Morning After Sickness

As I sit at my desk and study the email from last night’s CNN breaking news blip, I am torn. As you know, I have written about my best friend’s abortion experience and the part I played in supporting her while holding her hand. I believe all of my friends have watched me lament the topic on my Facebook recently. I am confounded by the breaking news because it gives me a serious case of cognitive dissonance and though I know the right answer, I remain sickened by it.  The FDA has authorized over the counter sale of the morning-after pill to all females 15 or older. Wow, there it is just fouling the air like that stale McDonalds fart you held in for hours while at work but finally let the fury loose as soon as you closed your car door. Do you open the door and risk someone’s unannounced approach or do you carry it with you down the road hoping the intake fan on the car behind you doesn’t whisk it in when you finally think it’s safe to crack the window a bit? 

That stale flatulent dilemma represents how I feel about a morning after pill.  On one hand it should rot in our guts. The idea that a 15 year old girl can go buy it like a pack of gum, and then use that instead of common sense is absolutely nauseating.  But on the other hand, if it helps eliminate all these needless abortions, then I wonder how can it still be so offensive like those MickyDs olfactory burning fumes?  

Recently in the news, but not in the news thanks to Mainstream Media (MSM) and their refusal to cover the trial, is a man  named Kermit Gosnell. His criminal trial has waged on since January, yet most people have no idea who he is, let alone what he is accused of doing.

Kermit Gosnell's is accused of murdering post abortion birth babies at his abortion clinic. What’s that post abortion birth, you ask? Post abortion birth happens when something goes awry during an abortion and the baby comes out alive; living and breathing right there on the clinic table.  Common sense might suggest at that point the baby becomes the patient, rather than the mother who tried to have it killed inside of her.  Not so, according to the abortion rights activist who testified on Gosnell’s behalf.  She suggested that a decision on the baby’s life at that point should remain between the doctor and the woman having the abortion. Evidently she has killed off some brain cells, inhaling the stench that is abortion.

In fact, organizations like Planned Parenthood knew full well what was taking place in Gosnell’s chamber of hell on earth and they turned their collective heads.  Even our President Barack Obama voted against the born alive infant protection act several times, and even recently spoke at a Planned Parenthood event. What an unbelievable stance our President can take that guns kill people yet think nothing of the killing of babies - some states allow abortions at 9 months! 

Last night on Sean Hannity, my favorite libtard Tamara Holder sat making stupid faces at Lila Rose the right to life representative who did an expose on abortion clinics.  In the video, abortion counselors told the woman to just flush it and that they would not save it should the baby not die in an abortion. Rather than answer the questions, Holder attempted to vilify Rose by asking her when life begins, as if life has no meaning as long as it is in the womb.  She told Rose she had no business going undercover in her completely illogical libtard rant.  This is all just so sick and twisted. So the compelling question remains, what makes a baby that is viable and lying on the table at 24 weeks old, any less viable at 23 weeks in the womb?  At what point is enough, enough? 

In Gosnell’s house of horrors, he is accused of snipping the spines of hundreds of babies that lie struggling on the clinic table after botched abortions. He took the liberty to dismember them as well. In fact his staff testified about playing the the babies as they lay there on the table, minutes before they dug the scissors into their back and snapped their spines.  My God, what have we become? I wonder if God can ever forgive this?

I ponder the idea of the morning after pill and wonder if this is the answer then.  As I see it, the effects are no different than taking birth control pills - both serve to make the uterus a hostile environment therefore not actually stopping conception, but rather spontaneously aborting what cannot attach itself to the uterus wall. Most women have no idea exactly how the pill works so if they are truly pro-life they might actually view the pill as aberrant, however most people accept the pill as an acceptable means of birth control and do not care how it works.  That being the case, why wouldn't we accept the morning after pill then in lieu of abortion?  I mean, it is not as if you don't know you were doing something you ought not have been doing.

I will leave the topic of rape out of this right to life argument because in this case it is not the woman's fault,  however as for young girls taking the pill, I am vehemently opposed to minors being sold such a thing. In my opinion, that decision should be between the parent and their child even though not enough parents are taking personal responsibility for their children's behavior. Still, offering a minor the pill will surely send her the wrong signal with regard to her own personal responsibility.

If the  morning-after pill is available, then why the need for openly available abortions?  I suppose that can be answered by the fact that people are just plain stupid. I will single out women more particularly because they are the ones to get pregnant.  Unfortunately they will mess around, not bother taking the morning after pill, and find themselves in the position of wanting an abortion.  I cannot stress personal responsibility enough.  Sadly if we outlaw abortions again, we will have to face the fact that women will be visiting backroom butchers. Perhaps the key is education and a final decision on exactly when life begins.  I would caution readers with the knowledge that anyone who has taken a science course knows full well when life begins, whether we call it a zygote, fetus, or infant. It begins at conception, and to say it does not is a fallacy.