Star of the Show

I met with Tea Party Darling Katrina Pierson last week.  She told us a story about her last appearance on Sean Hannity's Black Conservative show. During the show Katrina stopped the false rhetoric that Texas is run strictly by conservatives by pointing out that Governor Rick Perry has refused to pass School Choice. After the show Star Parker cornered her and was very angry. She asked what right Katrina had to badmouth Republicans. The point is she feels we have no right to be badmouthing Republicans so long as the Democrats are in the White House.

Clearly false ideas about the Tea Party are being perpetuated by the media. The Tea Party did not form so that they can give the Grand Old Party an extra little lift and plus. The Tea Party formed in spite of the GOP. We are against the go along to get along mentality because that attitude is what has gotten the Republicans in the dismal shape they are in.

The Tea Party formed not because there was a black man in the White House as the hateful  demagogues perpetuating racism would have you think. It formed because the Republican Party failed its people miserably. The old establishment Republicans have been sitting fat and happy in the White House, supported by a lot of rich old white men, and the lure of money and power has clearly gone to their heads. This is why they propped up the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney for the last two presidential races.  Tea Partiers were not in support of these sad GOP caricatures.  We did not want them but the media did their best to drown our message out to the imbecilic who refuse to educate themselves.

The Democrats have been exceedingly successful in exploiting the rift within the Republican Party. They have focused on the nonsense and antics of the old dog Republicans and have also focused on the nut jobs that always ride the coattails of groups such as the Tea Party. These nut jobs exist for the Democrats as well such as the pot smoking Occupy weirdos and the extreme racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who routinely call for blacks to riot over any black and white conflicts. I guess they have also lumped Hispanics with whites now.

In desperation, the media doesn't want citizens to understand that the Tea Party's very existence is to rid the GOP of the types of politicians that the Democrats dislike as well. The Tea Party no more wants the likes of Jeb Bush or Rick Perry to run for president in 2016 any more than the Democrats do yet the media would like you to believe we are in some sort of lust with these people. We want these people and their deep pocketed, old dog supporters like Harold Simmons gone from the political landscape. We want new blood in DC with people who actually represent citizens rather than the blow hard Barack Obama who only supports himself. 

The road has been long and hard thanks to the ignorance of  liberals glued to their MSNBC favorite Chris Matthews and his inane babblings. It saddens me to see some of my friends woefully led astray by garbage the liberal media hoists at them on a daily basis. These friends reside in la la land as they focus on the environment and freebies promised by their beloved liar Obama. The Democrats, fortunately for them, have attracted the stupid and uneducated, of which there are many.

The latest lies making the rounds are those against Tea Party conservatives. The media did their best to slaughter Sarah Palin, who to her own demise saw the money to be had as a media ho more important than the actual message. They are currently hating on Texas Senator Ted Cruz because of his no-nonsense talk and the fact he will not back down. He does not try to placate anyone, but he is not in DC to placate or go along to get along. He is there to do the job Tea Partiers asked him to do. He is there to bring conservative, constitutional order back to the Republican Party, so the old dog GOP in DC vehemently dislike him.

The Tea Party is not in existence to help propel the Romneys and Ron Pauls of the world into the Oval Office. We are there to instill common sense back into politics. Suffice to say, Katrina Pierrson set Ms. Parker straight.