A Letter to the Editor

I am posting a Letter to the Editor from an anonymous source. Normally I would not do this because this is my blog, but what this guest writer had to say was very compelling.

I have modified this email in a few places by using (parentheses). The underlying letter meaning remains despite any of my edits.

Hello, TXun.  If you saw the Wylie News Wednesday, you probably saw the Mayor's (Mayor Eric Hogue) 2 ads-one a short article about his new career on Kathy Spillard's Team with Keller Williams. And on Kathy's Keller Williams website there is a picture of him and the ladies.  Probably most will applaud his new venture.  Yes, he is the smiling face of Wylie that we all have found easy to like.  I used to think he was a real stand up guy and being a preacher, who would think otherwise?  Is anyone other than a few going to wonder if being Mayor/Realtor could look like insider trading?  I would think that the Real Estate Board would have some ethics that realtors have to abide by even if Wylie doesn't, but maybe all's fair here in Wylie. 

Since February, I have come to discover, this Mayor is not what he seems. (modified to remove identifying information) Without notice, (the Crafter's Cop-op) shop closed up the day after Valentine's and the owner had to move out in a matter of weeks.  You may have already heard about this as it was on the Wylie View for a couple of days.  I believe the Mayor probably had the councilman's wife (Alicia White, wife to Councilman Rick White) squash the talk on the Wylie View (she is administrator) as soon as he could after it got started.  I know she had her photography in the shop too (she owns 911 ipublishing, and 911idesigns and back of the room productions and it has been rumored for a while that they make millions off the City of Wylie with their Wylie Photos and the offshoot 911 businesses with Alicia White's name all over them just so there are no accusations of a conflict of interest). With so many displaced there was a lot of talk around Wylie and a lot of people looking to find out the truth. And many believe there was not another place in town that helped as many people as this shop owner and her husband did,  They provided a place to sell during the hard economic times.  They were not in it to make money, just to help people.  There were a bunch of ministries in there helping a lot of people, so no telling all told, just how many  people have been hurt.  I believe that money,greed, and power is what motivates this Preacher.  I don't think he really understands the 'do unto others' concept.

It has taken months to piece all the little bits of information together.  And it is in no way right what happened to this couple.  And Wednesday seeing this new career ad for the Mayor really got my ire up.  It also further shows another reason why this couple had to be gotten rid of and by the very people that we should be able to trust.  Knowing some of what the Mayor, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Spillyards, the Art Gallery owner, and the Q Building owner and some others did is wrong.  It appears they hurt a lot of people for their own greed and cover their dirty deeds.  All because the Building Official was doing his job and wrongs were being discovered. (My understanding is this Bldg. official was fired from the City of Wylie for doing some bad things, but then again there are 2 sides to every story)  From the dates shown on the Keller Williams website for the Mayor, the beginning of his real estate classes were simultaneous to this group's dismantling of the Building Official's career and their own ministry of serving.  

This is a little explanation and history leading up why I think the Mayor's new gig is such an insult.  Also, this may not be exact as this is information put together after the Building Official's departure.  Many of us are realizing that the only story that is coming out is the one that the Mayor and his Players are putting out. (this falls in line with what I heard from a City Council member who has not done any digging for further explanation other than what the City Manager and Mayor are providing)  The Building Official and his wife have been gagged with threats that before this is over the Mayor and buddies will see that everyone will hate them, they will never be able to find jobs, retirement and unemployment will be denied, etc.  They want this couple silent and gone.  In looking at this "top place to work", this is more a forced statement than a real one.  In talking to employees that some of us know, if they do not respond quickly, are polled again and again and they do believe that the City does know the employees feedback.  If you need your job, how many people are going to be 100% candid in their response if they feel it would jeopardize their (job) security?  This Building Official position has had at least 12 either active or acting interims in the last 13-14 years. (perhaps someone on council should look into this situation, when ethical people begin whistle-blowing, they are usually canned very quickly) Some of these ousted were merely the "at will" of the doings of Hogue--the Mayor/City Councilman; Mindy--the City Manager/Assistant City Manager/Planning Director/and possibly when she was a City Planner; Jeff--the Assistant City Manager/Chief of Police. (Damn, and I was really starting to like Jeff Butters)  The alliance of these 3 began during the Biff Johnson reign.  When the City Manager Mark B.Roath came, his expertise was taking renegade municipalities and cleaning them up.  The alliance of the 3 became very strong during this City Manager's time in Wylie as they prepared to usher him out and Mindy in as soon as possible.  This was very much a political move in getting him out.  Too many of the personal liberties established under Biff Johnson were taken away by Mr. Roath in his reorganization and his expectations of work instead of "at will" golf games and afternoon shopping gigs and other self garnered benefits of some of the upper management crowd.  We have found out that City Manager Mark Roath and some of the previous Building Officials were ousted in similar fashion to the latest Building Official--made up stories by this same group (yes I recall lots of stories about the rotating cast of city manager characters until Mindy Manson arrived, which should make everyone go hmmmmm).  We have been shocked at what we have found out from what ex-employees are sharing about these top leaders.  The Mayor and Assistant City Manager have been called Mindy's 'henchmen" as she quietly does the condemning finger pointing and times the ending of careers.  Her "henchmen" do the dirty deeds while she takes leave of the proceedings.  We have all believed her to be sweet and kind, fighting for those in her nest.  We have been told Mindy can be like a Black Widow, killing her own to advance herself and go after anyone that may know things that could be a threat to her security. Discovering that she is so cunning and ruthless in nature is probably the most surprising and disappointing of those involved as we have believed she was the unrelenting protective Mama.    

We have also looked into the Mayor's lay-off from Hewlett Packard.  Several things don't ring true.  In corporate worlds, it is unusual for head honchos to be "laid off" as he so candidly states in his talks when proudly delivering his impressive bio.  Being the CIO/HR Director for EDS/HP is a little above the lower level lay-offs.  Even though his departure details are wrapped in a non-disclosure package, he has spilled enough of the beans and there is a lot of free talk around town of what happened.  Some of us have been told that he wrote the guidelines of "how to fire at will and have it incontestable".  And in an at will state, these former employees are hard pressed to prove otherwise.   He prepares the script for management to follow as innocent employees are hung out to dry.  It worked pretty well for him until HP used the same guidelines on him.  Does he still use his wordsmith guidelines?  Certainly does from what we have heard around town. He has even gone around town questioning people about this couple, framing questions in an interrogatory, condemning way.  And with his methods, people that do not know this couple could certainly question their character.  He questions if they are really Christians (yup he pulled that question out with my pals) or if anyone has had problems with them, etc. What the Mayor does is libelous and people at FBW have even said that Assistant City Manager Jeff Butters has also taken up this line of character assassination (horrors, I hope not because then I would just have to dislike him).  Creating scenarios to destroy anyone's reputation or even put it into question should never be acceptable just so you can exercise the "at will" dismissal. 

In his ad, the Mayor talks of his "being in the same boat..he was laid-off" after 25 years in the corporate world.  But from what all we have learned, about this Mayor, his "lay-off" sounds more like poetic justice, for no telling how many people he has attempted to destroy.  From what we have been told, he comes across as a vengeful bully and misuses his position of authority.  And too many in our Wylie leadership are falling right in step with this man and it is shameful.  It is like a wife beater as each episode escalates in intensity and harm.          

I don't know how far this goes back, but more than 2 years at least.  From what we found out, with the growth of Wylie, there were a lot of businesses starting up on the weekends and the Fire Inspector was discovering businesses without permits, occupancy certificates, etc.  He enlisted the aid of Building Inspection and Code Enforcement.   As in other cities, the business in violation would be contacted with information on compliance, etc.  I may be telling you things that you already know, but these are things I did not know until checking with other cities to see how they handled such problems.  The purpose of the Occupancy Certificate is so all the various businesses operating out of a single location are recorded with the hours of operation and contact person.  This is in case of fire or emergency for the Fire and Police Departments.  And the nature of the businesses in case there are combustibles, etc. for safety precautions for emergency personnel.  Businesses not complying may be reported by people in the community, city employees seeing weekend move-ins, and the Fire Inspector discovering  unrecorded businesses, etc. A call list had businesses to be contacted when able.  Those where combustibles would be used were to be contacted immediately. 

There happened to be 2 businesses in the same building that the Co-op was in that did not have Occupancy information that was up to date.  One was the Apothecary.  The State of Texas dealt with the Apothecary as the owner claimed to be a chemical engineer and in California that was okay, but in Texas you have to have a pharmacist's license to sell what they were selling.  The other business was the Art Gallery.  They have hours listed as 11-5, yet they would be up there a lot at night.  (the co-op owner's) husband, the Building Official would come by and get the money bag.  We (heard) it would sometimes be late in the evening when he did this.  He realized that he was seeing Kathy Spillyards and other people over there at the Gallery often and late.  He had the Gallery added to the Occupancy Certificate list to get it updated.  (I can see how the owners of WAG could get a little pissed about this, and even if it had been done vindictively as stated in the Wylie View comments, it is irrelevant since they appeared to be operating outside of their listed business hours) Since Kathy Spillyards was the TEAM leader of the Keller Williams Real Estate business, it made sense that she could have been the contact person for those late evenings.  (Was Kathy Spillyards operating her business out of the Wylie Art GAllery (WAG)? Was something else going on there? Seems plausible)  Also, in questioning around about this, there had not been any hurry, so the inquiry to the Gallery was made weeks later.  The Gallery owner got mad went to everyone above the Building Official and we heard he actually had to write apologies to the Gallery Owner and Mayor Pro Tem.  It appears they are among those that are exceptions to the laws and rules that most everyone else has to go by, as the Building Official was advised that the Occupancy Certificate was not needed for them/Keller Williams.  As best we know, only a few days later, the Building Official was gone and his wife had to close the shop.  (Wow, total tit for tat thing going on here among city leaders)

Now the Mayor said that the Building Official made it a Political Issue (oh dear God, same shite he said about me) in asking that the Gallery's Certificate be updated with the team leader, Mayor Pro Tem's Keller Williams business.  That was an offense of insubordination.  (a big frigging case of nanny nanny boo boo in my opinion) Those people collectively made up stories (about) the Co-op.  And it certainly was not what this group cooked up.  The Mayor was seen approaching this couple outside of Taste of Home in Wylie and he set up a meeting for the Building Official to come to his office outside of town at the Mayor's church office (WTF?).  He was setting him up for the violation of chain of command.  Now anyone can see that accepting or declining the meeting would have been a violation of insubordination and breaching the chain of command.  They have even denied that the Keller Williams business was operating out of the Gallery.  They blamed the the Co-op owner as the one that started telling that the Keller Williams business was operating in the Gallery and sent her husband on the 'witch hunt' to hurt the Gallery owner (It was my opinion that the WAG business practices were a little sketchy with regard to how commissions were set.  I talked to fellow artists at the art fair and they were being charged 30-40% commission, I was being charged 60% and then at renewal fee went sky high which is when I told them to shove it.  Then they tried to jack me around when I scheduled a time to pick up my art and end my affiliation with them.  Clearly they don't seem to be selling much in the way of art the whole time I have known about them so I wonder how they are making enough money to keep the doors open. Is there some other type of business being conducted there?. More things that make you go hmmm.......).  All the while, this Keller Williams team had signs up around town that clearly show the Gallery owner's name with the Mayor Pro Tem on it too as her Keller Williams team (indeed Lynn Grimes is on there).  I remember seeing a huge sign up on the Ballard School of Music when that building was for sale many months before all this happened.  So why are they making it such an offense over updating this Certificate?  And especially since the Gallery owner has advertised her Keller Williams business at the Gallery address in the Chamber of Commerce Business Directory as far back as the 2010 Directory.  Why all the far fetched tales about all this and demonizing this couple and stripping everything away from them?  A long career was ended, a ministry shut down, and undeserved threats are still circulating 5 months later. 

Did they not want people that might be looking into the Mayor Pro Tem and the Mayor's business to find out something they want covered?  There obviously has been some questionable real estate dealings going on involving WEDC
(the Mitch Herzog land deal between his boss and WISD where WEDC was essentially the broker), WISD (the Wylie East and 3rd Wylie HS land deals just to name a few), the City, Mayor Pro Tem (attempted Humane Society land purchase), and some of the Board Members.  We believe that time and investigations are going to show that the owner of the Q building and Lynn of the Keller Williams business will be thrown into this mix as well.  His downtown properties probably house at least 30 businesses.  He also owns an apartment complex and residential properties around town.  With the number of H2A and H2B guest workers coming into Wylie and with the housing assistance requirements under the programs, this has to be a very lucrative business for the realtors and landlords. (oh snap, ice ice baby)  After a lot of digging by some people in recent months, this man's business and the Visa business are virtually hidden in plain sight (wow, just wow).  There have been so many flips and flops of real estate that it will be a major undertaking to uncover all that has been hidden. (interestingly, 3 of my Facebook friends showed under the 'like' option for Action Visa FB page, but after I posted about it the first time, 1 still likes it but he's a bleeding heart I love anyway, the other 2 no longer show up under the 'like' it section, including former Mayor Pro Tem, my red-headed love-hate pal, Red Byboth, again more things that make you go hmmm)

I have divided this letter into 2 parts because it is so massive. My take on the writing of this letter is first, to refute the rumors of the Building Official firing. Next, to show something untoward going on among a couple business owners and the City leaders in Wylie. Finally, to show what a conniving bastard our Mayor is.

Granted, I heard comments made about this building official who was fired.  Since it happened in executive session, there isn't much floating around about it, but here is the larger scenario I have pieced together.  It may be a bit simplistic in scope, but I would bet it rings more true than any other scenario:

I'm sure Lynne Grimes et al of the WAG was annoyed as hell that she could no longer run her art classes out of the space taken up by the co-op.  It may have prompted them to be a little bitchy about it all.  Knowing human nature, this probably triggered the co-op owners to be a bit miffed back at the WAG people.

The building official probably felt he was doing the right thing in having the WAG added to the list with regard to the certificate of occupancy, after all, there was activity taking place there after hours, probably some real estate strategizing meetings amongst the Spillyards team, especially with Mayor Eric Hogue about to take real estate classes and come on board with Spillyards and which Lynne is also a realtor member of.  In real estate, realtors have to work under a broker who has a bit more stringent training and continuing ed requirements.  Kathy Spillyards is the broker and Lynne Grimes and now Mayor Hogue work as realtors under her. 

Now you have to remember, wealthy people like Kathy Spillyards sit around and look for ways to make money, people being screwed casualties in the deal doesn't even come into play. That's capitalism folks.  Granted, they don't do much in the way of business at the WAG and if you know taxes, it's a tidy little tax write-off.  Plus having pals in the City probably provides a few extra little perks like looking the other way on some things. 

I had heard Mr. Jim's pizza was up for sale, we thought about buying it, however can you imagine how much we would be harassed by the City folk reporting us for every possible thing they could, just because I'm the blogger?  Yes, I am an 'undesireable' within the City, because I tell it like it is and that upends the cosmic energy here. 

I would make the blanket statement here and say the building official probably thought he was doing the right thing because it appears he went after the Apothecary business as well.  Sounds to me like they were reported and he would have  no reason to do so. Personally, I don't want some whack job fruit or nut from California mixing chemicals in little downtown without the proper paperwork.  I know these California types, I was one for about 5 years of my life.

So this building official probably got his panties in a wad because the WAG were being bitchy women as women can be and reported WAG.  OK, so he probably also got a little personal satisfaction out of it as well.  However, the City folk stick like Elmers and they are way too powerful within the City of Wylie.  Unfortunately the building official did not bargain for what came next.

WAGs Lynne and Kathy Spillyards, who also happens to sit on the Wylie Art Board at the time, went to their bff Boss Hoggue and his side-kick Daisy Manson and whined like the little girls they can be.  Well hells, Hogue couldn't allow backstabbing of his little playmates so the investigation of these people ensued.  How dare they cause trouble in Wylie?!?  I only wish Mayor had put as much effort into investigating the Ramona Kopchenko verbally accosting me after a meeting thingy as they did this situation.  Then again, I was 'uncontrollable' so I became an enemy of the State, er City. 

Let's just say, well, Mayor could be summed up with the words like, 'gusto', and 'relish', and he had to protect what would become his new boss and work peers, Spillyards and her team.  Mayor and Mindy, or Mindmay, began their 'investigation' of the co-op owner and her husband the building official.  Same type of questioning that Mayor did about me after I was verbally accosted by P&Z Ramona Kopchenko after a meeting.  Was I a 'good Christian', was I 'even a Christian at all'? Surely you need to be a 'good Christian' in order to forgive and forget and Hogue wants to know if you abide by the same guilt all religions place on their members. He would know because he's a pastor. 

You see, all that guilt makes it a lot easier to jack with you and control you.   You simply cannot cause trouble for the City leaders in this town without the vehement wrath of Mayor Eric Hogue.  I most certainly wouldn't apply for any boards and commissions because I would NEVER be placed on one and my sons won't bother applying to work at the Rec Center because their last name would give them away. The only thing that prevents me from being a target is that little switch in my brain that censors what comes out of my mouth and this little blog that isn't so little anymore.

Suddenly whatever dirt the City could find on these people became their undoing.  He lost his job and she lost her co-op, and Minmay and their Spillyards playmates sit smugly by because they protected their own. Good 'ole Boy politics in Wylie.  Can I get a yee haw?

Was this guy using his inside knowledge to harm the WAG and their City pals? Maybe, but I would bet more than anything he thought what he was doing was right. 

Ah yes, so our City administrators,  City Council, and Mayor Eric Hogue can look the other way for the DUI of WEDC Executive Director Sam Satterwhite even though he broke rules in the employee handbook,  but this building official guy, yeah, he got the axe.  Dirty, dirty, dirty and in the City of Wylie, you garner a little Mayoral protection if you are ingratiating the Mayor and Satterwhite's head is planted so far up Hogue's ass, he is probably breathing for him. 

ALAS! That is about to change now that Satterwhite's bff Todd Wintters is on Council and has usurped all the power from Hogue.  Wintters is in power now with his pals Nathan Scott and Keith Stephens on Council, and Hogue will have his head up Wintter's ass doing the breathing because he will NEVER be on the losing side of a vote.   Karma, yup it is indeed a bitch, or bitch boy as the new case may be.