A New Kind of War

The war we are fighting is a holy war.  Do not let yourself be misguided by the liberals as to what war is truly being fought. The war I am about to tell you about is not the one taking place in the Middle East at the moment.

In fact, the war I write about has gone on since before Jesus walked this earth and continues today. It has only been brought to the forefront by a group of Islamic thugs with Taliban financial support in modern times with the evil that was 9/11.

Do not mistake the war to be that of the superficial wars currently going on.  They were started by Bush as a war against terror and continued on through Obama.  Do not focus your attention on the sending troops to Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or even Iraq because that is only tactical posturing using the name of war.

The true holy war is really between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, or to put it even more blunt it is between God and all other God’s and non-believers.

Meanwhile back in the US, people toil themselves with the politics of man and another type of war being waged. That one is between Democrats and Republicans. This is a civil war and has progressed because of a man in the White House masquerading as a Christian. 

Here in the US, the Democrat Party has been infiltrated by many non-believers and they weaken that party with every day that passes. That party has become very good at grabbing many believers and bringing them into the fold with their sad stories on humanity and social justice.  These stories tug at the hearts of believers and they fall in line.  Therefor the non-believers can continue to advance their priorities. Stated another way, this civil war is conceived by Godless leaders in a power grab under the guise of benevolence. 

On the flip side, we have the Republican Party who is split in half with what we identify now as Conservatives and RINOs.  The RINOs side with the Godless bunch more often than anyone should want and this is further weakening Judeo-Christians. Muslims all over the Middle East are pushing for a caliphate and they already have plans to get to the US by way of South America. 

Now let’s examine the immigration debate. I believe those we call RINOs are pushing for Amnesty because they want to gather the millions of Mexicans into our bosom.  Christians don't like this idea for one reason, because our Constitution states that DC as formed to provide for the common defense, and to protect the states from their enemies. Anyone coming into the states illegally is an enemy because they have broken the law.  So far in the debate, nobody has gotten serious about shutting the borders, rather we hear that it is inhumane to do such a thing.  Since when is it inhumane to follow the Constitution, the bible of liberty?  

So the bickering continues and the RINOs wants them because they believe them to be traditionally Christian and hope they will bolster their numbers.  The Democrats want them because they are one-dimensional thinkers and the only thing they see in their midst is more voters and more power since 70 of Hispanics vote Democrat.  They are power drunk at the moment and are unwittingly advancing the non-believer agenda. The Republicans are misguided in their hope that these people will come to their aid and help tamp down the up rise of non-believers, quite the opposite effect will take place. 

In the process of amnesty, these millions of low-wage workers will be welcomed in order for the US to compete against China, whose numbers have topped 4 trillion now and make up the bulk of non-Christians.  Think about it, first the US tapped the American Native for cheap labor but they died off by the hundreds from illnesses they did not have the immunity against.  Then the US tapped slaves when a tribal leader in Africa got the bright idea to send the biggest and burliest black men to America to work.  Slavery was abolished and now we need the minimum wage Hispanics to compete with the Chinese.  We've gotten really good at exploiting the weak. 

Now toss in the race for energy. I have always been of the belief that the US intends to be the last man standing. I believe our underlying goal is to use up all of the world’s oil reserves and be thankful in the end when our own resources have been left untapped. The blame game on oil that the liberals like to play leaves out this fundamental premise I have outlined.

This war is really  about oil, gathering cheap labor to fight the battle, and it’s about advancing Christianity, but the Democrats have let themselves get tangled up by the non-believers and their judgment has been clouded.  Democrats are only thinking about power for themselves and the more they allow their party to be hacked, the more they will advance Islam. We are now going to sit down and have chats with the Taliban.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, he was raised one, and it is in his blood regardless what he calls himself now, make no mistake. If you look at the people he surrounded himself with during his first campaign, you would see Reverend “God Damned America” Wright, and terrorist Bill Ayers as his mentors.  The man was meeting with the Palestinians during his first campaign and is meeting with the Taliban now. You might also see that there is an abundance of campaign funds that came from overseas.  If I were a betting woman, I would bet that Barack Obama was bought and paid for by the Muslims and I wouldn’t put it past them to make a nice fat deposit into his back account when he finishes dismantling every Judeo-Christian hold that ever existed in America.

For further evidence, look to his behavior toward Israel and snubbing of Netanyahu. Look to his support of every anti-Christian escapade out there such as gay marriage, and abortion and wanting the ability of his little girls to abort babies if they want to  (such a good dad), even voting 4 times against the born-alive act which would have prevented the brutal torture of babies born in botched abortions. Clearly life means nothing to Obama – precisely an Islamic jihadist tenet.  This man has done more to damage to Christians than any preceding him.  Just look at his, “Catholic Schools are divisive” rhetoric spewed today. This is the work of a non-believer. 

The bickering between Democrats and Republicans is merely a civil war.  All the haggling over amnesty is a disgusting power play to use human beings viewed as weak by both parties. All of this nonsense is taking our attention away from the real war that we should be focusing on: the fact that anyone who does not believe in our Judeo-Christian God wants us dead.  So who will win that war if the Democrats and Republicans continue down the same blinding path, oblivious to the real war that is coming? Are you a believer or will you be joining the others?