A Slippery Slope

I know I shouldn’t be amazed by some of the snitty-faced little girls that work within the City of Wylie. One might swear it was junior high school all over again. News spreads like wildfire between the WEDC, the NTMWD, the Chamber of Commerce, and the City employees and catty-assed gossip ensues. Seriously, do these people not have anything more important in their lives? Guess not.

For instance, you would think they would be more concerned about the power play taking place within the City Council.  Mayor Eric Hogue’s power has been usurped and he is paddling like a fiend behind the gang of 3 newbies, Councilmen Nathan Scott, Todd Wintters, and Keith Stephens and their little playmate follower Councilman Rick White. The tight foursome decided to appoint greenling Nathan Scott to the Mayor Pro Tem post.  Now if you knew Mr. Scott then you would know from his behavior on Council this past year that he is one of those perennial foot-in-mouth kind of guys. In his very first meeting as a Councilman last year a Point of Order was called against one of his blundering, babbling statements.  He would later become well known and well made fun of in Wylie for his babbling.

I didn’t know it was possible to have a larger media ho than Mayor Eric Hogue, but Nathan Scott takes the cake.  I believe he has uttered the words, “I’m Mayor Pro Tem” more than any of his Mayor Pro Tem predecessors combined.  Ok, so we get it, stop beating yourself on the back because it’s really unbecoming.

At the last P&Z meeting, our Mayor Pro Tem attended because of the much hated Wal-Mart planned for McCreary and McMillen roads.  The West side of town people have been riled up by the likes of Gilbert Tamez (4 time Council loser) because they have the ‘not in my neighborhood’ mentality. These are the same people that so viciously attacked others previously when the Humane Society came nosing around on the East side of town looking for a place to put their pound.  And they say the division within Wylie doesn’t exist.  Right.

At that meeting Nathan Scott publicly accused someone of being on the take.  Wow, and people thought I was vile. Now the City of Wylie has been opened up for a teensy bit of litigation over that one.  And the people in Wylie voted this arrested wife-beater in cuz why? And Todd Wintters and Keith Stephens voted this babbling brook of nonsense as Mayor Pro Tem cuz why? Oh yes, because they needed a stooge that would be clueless as to the goings on at the WEDC but willing to advance their cause by stepping his red, size 22, Bozo the Clown shoe into the mix. Could they have picked a better patsy?

All the West siders in Wylie have been sufficiently riled and frankly I have no idea why.  Had they done their homework when they moved to their neighborhoods, they would have found out that little piece of Wallyworld land was zoned many, many moons ago.  Did they really not check the zoning around them when they plunked the money down?  Wal-Mart has followed all the codes and has every right to put their store in and sadly, cockamamie nonsense is just going to piss them off.

If I were Wal-Mart and those wicked Wylie City folk were attempting to jack with me when I have every right to go about my business, I would lawyer up so fast it would make the hair fly off their faces.  Perhaps they had better think long and hard on such a warning before they mistakenly believe they are sitting in such high places as to attempt to jack with people or companies.  My understanding is that the City of Wylie is in no position to deal with any lawsuits. 

The Council has clearly changed hands.  It sort of makes me wistful for the old Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth whose antics were at least slightly more entertaining and a tad easier to fix.   Will Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Scott be the undoing of the City of Wylie? Only time will tell but it appears the City is standing at the edge of a very slippery slope.