Media Magic

It is amazing what placing a few weeks behind President Obama and his trifecta of inept bobbles can do.  Thrill up his leg Chris Matthews was hard pressed to slam his bff through it all. I mean, when you have pledged eternal friendship, how do you actually step outside of some cozy positioning and act like a real reporter. MSNBC has become a haven for fluff 'n stuff for far to long.

Ever since golden boy Obama stepped into the presidential political arena, Mainstream Media has been afflicted by the, "Lookie, something shiny!" syndrome. MSM feigns anger, and then quickly moves on, time and again giving Obama a pass.

As a taxpayer, why would you let Obama ride into the sunset on the IRS scandal alone? The fact that anyone, whether conservative or liberal should be targeted by the IRS thugs should make that tingle up your leg turn into a dribble down it. Talk about scaring the piss out of someone.

Nobody should be targeted by the IRS in such a venomous manner.  Nobody should wash it clean and pat it dry like a baby's bottom in the manner that Jay Carney does. It is beyond time for these gas bags to be banished from Washingtonworld, the land of political make-believe. It is time for Americans to take back their country.

A good place to begin is to sign the petition to dissolve the IRS being promoted by Senator Ted Cruz.