acres, was snapped up by Herzog's employer for a  steal, and was combined with another small parcel to form one nicely priced piece of land currently being pimped by Herzog for a tidy sum of money. I believe the only moral duty and guiding philosophy here is the almighty buck and screwing WISD to pad one's pocket with commission.

Those are examples of more recent ethics issues, but Wylie is chock full of others. There was a formal State ethics violation brought against WEDC and Executive Director Sam Satterwhite for holding closed meetings some years ago.  Did I mention this is the same Satterwhite who was allowed by Mayor Eric Hogue and his City Council pals to keep his job, against company policy, even though he was arrested for a DUI in 2009? Now WEDC meetings are held at 6:30am as if such an hour makes them oh so transparent.  Sadly, the only set of ethical conduct governance of WEDC and their Director was by the State who stepped in for both these incidents.
The unethical behavior doesn't stop there either. Former Mayor John Mondy wrote a letter on City of Wylie letterhead asking for leniency in the sentencing phase for a convicted sex offender.  Do I need to explain what liability this places on the City should this guy offend again? This was just plain stupid.

As long as citizens continue to put their heads in the sand and ignore what is going on outside of their little personal domains, we will never rise above the garbage that is running this City.  Wylie's taxpayers deserve to have a selection of upstanding citizens that wish to serve without hidden personal agendas but with our ethics record we certainly don't entice them to move here.  With nobody worthwhile to select from, it is an absolute crime for anyone to walk into their seats uncontested, as just occurred last Tuesday evening with Keith Stephens and Todd Wintters. Wylie needs to step out of the limelight as the little town with big issues.

With so many ethics questions, you would think Mayor Eric Hogue, who has worked diligently to market Wylie within the DFW area, would work tirelessly to clean up the ethics problems that exist in Wylie.  If you want Peyton place, look no further than the little town of Wylie, Texas.