Next In Line

When the dust settled, the Wylie City Council did the predictable. They selected Councilman Rick White as Mayor Pro Tem.

To be honest, I understand why they selected him.  He has been on council the longest and he certainly hasn't been stupid enough to do any of the nonsense that has made Wylie famous of recent times.  The sad thing is he was routinely passed over during past selections because of his speech impediment, which will surely make his standing in for Mayor quite painful to watch, as well as listen to.

My guess is Mayor Eric Hogue will do his level best to attend every function between now and next May when a new Mayor Pro Tem will be selected. I will take bets now that it will be either Wintters or Stephens because hells, Nathan Scott only had 1 year under his belt before they felt it was appropriate to hand pick him for the job. Ass clowns.

That said, I can only guess what took place during the executive session.  The likes of Councilman Keith Stephens and Todd Wintters would rather like to die than support Diane Culver for Mayor Pro Tem.  Then again, Culver has that Tennessee twang that makes her sound a bit harsh.  She has done a good job overall, except for not getting the Code of Conduct thing passed as she ran on that. (Sorry had to get my dig in).

I am disgusted that Nathan Scott is still a member of the Wylie City Council. The man can't be trusted to pay his car insurance, child support, or traffic tickets, I don't know how he can be trusted to use sound judgment as a fiduciary purveyor of sound tax votes.  But hey, someone voted him in. Thankfully I wasn't one of them.

All in all, I am happy they selected Rick White because he has been one of the mainstays on council that has not caused Mayor or the citizens of Wylie an overly bad case of intestinal distress.