Pro Vagina v Pro Common Sense

What is it with these women telling legislators to get out of their vaginas.  For crying out loud, is there a statement that could make you want to box your ears more? Now all I can envision is the squirrely Governor Rick Perry in his brown, cowhide jacket trying to step in with one of his lizard skin cowboy boots.  Bad visual, I know. Kind of makes you want to stab your eyes out too, doesn't it? This vaginal phrase is precisely what a gang of unruly protesters used as their Chief Buffoon Wendy Davis lead a filibuster of the final Texas Legislature countdown with SB5, the abortion bill, on the table.  At the end of it, the babies lost.

Today the babies were given a second chance at life when Governor Perry called yet another Special Legislative Session and the pro-life bill was resurrected as HB2.  This time they hope to finish the job they were unable to do thanks to the unruly mob, so they may hear the 3 remaining bills.  Let's hope the vote that was taken after the session ended is repeated and these innocent babies will win this time.

What is the big deal about all this?  The Pro-Choice orange t-shirted mob of Planned Parenthood ilk would have you think this bill was Roe v Wade all over again, and that a decision in the affirmative would kill their right to have abortions.  These women are seriously misguided, bless their little hearts, even bordering on committing infanticide. 

What these baby killers really want is the right to end the life of a baby no matter how old it is, yet in reality the bill merely limits their ability to have an abortion after 20 weeks. Their insistence to get out of their uteruses just plain borders on psychosis.

Even if you are Pro-Choice, why would you not accept some limitations on the timeframe? Pretty soon these libtards will get approval to kill a baby while the mother is in labor because the thing hasn't quite crowned yet. When does common sense end and insanity begin?

As a Pro-Lifer, I cannot see what all the fuss is about.  We certainly know abortions will not be outlawed, so what is so wrong with limiting them?  Honestly, if you cannot figure out you are preggers by 20 weeks,, then you've got some bigger fish to fry than that baby in your tummy.  People joke that it is difficult for women to make up their minds and they reserve the right to change them, but 20 weeks?  That's pushing the envelope to say the least.

If a woman cannot make up her mind within 20 weeks whether she wants an abortion or not, then perhaps she needs to think about sterilization, because I am wondering not only if she would be fit as a mother, but also as a human being at that point. I don't know about you but I want as few of those half-wits running around and adding to the gene pool as possible.