Peter Principle At Work

Recall the Peter Principle? In a nutshell it consists of promoting someone to their highest level of incompetency.  At this political juncture it just fits.

Look at the nincompoop we had appointed to the Wylie Mayor Pro Tem position Think about the Weiner who is running for Mayor of New York City. Ponder Mayor Grabby Hands in San Diego. Now consider the President of the United States. These are all boobs that have been promoted by ignorant voters to the highest level of their incompetency. All are failing miserably.

It was reported by the Wylie News that Nathan Scott has decided to step down from the Mayor Pro Tem position after his run-in with the law last weekend.  My but that's generous of him. Even as a Councilmember, do we want someone so utterly irresponsible voting on our behalf when it comes to our taxpayer funds? I mean, the dude couldn't even pay his auto insurance or a speeding ticket; and he's a financial planner.

I'm convinced that the Mayor of San Diego has something wrong with his brain. You don't molest dozens of women, including a grandmother, against their will knowing they can't do anything about it for fear of losing their jobs. And the Weiner in New York takes the word peter to a whole new level with his obsessive compulsive need to text photos of it and play with it while on the phone. Frankly there is no punishment sufficient as the man is plagued by such a healthy ego that calling him a narcissist simply flatters him more. Clearly you cannot shame the shameless.

Indeed the voters promoted a community organizer to the highest level of incompetency in the United States of America.  He was elected President and to this day he still hasn't a clue what he is doing.  All he knows is he must leave some sort of a mark, rather it has become a huge stain.

Probably the largest misnomer about Barack Obama is that he is a lawyer.  Wrong. He surrendered his license back in 2008 as did his wife in the early 90s.  One should really ponder here why anyone would willingly turn in their license, even if you were to run for the presidency. It makes no sense. 

After studying for and taking the bar exam, the average person would gladly pay the fee every year to keep the license. Indefinitely. Rumor has it both Barack and Michelle were involved in some nefarious dealings requiring them to surrender their licenses or have them suspended. 

Another fallacy is that he was a Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Chicago. He was a part time professor and never held that title according the linked article.

In the case of Nathan Scott one can only hope he resigns because of the shame he has brought upon the City of Wylie. So too should the Mayor of San Diego resign.  Weiner should go into hiding and seek some help with his obsession, and the president will ultimately move on and hope to hand that role to his equally incompetent wife, as has been rumored.

I find it rather unfortunate that people are continually promoted to their highest level of incompetence and it takes years for them to catch up to the level they were promoted to. As you can see in the examples I provided of several grown men, in many cases they never do.