Painting the Donkey

You can all thank me now for shaming the Wylie News into publishing a real article today on Wylie Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Scott.  Had it not been for the Councilman Bennie Jones article paving the way, and how discriminatory it made them look because their publishing history dictated they would not have published an article on Scott's misadventures with the law, the citizens of Wylie would still be blissfully ignorant of this man they voted in.  Alas, some truth is finally revealed by the very entity that should have been revealing it all along.

Rather, I had to take up the task of revealing Nathan Scott's past record in my blog, to which the Wylie News still did not report in their article today. The fact is, I sent the Wylie News all the documents they needed on Nathan Scott during his campaign,.  My savvy readers remember those documents well.  Indeed they are the ones showing where he was arrested for beating up his wife, and the ones showing where he had to be sued to prove paternity for his oldest child. You remember that child, the one whose existence he did not want to acknowledge until there was a public outcry and he finally had to own up to him through his wife writing a letter to the editor. Well then there's that.

Oh but let us not forget the document where he had to be sued to pay his court ordered child support. Or the documents showing he job hopped every time the court caught up with his most recent job du jour, undoubtedly hopping to evade having his wages garnished for said child support.  Oh, and let us not forget his eviction suits and a few sundry of recent tickets for failure to provide insurance on his vehicle. Yup, he's a beacon of responsibility isn't he?

Indeed I provided the Wylie News with links to everything and asked them to publish an article so that voters would be informed of what they were getting prior to election day.  They refused to publish anything or even acknowledge my submission of these documents, and in their dereliction of duty, this POS was elected.

I cannot solely blame the Wylie News however. The old folks clique and the good ole' boy club of Wylie definitely played their part in electing Nathan Scott as well. Does anyone recall how I posted that nifty photo of Nathan Scott and Mayor Eric Hogue  hob knobbing during Scott's campaign? You didn't see Hogue running to have his photo taken with Catherine Butschek in an attempt at bipartisanship did you?

Sadly, the good old boys in Wylie did their level best to quash Nathan Scott's public records from being released to the uneducated voter. They walked in lock-step with the retirees who loved their new WASA Treasurer playmate Nathan Scott who got them the coveted $13K of City funds for their retirement center, and they voted in unison handing the seat to one of the most irresponsible councilmembers of all time.  In fact, I believe he has even usurped the irresponsibility of a befuddling Merrill Young and his cash for faux teaching degree shame brought upon Wylie some years back. I sure hope the retirees and good old boys are happy now at the colossal embarrassment they have brought upon us.

Not surprising, in the article Scott blames everyone and everything else but himself for why he  is unable to behave like a stable and responsible adult. At last night's meeting it was apparent that nobody wanted to be seen with him. Even Mayor Eric Hogue wishes to distance himself from the problems that could quite possibly affect his re-election next year to the magical throne. (Pay particular attention to my last statement Kemosabe - you know who you are).

In today's article Hogue states, "I'm disappointed and frustrated by the recent actions of a few of our public servants. Wylie has the right to expect its elected officials to be positive role models, and these recent incidents are very concerning." Oh no he di'nt. He just publicly dissed Councilman Bennie Jones and his recent foibles and placed him on the same level as Nathan Scott. How's that for a little pre-campaign rhetoric?

Why Mayor Eric Hogue didn't emit that exact sentiment about Nathan Scott before he was elected is unconscionable.  It's not like he did not know about his past. So why didn't he show a level of concern during the campaign season, particularly because he seems to have no trouble being a gas bag the rest of the year.

Unfortunately Mayor Hogue lumped Councilman Jones with Mayor Pro Tem Scott in this article; an unwise position to take considering the warm fuzzy Council meeting last night and Jones' contrite expression and apology. The difference between a contrite individual who has made mistakes, learned from them and willingly paid for them, and an arrogant SOB who refuses to take responsibility for his buffoonish actions, defines the differences between Councilman Bennie Jones versus Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Scott.  Because of pointed statements like Mayor's however, Jones will be hard pressed to beat out Mayor Eric Hogue in his upcoming election, however I can think of someone else who just might have a chance. But I digress.

To be honest, I'm not sure what is more disturbing about these turn of events. The moronic, uneducated voters and their merry band of bandits who helped elect Scott without revealing his pattern of increasing irresponsibility, or the moronic, newbie Councilmen Keith Stephens and Todd Wintters who motioned and seconded his appointment as Mayor Pro Tem. I mean honestly, just how stupid do you have to be?

Anyone with half a brain is reading this blog post and attempting to make sense out of just how Nathan Scott could have made it on council when he had a very formidable opponent in Catherine Butshek. Try as they might, the grey hairs and the good old boys painted Nathan Scott with such broad brush strokes depicting what most people would like to see in their elected leaders.  However try as they might, their spite for Butschek has come back to haunt them because they did not change the ugly picture they ultimately painted.

I had Nathan Scott pinned from the very beginning. You can paint zebra stripes on a donkey, but it doesn't stop him from being a jackass.