Over the past year I have grown to really like Senator Marco Rubio. He is sharp and energetic, well-spoken, and has shown some great potential as a conservative, yet somehow lately he has fallen off my watch list. I have grown wary of him since he joined up with RINO Senator John McCain in that Gang of Eight pimping the newest amnesty plan.

I dislike this plan for all sorts of reasons. First and probably most important is that illegal immigrants will be allowed to work immediately despite having to get to the back of the legal immigration line.  Immigrants galore are attempting to cross the border at the moment because they know they can grandfather in if they are here when the fury of this thing is let loose.  Once signed, these people can begin work immediately, oh and they won't have to pay any back taxes either.  To say this little migrant 'enhancement' hacks me off is an understatement.

One of the things I love about having my own blog is because I can express my opinion in any way I choose.  Here's where I get to unleash the flying monkeys and say what is really on my mind about this shamnesty thing. Why on God's green earth are we welcoming in 11 million uneducated people who have very little to offer other than cheap labor? Granted they are hard workers, but is that what we want the US to become? Nothing more cerebral than a ghastly congregation of lawn service providers and farm pickers?  Is America going to move from the land of industrious and advanced thinkers to the land of mediocre day laborers?

On top of this the Gang of Eight have planned a rather miniscule fine for those who are here illegally. I simply must don the boxing gloves here and say we should fine the hell out of them for sucking  freebies from us, and then fine them some more for having broken the law by climbing fences and digging holes under them.  In fact, we should fine them one last freaking time so they cry and beg for mercy, just for good measure.  If the US is so desperate to make a tax dime off the rich, why not ease the burden by taxing the pants off the 11 million? If they really want to stay here, then they will find a way to pay for their sins.  If we don't make it hurt like hell, we have gained nothing to stop the the mass immigration from happening in the future. The sad reality is that these 11 million don't make enough money and won't pay enough into social security to ease the burden they will place upon it. Oh but do let's hand over even more US entitlements to them.

Finally, has Senator Rubio really thought this through? Does he really believe he is going to gain 11 million new Republicans when he hands them their freedom and the keys to all our social programs?  The bulk of these people are hardy Democrats and have bought into the liberal ideology that is the Barack Obama regime, so you can imagine the mass migration of red states into blue about to take place. Is Rubio high?  Nothing good can come from another amnesty, it didn't work back in the Reagan days and it won't work now because nobody, let me repeat nobody is willing to close the damn borders.