Ode to Toots

Ya toots, I saw you  looking at your daughter today while we were both at the doctor's office.  You knew full well who I was....that dreaded blogger. No worries.  I'm used to getting looks around town.  It helps me have empathy for people like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, even our local State Representative Jodie Laubenberg, and the rather outspoken Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity.  I fully understand the looks they get and whispers they endure because they are outspoken conservatives fighting for your rights every day. For every one of you, with your shifty, sneaky eyes and faces, and for every one of you gossipy snits, I get others who are ecstatic that someone has enough collective balls to tell the truth.

Your rolling eyes and smirk only hurt you and your child as you continue down the path of least resistance along with the other sheeple. One day you will wake up and find out this country is no longer what you thought it was because it's just so much easier to go along to get along than it is to take a stand and expect excellence from our leaders. All of them.

Unfortunately you reap what you sow, and you are now bearing the brunt of it with derelict leaders not only nationally, but locally in our teensy town as well.  May you one day realize the truth from me and others like me may hurt, but lying to yourself hurts worse.