The Truth About Islam

The holy war wages on. 

Recently the TSA has issued a notice to their employees to be especially mindful of Muslims traveling during Ramadan. Now we must be politically correct so as to worry about not offending Muslims as they wash their privates in the airport bathrooms before they lay down the rug and bow and scrape. Why do we give a crap about this stuff especially when one could find men in drag in the ladies bathroom at a Boy George concert in 1980s California. I mean, what's one Muslim with his leg hoisted up on the bathroom counter and hovering over the sink? Remind me, we bend over backwards for Muslims because why?

I want to know, since when did we need to become so hyper sensitive to the needs of others, particularly Muslims?  We didn't do this for the blacks after the civil rights movement of the 60s.  Hells, they were left to fend for themselves as we kicked, screamed, and carried on over affirmative action. Nobody bent over backwards to make them feel at home. People still did their damndest to move away and self segregate. And we do that with the Hispanics currently.  It's now like a black and white against them. A quick drive through East Plano passes you by them.  They don't want to live near us any more than we want them to.  There is no red carpet rolled out for Hispanics. We feel sorry for them and hold our freebie health clinics and little back to school freebie school supply events annually, then pat them on the head and send them on their way. We are as guilty of perpetuating their lifestyle as they are.  

I would be willing to bet this special kowtowing to Muslims isn't really about acceptance of their culture.  I'm guessing we could care less about the head wraps and burqas.  I would be willing to bet it is more about the violence that is Islam.  At every turn of the Koran chapters, there is some call to violence or hatred and our niceness is more about self protectionism than it is about wiping away potential persecution.

I mean, we are Americans, we don't give a crap about persecution. We persecute everyone, including our neighbors and relatives.  I have never met anyone on this earth yet that hasn't had something negative to say about a neighbor or family member. Ever.  It just is, so we need to get over ourselves.

You know how much nasty crap has been said about me? It's said about that fat lady walking through Wal-Mart, it's said about that guy with the lazy eye.  It's said about that house in everyone's neighborhood where they don't mow the lawn as often as everyone would like. To think that people are not complaining about others who have resisted assimilation into how others believe they should be is just plain ridiculous.

All other nations except Islamists have come here and as they walk around the streets, you would be hard pressed to determine what country they came from, other than by color.  The point is, our ancestors came here and gave up their national identities to form ONE identity, as a US citizen.  They didn't come here wearing their freaking wooden clogs.  Yet the Islams come here and everywhere you look they are walking down the street in their flowing robes and head wraps.  I saw a woman in a full burqa shopping at our Kohls in Wylie. Seriously. 

These people no more want to become Americans than a toad does. With them come their laws as well. We can look the other way of the head wraps and turbans, but not their laws which are beginning to infiltrate our own Constitution. So which should be held up for an Islamic couple seeking a divorce: US law or Sharia law? They are so fundamentally polar, there is no way to combine them, so why are politicians and courts attempting to do so?

At no other time in US history has a group of people had their asses kissed more fervently than the Muslims. Not the natives, not the blacks, not the Jews. Not even the Hispanics. Why then? I believe it all comes back down to that whole violence thing.  Who wants to tangle with the possibility of a  jihadist? So are we right in thinking Islam is a violent religion? Is it even a religion at all? There is no way to erase the fear felt when we spot 2 young male Muslims walking through a crowd with backpacks on.  They have done  the segregating of themselves quite willingly.

I found a revealing video series on Islam which I believe everyone should view. In the video, the woman covers the fallacies of Islam as a religion. To be honest, I never gave Islam much thought or scrutiny, that is until I started hearing the intolerant ranting, “Allahu Akbar”.   The more I have studied, the more I maintain that Islam is not a religion, but rather an intolerant totalitarian system where men are men and everything else is merely an impediment in their way or a tool for their use. There is no peaceful language in the Koran unless you are a Muslim man. Gee there is nothing more peaceful than hearing their call to prayer and seeing hundreds of them sprawled on the floor, bowing. Then there is the other side of that.

Islamic sexuality: a survey of evil

As I watched this video it was very painful.  A lot of the things she says goes against our American desire for freedom.  I desire freedom from hate speech and what she says is very hateful but then there are the facts staring at us.  It was difficult to believe what she was selling so I paused it routinely and Googled along the way. I took note of varied sites both Christian and Muslim, that corroborate her assertions.  Islam is a political system with an agenda  preying on peope’s desire to believe in a higher power.

If you don’t believe there is a war being held on US soil, then you are one of many living with your head buried in the desert sand. Cities all over the US are caving to Sharia Law demands.  I read an article some years back that  Houston had its own Muslim tribunal where family law is ruled applying Sharia Law. I cannot locate that article, conveniently it seems to be wiped from the Internet, but there are other articles showing how this is happening all over the Socialist countries.  Of course they would fall first because they pride themselves on being more accepting, even if it upends their sovereignty.  How can this happen on US soil, you ask? Because there are legislators who don’t care about undermining the Constitutional principles, they pretend the US Constitution is being upheld, but it is clearly not for Islamic women. Don't think for one minute that men of Sharia law intend to let their discriminatory practices against women and infidels die naturally in the US.  They are opening clinics like this one.

It used to be hip to be a Jew as products bore that kosher seal of approval. Evidently it's now hip to be Islamic, even KFC has jumped on the halal train. Yet have the executives at KFC really given any thought to the militant control of women and children under Sharia Law? Ya, KFCs support of this is just so cute, isn't it?

What concerns me the most about Islam is the sexual perversions. They can claim all they want that it is a fallacy but that is a lie. Female genial mutilation which most of us have already heard about is very standard but we prefer not to focus on it because it is just too painful to think about.  So too the sexual perversions with children exist, with their Bacha Bazi, and essentially child rape gauged by the man's determination that his child 'bride' can bear his weight or not as the test for whether he should penetrate her or not. Now this is not to say that the Muslims that have come to America believe in this crap, but if not, why hold strong to your culture and fight for your own laws to take precedence over US laws? If you watch nothing else of this video, watch the 3rd video in my link. Just the female genital mutilation photos should be enough for you. Why are Americans not outraged? This is some seriously sick shit folks.

I don't want to believe that these things are true about Islam.  I could not find much on the bestiality claims except for the Ayatollah Khomeini and it is disputed whether his Fatwas were legal or not.  Despite that claim, how can you deny the other examples with children and women when there are so many videos, images, and testimonies that corroborate it?  Why then are we allowing their laws on American soil? 

This woman is right.  It IS us or them and the fight is coming.  It is a fight between good and evil and NOT a fight between Democrat and Republican.  Our borders are wide open and Middle Easterners have illegally entered the US.  You have to understand the mentality of these people to understand that they have no problem waiting us out.  The phrase 'sleeper cell' absolutely must be believed in.

After what I have learned recently about Islam.  The very next book I intend to read is the Koran. I want to see for myself what will come to pass as Christians in this country continue their complacent politically correct behavior with regard to Muslims.