I spent the evening with the New Yorkers. We had a fantastic time eating, talking, and just plain enjoying the fact that my husband's family is together finally.  Of course it doesn't hurt that he is a chef either.  Seriously, where can you go and get a crown pork roast smoked to the tenderness of sliced butter, a fennel slaw, new potatoes with fresh dill, and coffee unlike any I've ever been able to drip out of my Cuisinart? 

When the feast was over, I was summoned to the media room, and you know, sometimes  you just have to do it.  You just have to pop in the old wedding video.

My brother and sister in-law got married in 1987 at the height of big hair event, and let me tell you there was an abundance in attendance at their wedding. We were hypnotized by my husband's near fro. We laughed at the women in mullets, and the women with permed and teased hair that seemed to move independently of their bodies as they danced.  We were hypnotized by my father-in-law's really bad comb-over.  I mean, that's what men going bald did back in the day.  The problem is, it didn't hide the fact you were going bald. Hello?

The mint blue leisure suits were entertaining, the dancing was entertaining.  The poufy bridesmaid dresses were entertaining.  The strappy sandals with short box heels were entertaining. In fact, watching my husband at age 20, so gangly, and awkward, giving the toast was even entertaining.  Even today he skulked away, wanting to crawl somewhere and lick his wounds. How awkward he was in that white tux and pink bow tie. Yet my ruddy faced husband raised his glass and gave what I felt was a stoic and honorable toast. More important, my tall lanky son got to see that he looks just like his dad did at that age.

I wasn't there on that day.  In fact I did not know my husband and his wonderful family as I was still living in California at that time.  I was a wee lass myself then at 22.  My sons watched in awe as they saw the young version of their father and I'm convinced all children need to do this. It is important for them to see that we too were once awkward in our own skin.

It was very important that the grandchildren got to see their great grandparents they never met and the aunts and uncles that live in New York still.  Watching the young couple celebrate their love with each other, knowing they are still together and happy in their new cozy home with their young children brought laughter and awe to all of us.  Oh and most important, they got to see that their grandma had some serious moves like Mick Jagger.