Some Gun Slingin'

The gun debate has quite literally turned out to be a hotbed of ugliness and mistrust that is not boding well for Obama's administration. On one hand, if you really dig into past mass shootings, there really were not any big todos about power rifles and too many bullets in clips until Newtown. Sure, people were outraged over Columbine but there wasn't all this hateful discourse about guns afterwards. People were outraged over the college and movie theater shootings, but again no real nasty gun-banning discussion afterwards. Even with the Luby shooting and the nutjob Arab at Fort Hood, there were no real gun grab gas bags spewing their hatred of guns.  So what is it about Newtown that started the massive march against the 2nd Amendment? I guess it is because Omamamaniacs are hyper aware that the victims of Newtown were young children and tug at the heartstrings a little more than the death of adults. It sickens me to think that the gun detractors happily seize a grand opportunity of sentiment to advance yet another stab at the Constitution.

There have always been a few outspoken against guns. For the most part they have been ignored, that is until until Newtown. I suppose what has precipitated the ugly Washington diatribes about guns has come about strictly by the willingness of a handful of DC inhabitants and their Marxist playmates and their past coup with marketing the enigma that is Obama. They grabbed the sentiment off the backs of those poor children in Newtown and ran with it.  Let me be clear on this, these people don't give a flying fig about those kids that died, they only care about advancing their control.  Sick, but true.

I make this controversial and sickening statement because of one incident. This one incident proves to me that President Barack Obama jumped on the gun grab bandwagon to further his agenda of pushing America toward a socialist society, one that looks to some sort of pseudo-wisdom of their government for everything. Sadly, the uneducated liberal followers of this mindset have absolutely no understanding of the meaning of state's rights and they have not been successful at interpreting, let alone reading the US Constitution. Clearly they feel we need the government monster to protect us from ourselves.

The turning point for me in this gun debate was when Obama refused to allow the Newtown father on Air Force One because he is against this gun grab. Indeed, all parents who are on board, were 'on board' with the message so to speak. To me this speaks volumes about the opportunist that is Barack Obama.

Before the dust even settled in Newtown, Obama was already overly concerning himself with banning guns. He is an obsessive opportunist for advancement of Socialism and he is not too proud to use children as props to force this cause. Americans were mourning and he was already planning his next dig at our liberty. The soppy gun speeches were being drawn up while the parents of those children were still walking zombies, in shocked disbelief. Obama flew into action quicker than flies to cow dung because he knew the only way he could gain further compliance of the people is by marketing those sweet, cherubic faces. People were in no shape to fight in that moment.

This time Obama picked up the torch against protection under the 2nd Amendment. This is probably the most important right we have in providing the American people with the ability to fight back.
It will start slow. Obama will feign disinterest in taking guns away altogether, rather busying himself with high power rifles and high capacity clips, something he believes he can spin by foisting those children's faces at the public. If you believe the man will stop there, then you are a fool.  He has already been chipping away at our Constitution with the passing of Obamacare impeding the states from the ability to make their own decisions  His horrifying international policy with the inept lack of leadership in Benghazi and his agreement to hand over world-class bombers and tanks to Egypt further weakens our dominant position. He has refused to perform the most basic task assigned by he Constitution with his refusal to close the borders, a dereliction of duty in my opinion. And finally, his Obamanomics is stifling the free-market society.

To advance his power grab, his marketing teams have been spreading the argument that essentially nobody needs anything more powerful than a shotgun. The problem I have with that argument is that the 2nd Amendment purposely did not limit the types of guns people can own. Gun grabbers whine that the Founding Fathers did not ever imagine what guns might be like in our future, but to that I say indeed they did. These drafters of the Constitution were some of the most intelligent men in their time. In fact, they worded the Constitution so carefully in every aspect and to think these men could not fathom what our lives might be like in the future is ridiculous. They were wise enough to understand that they had already been transformed from cavemen with rudimentary weapons into civilized people. Believe me, these intellectuals did not ever believe for one minute that our lives would suddenly become stagnant just because the Constitution was written.  These brilliant men knew we would be continually transformed with every year that passed, yet the unintelligible gun banners would rather you believe that the drafters of the US Constitution never imagined what was to come. Preposterous.

The largest curiosity to me is exactly why our US Government has been buying up as much ammunition as they can possibly grab since they decided to wage this war on the 2nd Amendment? One must ask themselves what this tactic is exactly. The will of the people is indeed proving stronger than Obama's current capabilities with people stockpiling weapons and ammunition, store shelves clearing, and even free courses being taught on handling your weapon. Clearly the people are afraid of their government enough to take action even if it means setting aside their ability to make a buck on classes, and our government knows this. Because of this Obama and his cronies must look to other ways to further their desire for an assault on the 2nd Amendment and I am convinced these cunning liberals will do what is in their power to further this cause. Do you honestly trust your government?  They sure don't trust us.