Little White Benghazi Lie

As a young mother, one of the first lessons I taught my sons was about lying. I explained that if they were caught lying, the consequences would far worse than would they were to tell the truth from the very start. Even their immature 3-year old minds could grasp this concept. When they decided to take this statement out for a spin to see if mom was right, they quickly learned a lesson on consequences. Mom is right about everything.

The same could probably be said for the White House at the moment. They are just tipping the iceberg of consequences for their part in lying about who knew what when the American Consulate in Benghazi was attacked on September 11, 2012.  In today’s press briefing with Press Secretary Jay Carney, reporters grilled him like a cheese sandwich on the changed Benghazi talking points that were pimped by DC. In yet another lie, he stated that the talking points on Benghazi were only minimally changed. Have these people no shame?

It is probably worth noting here that from the very beginning, Carney was lying on behalf of the President and his knowledge of the impending terror attacks.  Sure, he was only out there doing his job; that’s what a Press Secretary does in case you were confused.  I am completely embarrassed that our President lied to us so that he could remain on the campaign trail.  Sadly, he wasn't much of a community fundraiser and as a President he is completely useless.

Rather than admit from the beginning that the White House made a grave error, a video-maker has been accused of the 4 deaths in Benghazi and remains jailed even today.  His rights have been stripped so that Obama may save face and these lies and deception are an absolute travesty and abuse of power in my opinion. Not only has the White House been caught lying about their knowledge of a terrorist attack on Benghazi, but they are also facing the dire consequences I taught my tiny children to avoid. Now, not only will the president take the heat for lying, but so will the Democrat party as consequences are much more severe for their 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, particularly if Clinton is found to be lying.  According to Judge Andrew Napolitano she could be prosecuted.  Dumb, really dumb. Even my 3 year old children got the concept about telling the truth, so why must our President lie to us?

Conservatives never believed the overly contrived and buffoonish statements made by the three stooges UN Ambassador Susan Rice, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama claiming  they had no clue that what occurred in Benghazi was a terror attack. Rather they said, "It was a spontaneous result of a controversial video." Right. Gee let me spontaneously pull this shoulder-held rocket launcher out of my purse because I’m mad at a video. The American people should be really hacked off right now that this administration takes them for complete idiots.

Meanwhile Mainstream Media gave Obama and cohorts a pass because their beloved Obama was armpit deep in his campaign.  Far be it for the media to actually report the truth or anything. So Rice hit the Sunday morning news shows and spread around the little white Benghazi lie.

To save face during the continuing lie-a-thon, when asked if Washington knew of the threat, Hillary Clinton squealed like the pig she is at the Benghazi investigation, “What difference does it make?”  I beg to differ, Ms. Clinton, your lies made a huge difference because 4 people died waiting for their fellow countrymen to help them, but the help was told to, “Stand down.” 

Yet more investigations ensued because of one person, The Weekly Standard Reporter Stephen F. Hayes who would not let those 4 American die in vain.  As the investigations continued, 3 whistle-blowers were scheduled to speak this week. The words they uttered surely made the blood drain from Obama's face. To say that he flubbed would be a complete miscarriage of justice.

Never short on letting us down, MSM started their group bash of the 3 whistle-blowers no sooner than they uttered the words every conservative already knew: the highest levels within Washington DC were warned of a terror attack and did nothing. As if that wasn't bad enough, the three men testified that the CIA talking points were scrubbed clean by the highest levels in Washington, so that Hilary Clinton's State Department would not be handing over their own head on a platter when the public found out they didn't do their job. The fact is, had they just told the truth from the very beginning the consequences would not be quite as dire as they are now.

Let’s hope the people will remember this major cover up when Hillary Clinton decides in all her egotistical wisdom to make a run for the presidency in 2016, because America just needs another Clinton in office who lies under oath.