Smoke Signals

Another day, another Obama controversy. Honestly, if I had known how entertaining this president's 2nd term would be, I might have voted for him. Naw, scratch that. I am a good judge of character and I saw right through his sugary and sickeningly innocent "hope and change" act. Seriously, this president has got to be sending up smoke signals by now, asking for the natives to come help.

This administration is unbelievable and what I fail to comprehend is that Obama and his minions have had time, energy, and our taxpayer dollars to amass so much data on his political enemies as well as NSA collateralized American Citizens, that surely somewhere in that data they could have found the chatter from two Chechnyan terrorists plotting to blow up little children and their parents? Obama does have his priorities.

When you open up Webster's dictionary and locate "overreach", Obama is the poster-boy.  In fact, today Obama has brought a whole new meaning to the, "can you hear me now" marketing ploy and I would bet Verizon is horrified they being made the butt of so many jokes.

I don't know what's more embarrassing for Obama: getting caught targeting his enemies by way of IRS thuggery, or targeting massive amounts of innocent American Citizens and their email and phone records.

I am certain that my name exists somewhere on someone's list in DC.  I only hope that when they listened in to my calls, they not only needed a cold shower, but they felt eerily compelled to smoke a cigarette afterwards.