Let the Shaming Begin

The reason I started this blog was because Ramona Kopchenko, who was on the Wylie P&Z Board, verbally attacked me outside council chambers when I came to speak at a work session and introduced myself as a member of the Wylie Tea Party.  When I complained to Mayor Eric Hogue about what this made the City look like when a representative tries to brutalize and shut down dissent, my complaints fell on deaf ears. 

You see, I represented upending the sweet little apple cart our Council controls.  Rather I had to deal with an apathetic Mayor Hogue who clearly doesn't like me and has made sure everyone knows it too.  I also had to deal with an apathetic Wylie City Council because they had never dealt with anyone so ballsy as to challenge them the way I have. Ultimately when Kopchenko's seat was up Council voted to keep her on and glared at me in the audience. THIS is your Wylie City Council. Sweet huh?
Tonight is the night where the Wylie City Council was to decided who is appointed to Boards and Commissions.  Did they fall like a perilously perched domino set and allow the rather controversial WISD Trustee Mitch Herzog to remain on the Wylie Economic Development (WEDC) Board or did they decide to remove him because of the conflict of interest he represents as a City leader? It wouldn't be too difficult to keep the City clean, if Council really wanted to.  To add a twist, would they take Councilwoman Diane Culver's motion to remove Todd Wintters because keeping him the WEDC represents a conflict of interest?  Again, would it kill them to select some new blood to serve Wylie?

Have the leaders in Wylie not learned anything from Washington DCs recent struggles? A good friend of mine wrote this today on her Facebook page and I found this to be so apropos for this day:

"Some people have to crash and burn before they realize their own actions don't match their rhetoric. This is confirmed by the scripture... that they love to recite as they condemn others." - Katrina Pierson, Dallas Tea Party co-founder, Garland Tea Party Board Member, Fox News Contributor, yup you can see her on Hannity and Cavuto

Nothing more true could have been written.  Two weeks ago I watched the rather pious Councilman Todd Wintters show up for Pete Session's Town Hall Meeting and guess which lap-dog held a seat for him?  Councilman Keith Stephens.  Oh it was planned alright, there were plenty of seats for him but it was clear from their body language that Stephens was appointed to hold the seat for Wintters. 

Most telling is the two of them reacted negatively to some of the less than conservative rhetoric spewed by Sessions, particularly by Mr. Wintters.  When discussion on the IRS, Benghazi, and DOJ controversies came up, the two clearly sided more on the conservative side thanks to their body language.  One openly supports the 2nd Amendment because he owns a firearms training business, yet I question their behavior on a local level.

It seems our councilmembers, many of who openly admit to sitting in church every Sunday, seem to have no trouble passing judgment on the shenanigans of DC, yet pull the same frigging nonsense here in little Wylie. You have to be carrying quite the scrotumnal sack to feel you are above what is going on in DC and turn around and dig your heels deep in the swine filth here.

We have Mitch Herzog, a WEDC board member who is also a WISD Trustee that, in my opinion, allowed the WEDC to bilk nearly 4 acres of property out of WISD by misrepresenting it as 1.5 acres plus/minus.  Evidently he was more beholden to the paycheck he might make from his boss Richard Parker who bought the land which WEDC facilitated because he is the sale rep listed on that property which is for sale now.  Evidently he is not very beholden to WISD who only made $28K on the 4 acres setting on a rather busy and robust 544.

We also have Todd Wintters, a WEDC board member who also happens to be a Councilman that can vote to approve the budget from Council perspective as well as spend the money from a WEDC perspective. Most recently, we have a Mayor Eric Hogue who has turned real estate agent and I can guarantee he will be making money off  his own Council votes dealing with developers, that is unless he intends to only sell homes in some other city. Way suck it off the taxpayers guys.

And we are subjected to all of this fun because Wylie City Councilmembers of yore, originally wrote the ordinance allowing for members on Council to also serve on boards. I would remind readers that Wylie no longer has 2000 citizens; we have well over 43K citizens and certainly enough of a pool to draw from. Every year I hear of fantastic people applying for the Boards and Commissions openings and time and again the Council selects their pals instead, often keeping people in various board seats for nearly a decade if not longer. 

It's time to rewrite the City Charter.  Over and over councilmembers claim they don't have qualified candidates but I believe that is a bunch of bunk.  The fact is people don't bother coming back over the years, and I agree with Councilwoman Culver who said they become disheartened and give up.

I like to think that ultimately I helped remove Ramona Kopchenko from the P&Z Board even if it occurred years later, even if she did not seek her seat again this year.  To be honest, I believe she got so damned sick of Googling her name and seeing it on my Befuddled Wall of Shame. Hey, a little SEO doesn't hurt.

In case you were wondering, the final decision by Council was to keep both Mr. Herzog and Mr. Wintters on the WEDC board. A wise person told me you cannot shame the shameless.  I intend to find out.