Code Blues

I have something to say to all the Wylie folk out there calling for the resignation of Councilman Bennie Jones from Wylie City Council. We have no Code of Conduct. Hello? Have you people not heard what I've been saying all these  years? There is nothing in place that requires a specific morality or a reasonable tribunal to determine such effect. We should all be singing the Code Blues. 

What we have is a code of conduct article written with Mayor Eric Hogue which places him at the head of any proceedings that might take place, should the thing pass.  How moronic is that? Citizens of Wylie may as well complain to a mute. What we have is an article that will  never get passed because those sitting on council right now have much to fear from its passing.

I think I'm most angry about the calls, texts, and emails because the race card has been pulled.  You would not believe how many people contacted me saying nothing will be done in Wylie because he's black.  That just made me sick. I'm so sick to death of people whining about racism but yet behaving in the same damn manner.  All we need do is look to those Trayvon Martin marchers and rioters. People screaming that justice was not done because a white man walked.  There is absolutely no logic being applied with that statement. First Zimmerman was not white, he was Hispanic. Second, the evidence did not rule out reasonable doubt. That's it.  That's the case. Black people can scream, whine, tap their feet, and beat their chests in despair all they want but a reasonable doubt existed and there was absolutely no proof of any racism other than by those casting stones. My conclusion is that people are just plain stupid.

Bennie keeping his job wasn't wrong because his punishment more than fit the infraction. He screwed up. He made a mistake in 2008 by making a recommendation. He wasn't investigated until 2013. He was punished for it, and people here in Wylie still want his head on a platter just like we wanted Nathan Scott's because he was arrested for beating up his wife.  Applying the same principle, Scott paid his dues. The difference is, one offense was arrest-able and one was not. A code of conduct would define that better for us, that is if our council wasn't a bunch of pussies.

I have a swift and severe piece of news for you: unless a code of conduct is put in place in Wylie, we will continue to get leaders with a laundry list of issues. As long as there is no standard to live up to and no consequence, we will have wife beaters run for office and win. A code would be a good deterrent and a starting place for removing moral turpitude as it occurs, such as with Councilman Nathan Scott accusing a citizen/employee of Wylie of being on the take in the new Wal-Mart planned for the west side of town.  He set the city up for some serious litigation should that employee or Wal-Mart wish to sue.

Another way to handle moral turpitude is term limits. Without it you will have wife beaters, gossips, adulterers, alcoholics, and all sundry of derelicts. Without it, you will have council members polling, texting during meetings, and refusing to turn over their phone records. Without it you will have mismanagement of your city and no way to remove the idiotards.

Bennie Jones can remain on Wylie City Council because we have no code of conduct in place and because we applied the same principle to John Mondy, Merrill Young, Nathan Scott, and Todd Wintters.  In fact, we even have Sam Satterwhite, a city employee who was arrested for a DUI, running the WEDC. Jones is not remaining because he's black, and as a nation we have got to get over this or we will not survive.

We have no code of conduct in place in order to bring our grievances forward in Wylie and it seems that those in power like it that way.  You can't remove an elected official unless you have a recall, but you can absolutely use the code of conduct to place enough pressure on them to make the right decisions.  Except, you need people who get off their duffs and we do not seem to have an abundance of that in Wylie.

What we have is a bunch of apathetic younger registered voters who don't exercise their right to vote and we have a ton of old fogies who are neither internet savvy or open to change who vote in the same scum-type derelicts without any compunction whatsoever. These geezers keep voting for the same scum too, because they can and they know it.  Oh, and they smugly sit there during the meetings, smiling their stupid smiles. When a reasonable sample of citizens vote, it keeps one group from getting the upper hand but unfortunately Wylie has one of the worst voting records.

If you want to complain about something in Wylie, complain that there is no code of conduct not only for our city officials, but for citizens to ensure that when scum makes it in, they don't stay long. Oh and show up at the meetings and educate yourself and vote. It's not rocket science, but your council would have you think a code of conduct is.