The Wintters of our Discontent

So Todd Wintters sits on the WEDC and also the Wylie City Council, so what’s the big deal? I would expect that question from the good old boys within Wylie who think nothing of double-dipping into the same taxpayer pot. From an ethical standpoint it is a huge conflict of interest.  The moment Wintters was sworn in to council he should have resigned from the WEDC board immediately. He has already been slimed, along with newly installed Councilman Keith Stephens, for playing games by voting in probably the greenest Mayor Pro Tem in Wylie’s recent history, their Chamber of Commerce playmate Nathan Scott. Wintters’ and Stephen’s start last week was choppier than a 16 year old learning to shift and clutch in a Mustang GTO. 

Wylie has been known in the past for their obfuscation of inadvertently or perhaps planned padding of their pals pockets. Board members from the WEDC and other local groups have benefited nicely from City Council decisions. It’s a great gig if you can get it. 

A prime example is funds granted to Wylie’s good old boy association was made to Wylie’s Advocates for Senior Activities (WASA) where Councilman Nathan Scott sits on the board as Treasurer.  WASA received $13K from the City last year, though he recused himself from the vote. Guess you could say he got a little help from his mayoral pal - pay no attention to the man sitting behind the curtain.

Last year we also had that nifty piece of land on Brown that the Humane Society was going to purchase for an animal shelter. This land was marketed by the realtor on records, then Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards. She recused herself from proceedings but she would have made commission on it had grassroots efforts not welled, causing the Humane Society to look elsewhere.

We had award after award for taxpayer funds granted for our city parks over the years to Teague, Nall, and Perkins whose employee Chris Seely was a member of the WEDC board at the time. You could say he benefited indirectly from the continued employment and perhaps commission or bonuses paid by his employers for millions of dollars in business. So how do you stop this greedy grab of taxpayer funds?

Rumors are floating around that the Boards and Commissions Panel just selected at the last council meeting will likely remove Wintters from his cushy WEDC board position. I wouldn’t place my money on that bet just yet. Make no mistake we can have absolutely no trust of our City Council based upon past experience, shifty votes, and games.  Several of your council members would rather play games than work for you.  The sad part is that Mr. Wintters’ integrity will forever be marred with wonderment as to why he did not resign from the WEDC.