Getting Stupid

A friend of mine made the observation recently that politicians, “get stupid.” I’ve pondered this over and over again, flipping it around in my mind, adding visualizations, even a few colorful names, and came back to her words again. She’s right, they do get stupid.

Our politicians are elected into their seats, whether they be the lowly city council on up through the almighty presidency. Then suddenly something happens and they lose sight of why they were elected and how their actions affect their communities, their counties, their states, and the country as a whole.  Ultimately they lose sight of what is right.

Soon these people fall into lies, irresponsibility, and a oneness only with themselves. They become painfully fake. They smile and act like they are listening but people can see right through that and see their eyes gloss over as they pretend to listen. In reality they are formulating some speech in their head that will accomplish their talking points and shut the citizen up, or at least placate them. I see that in our superintendent. I saw that in Governor Rick Perry. I see that in Nathan Scott. I see it in our Mayor Eric Hogue. Their mental formulation becomes far more important than our message, and they stop listening.

It seems our city council did not want anyone to hear the real story on Nathan Scott.  They had hoped his mug shot would not be distributed, most particularly not to Wylie’s snarky blogger.  They had hoped to do damage control prior to the citizens finding out. What citizens got was a watered down news article which called Nathan Scott’s tickets ‘minor traffic violations’ or some sad similar statement. The fact is, their article did not address his past arrest for beating up his wife, nor did it address his judgment for non-payment of child support or the evictions or other tickets. It was watered down at best, though still effective in angering citizens. The painful truth here is had that arrest screenshot not been forwarded to me by Councilman Jones, whom I can only think did it to perhaps take the heat off of himself, I might not have gotten the word out before the Wylie News published their vanilla article.

Then again, I was contacted through my blog email address by someone else so I cannot say that Jones can take all the credit for informing me, however the real point here is that council had hoped to mitigate the news and downplay it.

To his fault, Bennie Jones might have clicked along happily had it not been for the accusations of a disgruntled Wylie citizen that forced a nosy reporter to pull his employment records. Had that not taken place, we would not have found out that Bennie Jones lied on his employment application, and yes, he paid the price and was forced to resign. To his credit, he took his punishment like a man which is more than I can say for Nathan Scott who paid his way out of jail and was able to keep his job and continue to sit on council. He paid his fine so he could get back to work as the article said.

I am dismayed at all of this stupidity and what I have been saying for years is true; the crap rolls uphill and we continue to promote these people to higher and higher positions of authority and soon, we have a derelict President of the United States that slept through Benghazi and played golf for every other incident that has occurred.

The sad part is that citizens are left with the fallout as we continue to bail these people out of their mistakes, perhaps because we got stupid right along with them.