Proud Cruz Crew

I attended the Institute for Policy Innovation’s 25th Anniversary Dinner last night where key-note speaker was none other than Senator Ted Cruz.  As always I was ecstatic to see him speak in person. He is such an efficient orator, not sparing words but also not adding unnecessary fluff.  Sick but true, I have total groupie-itis for the man. To be honest, I was merely holding my breath until he came along. It is as if I can breathe again. There is hope now.

I sat with some of the coolest, politically savvy, and uber-plugged in peeps in Dallas and met many other awesome and like-minded folk.  These people inspire me because they are members of highly active conservative groups from which I draw upon a lot of information for my blog posts. Contrary to popular MSM rumor, I saw not one person there that was a bitter gun clinger, beating on their bible, nor did I see any wackobirds; just everyday average folks like me that want to see the US Constitution as the US litmus test rather than the Quran, Mein Kampf or Das Kapital.

I noticed as I pulled up to the Flights of Fancy Museum at Love Field that WFAA was in the house.  I have to admit, they are my favorite local news source and I have watched them ever since I first moved to Texas in 1991.  I find them to be not only entertaining, but professional, and also supportive of our endeavors.  So when I got home, I turned to my DVR to watch WFAA’s nightly news.  I wanted to see what they reported about the demi-God that is Senator Ted Cruz.

WFAA showed blips of the event and also a quick blip of a handful of what I can only surmise were illegals that came to protest his stance on the shamnesty which is amnesty.  For every protester, they were outnumbered by close to two dozen supporters who were in attendance. Embarrassing odds to say the least. There was also a blip suggesting Cruz’s recent trips to other states indicate preparation for a run in 2016. One can only hope.

As Ted Cruz just about finished speaking, the one, the only, the original Tea Party Darling, Katrina Pierson turned to me and said, “I just love this guy!” Yup, I do too.