Obama Drama

It's summer and to be honest, all I want to do is spend my time floating about in the pool, listening to the Lumineers and sipping an adult bevy or two. The last thing I intended to do was to spend my time fretting over politics.  However, with the continuing saga that is the Obama administration, it appears I will be forced to focus a good bit of my attention on the numerous scandals. Obama and his dismal cast of characters are likely to provide not only continued, but also increasing levels of drama that will surely invade the comfort of my personal floatation device.

Today I will focus on the IRS, mostly because they have been providing me with hours of entertainment. Honestly, if this department wasn't so tragic, it would almost be funny.  I am starting to believe that in order to work for the IRS, one  must take an oath  and vow eternal Teflon. The repetitious IRS lie du jour is to admit to the abuse of power out of one side of your face, which culminated in inflated scrutiny of conservatives,  but also claim it is not your responsibility out of the other side of your face. So whose is it then?

Douglas Shulman stated emphatically that he was not responsible.  Lois Lerner claimes she did nothing wrong. Eric Holder said he knew nothing about it, though he is currently being investigated for lying under oath, and Obama claimed he found out about everything in the newspaper. It's no surprise the people working under Obama's leadership share the same lack of character.  These people all seem to live by the Sgt. Schultz motto of life, if you get caught just say, "I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing!"

What is most unfathomable about this situation is the leader of the greatest nation on earth admits to having no clue what is going on in his own administration, rather resorting to newspapers and the media to find out. I am honestly embarrassed for him.  If Obama gets his news from the papers, then what the hell do we need his useless administration for then?