The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

I believe my friends will snicker when I make the following statement. I am not a glass half full kind of gal. Indeed my friends are rolling their eyes and I can just hear the resounding and sarcastic, “No. Really?” I freely admit, perhaps to my detriment, that I don’t always allow myself to see the positive possibilities in things.  You see, I use this glass half empty tactic as a defense mechanism so I will never be disappointed.  I submitted my art to a large art show and have expected I will not be selected.  This way I am not disappointed when I don’t get the call. I bid on a silent auction item and tell myself I won’t win and not to expect it.  No biggie.  As I see it, it’s only a quasi-defeatist attitude.

That is not to say I don’t ever look for the good.  I remain highly positive about a lot of things in my life, just not material things or people. With regard to the natural world around me I am like a kid in a candy store with eyes wide open, exploring my world with exuberance and an abundance of child-like enthusiasm. I am very positive about my capabilities and talents and I rarely doubt my intellect. I also look to making new friends with an equal zeal. I try to believe that people are inherently decent, but over and over again I get smacked with the reality that people are hopelessly underwhelming.

Everything I’ve learned about people I learned in Texas. It is nearly impossible to make friends here. I invite people over time and again, they come and never reciprocate. I invite people over and they seem to have an unending litany of excuses why they cannot come. I hear a lot of others making the same complaints about their gatherings. It seems everyone lives by that old adage, “Tall fences make good neighbors.” Um, not really.  Personally I have found that tall fences make it so that I don’t have to talk to, let alone look at my neighbors.  Hells, I have lived in the same house for 12 years and I just met the neighbors across the street when a drunken college student smashed into the neighbor’s brick mailbox at 3am, strewing bricks, and leaving a nice antifreeze trail right to his house.  Nice.

Another recent people-watching adventure leaving me scratching my head is an interesting little local online garage sale page on Facebook where people can sell their old junk. It is a place to post a photo with description and price, and then people post if they want it and schedule a pick up time, usually on someone’s porch because heavens, we don’t want to actually talk to these people. 

I can say without a doubt, that this has been the most amazing tool providing me with hours of entertainment. As I peruse the photos of people’s junk looking for crafting stamps and art supplies for my business, I have gotten some truly fantastic no-hassle deals. I am also pleasantly surprised that I have made quite a bit of cash moving all the old toys that have been stored in the garage for years, along with some kitchen wares I have no use for. Though I can only imagine what the neighbors think is going on here with the exchange of bags and cash.  Still, I have hardly had to lift a finger: just pull it out, take a photo, upload and voila!

As you could expect, there are antics by some of the more unsavory characters on the site as well.  To be brutally honest, people are just plain stupid.  Someone put up a photo of one of those coffee tables with wheels and as luck would have it, a dumb blonde asked if it had wheels. No seriously, is she for real?  She was!  It is in these moments that I wish I could reply without getting banned: Um yes, hello?  Are you not looking at the same photo I am, you moron?  In fact, last night I saw someone’s nasty, dirty and dusty black espadrilles that should have made their way into the trash bin ages ago.  Oh, and someone actually offered to pay good money for them. Viva la trash!

Not only do people ask the stupidest questions, but they also bid for something and then not show up. Thankfully I have not had too many no-shows.  Being an online site though you could have guessed there might be a lot of no-shows and it cracks me up to see how some of the more outspoken sellers deal with them.  I know I should not be amazed at how incredibly rude and self-centered people can be, but the reality is, nobody is going to drive 30 minutes for a $2 item, no matter how many times a seller tries to apply the Facebook name-tag of shame.

Then there are the faux-sales. I don’t know about you but when I read faux-sales using my mental voice I put a more ghetto spin on it like 'fo shizzle'.  They post a listing that is too good to be true, get a lot of interest, then yank the photo.  When I saw the photo again at an even higher price, I Googled the item and found the same photo on Etsy, the damn fool lifted the photo off someone. For fun I offered a really lowball price to see how he would handle it and the reply? “It sold.” I’m sure it did; waiting to see that pic circulate again so I can report him next time.  I’ll show him. Get his ass blocked.

In fact, I have had the displeasure of watching even seedier characters as well.  Sadly the nastier side of people pops up from time to time where they mess about with someone’s post.  One person bids, the item is then placed on hold while the seller sends reply after reply asking if the person is going to pick the item up, shame-tagging the no-show. After days of this no-response-no-show, the seller then moves to the next person in line. In response, these whackjobs come out with their playmates and tag-team hate on the seller for moving on.  When the seller gets frustrated and snaps back, an even larger group comes out to gang-jack with them some more.  Oh, and it's always women, go figure.  They seem to take great delight in this behavior. In my opinion, these unsavory characters need a site all their own labeled The Real Ho’s of Online Garage Sales. 

Indeed, I have gotten an eye-full on the quality of people’s character over the decades I have roamed this earth.  Though most people are gracious, very kind and helpful just as I thought they would be, it is the sad-sack-of-a-human-beings and their dismally low self-esteem which prompt them into behaving like the douchebags they are and ruining it for everyone else.