Supporting the Illegals

I always love when my readers write to me, first because they usually lay on the praise which  pads my already large ego, but mostly because it tells me I am engaging people. Recently I was contacted by someone who woke me to the fact that Wylie has it's own little shamnesty business. Indeed, we have what I shall call a very interesting business that helps bring in 'non-immigrants' to the US for temporary work. They like to tell themselves that American citizens simply don't want to do the work. Hard to believe as I just watched the trash men pick up the neighbor's bush and tree trimming and they were anything but immigrant workers.

This company specializes in the H2A/H2B federal program which promotes the issuance of temporary work visas.  Well that's all fine and dandy but wouldn't you know these types of businesses are also contributing to the growing numbers of immigrants remaining here illegally?  Oh but we don't really hear about these in the news, do we?

Once this so-called non-immigrant is here, nobody makes sure they go back after their allotted 365 day visa expires. Sadly, supporters of these types of programs back them up with statements like nobody else will do the work, yet interestingly, many of the jobs listed on their website are ones that young people might be interested in taking on would the jobs actually be available to US citizens. Alas they are not.

Rather than advertise for the position and interview, these companies would rather pay to have someone else bring these workers into the US, virtually unvetted and nobody cares what they do afterwards, as long as the departure paperwork is submitted. As long as the money rolls in, who cares what sort of conditions these people might work under, whether they commit crimes while here, or whether they go back from whence they came.

Most disturbing is that this company sits right in Wylie and is supported by some of the more interesting citizens in Wylie. I am looking forward to finding out more.