Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The players in this dirty little game, in my opinion, can be described as the following: a man who made some mistakes over 20 years ago, but learned from them and has made a name for himself in his adult years as one caring about the youth and citizens of the City of Wylie, a chubby-chunker journalist whose cheeks I just want to pinch until they turn red and sting a little, and what appears to be a creepy-ass cracka with a personal vendetta.

In this sordid tale, a pudgy-faced lily-white kid, Rudolph Bush of the Dallas Morning News, has written articles about molasses-brown Bennie Jones. It’s pretty evident that this young punk wants to make a name for himself by tossing Jones under the bus. I would like to think Bush lost all confidence and trust from anyone working at Dallas City Hall after today’s article.  Seems Rudy Bush is the kiss of death.

He started his King of the Mountain climb first in an article stating Jones ‘steered contracts to his son’s company’ where  all of those statements are simply hyperbole as I pointed out in a previous blog post. Then Bush nailed the coffin shut in his article published today where he allows a curmudgeony and verbally flatulent Wylie citizen to sound off, whereby Bush digs into Jones’ personnel records and slam dunks the crown of thorns. 

Was Bennie wrong to recommend his son’s business to his City bosses? Yes. He paid for that with a $30K annual pay cut. Was he wrong to check the boxes on the City application that he did not have any misdemeanors or probation in his past? Yes. However I could see how that could easily be overlooked since I have NEVER in my 40+ years of life filled out a job application that asked about anything other than felonies. The fact that they ask for misdemeanors is ludicrous. The hard truth is that had Jones checked the boxes and explained what happened, they would have hired him anyway.  I mean, just how scrupulous are these people when they have had to mitigate their own serious past scandals? They aren’t exactly a symbol of scrupulousity.

The City of Wylie doesn’t ask for misdemeanors on their council application. Had they I would bet half of those sitting on council in recent years would not have qualified. Whether they actually pass a code of conduct or not still does not address the election of anyone with misdemeanors. In this case it is caveat emptor and the stupid voters who elect people without looking into their backgrounds (or reading the ramblings of one savvy blogger) are the ones who need to be blamed.

The fact that the City of Dallas asks for misdemeanor disclosure is dumb, really dumb, especially for a City that allows the likes of  the vulgar, slimy-haired, foul-mouth John Wiley-Price to sit as County Commissioner. In my opinion if the City of Dallas can accept to their bosom such a turd as that, why the big fuss about Bennie Jones? I would bet if they pulled the applications for all of their employees and did an audit applying this loosely defined term called ‘moral turpitude’, they would need to fire at least 1/3 of their employees.

In my opinion, someone has it out for Mr. Jones.  To add to this dilemma, Dallas Morning News journalist Rudy Bush has such a hankering to conjure up the story of the year, perhaps in hopes to replace the face of Boston Bomber Tsnaraev’s face on the cover of Rolling Stone with his own, that he amped the rhetoric to new heights. Finally Wylie’s own Dennis Keck named in Bush’s article decided to jump on Bush’s dirt-digging, hyperbolic coattails and take him out for a dirt-dishing spin.

The resulting dust devil can be described like this:  Imagine the story unfold for the bright-eyed Bush as he listened intently to a rather overly obsessive Dennis Keck pour out sordid details about Bennie’s personal life all the way back to 1990s.  As I see it, the way Mr. Keck has invaded Bennie Jones’ personal life and younger years is downright creepy to say the least, and the way Rudy Bush continued that excavation was also creepy. Who needs the NSA?

Let’s examine the offenses of Keck’s ‘moral turpitude’ claim against Bennie Jones:
Hot check – occurred in 1990 when Bennie was the ripe old age of 23.
Reckless Condition – occurred in 1992 when Bennie was at the ripe old age of 25.
Hot check – occurred in 1996  when Bennie was the ripe old age of 27.

That’s it?  That’s the sordid turpitude screw he’s putting to Jones?  This is the news that is so morally infractious? Oh hells to the no.  I’m glad Mr. Keck didn’t investigate my 20s.  I’ll admit it, I was a wild child. I had a Mohawk, I dyed it red, orange, blue, green, black, and even multi-colored when the mood struck. I experimented. A lot. My motto was ‘try everything at least once’. Then I grew up. Thankfully I wasn’t stupid enough to do anything involving the law, well there was that time I had to call the po po because my friends smashed my neighbor’s face through the glass garage door window after he crashed my party and started causing trouble.   I still have that wild streak but it’s considerably tamer now. My father’s own stories could make your toes curl.  Really.  Gee, should we be ostracized for moral turpidity?  Guess we all should then, except my mother. Now she was a good girl.

The best thing I ever did was marry my current husband, a sheer demi-God to put up with me, and have my two wonderful sons who have the absolute best of the both of us in their genes.  You see, people grow up; they change and they are no longer the person they were. Bennie Jones can certainly be accused of being a dumb-ass, in fact I’ll be happy to give him the Befuddled Clown Award, but moral turpitude? That’s about as definitive as calling someone morally ambiguous. Leaves a lot of grey area to traverse.

So Keck thinks Jones is a man of ‘moral turpitude’. Oh pshaw.  He should have joined me on my stints to the punk bars and gay bars back in early 80s Detroit.  Hons, we didn’t hang out on 8 Mile, we hung out on 6 Mile where 2 miles is the difference between life and death. 

Jones was a flipping snot-nosed kid back then but weren’t we all?  If someone beat up my sister do you think I wouldn’t go ‘deal with it’? I saw some guy beating up his girlfriend in a parking garage and I chased his ass down the ramps…and this for a complete stranger.  Who reading this blog post can say they never bounced a check? Bully for you if you can avow to that virtuous feat.  Personally, there is a reason my husband and I don’t share checking accounts because it’s all too easy to have two people write checks for groceries the same day and bounce one. The point is that you learn from these brain farts and you don’t make these mistakes again.  These events don’t define us unless we keep doing them again and again.   Bennie has not had any issues as an adult.  There are no arrests.  Recommending his son’s company and filling out his application incorrectly were not misdemeanors. As for moral turpitude as being applied through Mr. Keck’s loose definition, I would have to call your attention to Mr. Keck’s recent record with the Collin County court system.

A quick check of Collin County Court Records shows he had a little problem paying his own credit cards in 2011, having been sued by American Express and Citibank a judgment for $2,154.62  which does not show as paid currently according to the court records so if it has been he needs to contact the County Clerk post haste.

Evidently Keck has no trouble casting the first stone even though his own financial foibles were considerably larger than Bennie Jones’ $220 in hot checks. Applying the same moral turpitude concept, having to be sued by credit card companies could also be a fireable offense, even if one claims it wasn’t their fault.  Jones claims those checks were stolen by his sister-in-law. So does Keck get a pass for suits brought against him? If so, doesn’t Mr. Jones too?

And for you naysayers claiming we did the same thing as Dennis Keck is doing by airing Nathan Scott’s history, please remember that he didn’t write hot checks, rather he beat up his wife ‘striking her in the face and head with is hand’, an offense that is absolutely inexcusable and on this point I am in complete disagreement with the law; it should be a felony in my opinion. Just ask any woman who has had a man raise a hand to her. It’s not like Mr. Jones beat up his wife in 2008 like Nathan Scott did when he was old enough to know better….and had 2 little ones at home watching.

Frankly, Dennis Keck has been beating the Bennie drum for quite a while.  He addressed the Wylie City Council at the December 11, 2012 meeting  and you can listen to the MP3 In the meeting he announces that he has conducted his own personal investigation of a council member, obviously we know who that is now. You know, it’s one thing to want something better for the city, but yet altogether another to hold intent to smear someone. At the end of his comments he admits, “Mine was personal.” to the council. This speaks louder than any rock concert speaker setup I ever saw.

When he got no satisfaction from Wylie City Council, he sent me an email to my blogger email address:

----- Original Message -----

From: Dennis/xxxxx Keck

Sent: 03/05/13 09:16 AM

To: TXun1991 @ gmx.com

Subject: Code of Conduct for City Council Apps.

I had a chance to meet one of our city’s finest Council members as an HOA  board member where I live. His personal attacks and comments about the way the rules needed to be, and plane lies he told caused me to investigate him. It was discovered he had been convicted of moral turpitude in Dallas  several times.

A new law that was passed by the State conserving HOA board members, stated convictions of moral turpitude was added, he was removed. I further learned that the City in there application for Council members only asks about Felony's not moral crimes (theft).

Not getting the ear from Mayor I took my concerns to the City Council meeting. I was advised He was voted into office but the city was rewriting the code of Conduct.

I learned last week from a person who is now running for office the application still only address Felony’s.

Why is City asking for more information about city workers past than they do City Leaders ? I can only guess it is OK with them to have Leaders with less corrector.

Could it also be if it was rewritten half the Council would have to go ?

Thanks for your time,

Dennis Keck

When I questioned Mr. Keck, asking if they could supply proof of moral turpidity, his wife wrote this:

----- Original Message -----

From: Dennis/xxxxx Keck

Sent: 03/08/13 02:47 PM

To: TXunz Inthehouse

Subject: Re: Code of Conduct for City Council Apps.

I am replying for Dennis (my husband) but I am sure he will also respond to this email.  This criminal record is for him NOT his son.  And yes, we have proof.  That is the reason he was kicked off of our HOA Board.  According to the rules from the State of Texas for HOAs no one who has been convicted of moral turpitude can serve on an HOA Board and he was (according to the law) immediately removed and can never serve again.  We had to prove it was him, which we did.  Question is – why? does the city council not care if there are people serving (especially handling such large amounts of taxpayer’s money) who have been convicted of moral turpitude.  All it would take is 3 words in the notarial part of the application after swearing that they have never  been convicted of a felony --  “or moral turpitude”.

xxxxx Keck

I asked these people for the proof but they never sent me any, they just told me, “We have it.” Then I called Mr. Keck and he ranted on.  I told him I was uninterested in blogging about people’s personal business and I put him on perma-ignore after that.

What the keck is moral turpitude anyway? Such a wholly insufficient and subjective term. Is it taking a pen and a pad of Post-It Notes from work? Is it shaving your head into a Mohawk? Is it getting a speeding ticket? Is it not paying your credit card bills? Is it bouncing checks and being so piss poor you can’t cover them at that very moment? Is it beating up your wife? Is it attacking someone 20 years after the fact and hoping they will lose their job?

When the dust settled today, Bennie Jones was forced to resign from his position with the City of Dallas. I would like to hope that Keck is not creaming his jeans over this little tidbit of news. Or is he? Is he reveling in what a mighty proud moment it is? Will he actually go to bed with his arms crossed over his chest and a smug little look on his face tonight? Or does he reflect upon the fact that he is solely responsible for having Bennie Jones removed from the Cascades HOA, his reputation smeared by the Dallas Morning News chump reporter, and his job taken away from him?

What was done to Bennie Jones is inexcusable and in my opinion these people crossed the line.  My only solace at the moment is in knowing that karma has a way helping people reap what they sow and in the end, their maker will decide if they had malice in their hearts or not.