Screw the Pooch

American citizens are a funny and fickle people. They love it when someone else is getting the beating, even gathering to watch or joining in on some group thuggery.  Yet when it's them on the receiving end, they cry like little sissies and start pointing fingers.

Let's blame the blogger for daring to air our dirty laundry.  Yes that's right, she's at fault for telling it like it is.  Let's hate on her, though we have never met and have no real basis for comparison as to the gun slingin', straight shootin' blogger persona and the intelligent, artsy woman she really is in person, oh and let's pretend we have never read her blog. Ya right. 

Do you know how many times I've been blamed for all the controversies that happen in Wylie over the past 3 years?  Do you know how many people 'don't read' my blog? Pretty amazing stuff considering the obscure message one can pull apart in those statements above.  The 'threat' I pose is telling people my real opinion of them, telling them what has really taken place and what has been purposely covered up, and making it so that our city leaders actually have to do some real work. 

Deciphering all that double speak means that people are doing crap behind the scenes they don't want people to know about, they are putting on a face for citizens but the 'other face' they pull out when nobody is looking is pretty despicable, and they don't want the public to know anything that is going on.  Those fickle masters of the dangling chad should be kept in the dark. How dare I tell people what's really going on with their tax dollars! Pathetic.

In fact I'm so hated by the establishment that I get looks in public, I get whispered about between City employees, I get blamed for harming people's lives.  I get blamed for posting the mug shot of Nathan Scott because Mayor was clamoring to have a rather sedate statement published in the Wylie News addressing the Mayor Pro Tem's arrest.  How dare Bennie Jones share that news with me!  Shame on him for actually telling the truth.

Oh I get it.  So if I go away and stop blogging they can go on speeding, drinking and driving, having their DUIs swept under the carpet, beating up their wives, being arrested, telling lies, lying on employment applications, buying fake degrees, giving underhanded support of shyster developers, writing official letters from the city to grant leniency in child molesters sentencing, and being those stellar stalwarts of high moral character we have come to expect from Wylie's leaders. Right.

Oh if only I would stop pushing their pedal all the way to the floor and making them speed.  If only I wouldn't have lifted Nathan Scott's hand and hit his wife with it.  If if only I hadn't caused Sam Satterwhite to drink and drive.  If only I had checked the misdemeanor boxes on Bennie Jones' employment application. Oh if only I hadn't made that Todd Wintters and Keith Stephens vote Nathan Scott in as Mayor Pro Tem.  Gosh I'm awfully naughty.

Indeed I received an email from Nathan Scott who berated me for saying he was arrested for beating up his wife in front of his kids.  He pointed out his son was only 5 months old at the time.  Oh silly me.  As much as I understand Scott's desire to move on privately, his very public dalliances have put him in the spotlight, not my blogging about them.  Perhaps if he would resign, as I just read in dozens of emails sent to my blog email address, his very public behavior would become private again, and move into the obscurity he is hoping for.

The sad part is that both Jones and Scott were blindly supported by some of our other council members, mayor, and also community leaders from the likes of WASA, the Chamber of Commerce, and Wylie business owners.  Our council is now giving a harsh and swift rebuking for the actions of these two nincompoops for ruining it for the rest of them sitting up there at the dais. How dare they cause an unjust spotlight to be shone upon Wylie.

I would like to interject here and say that as a person I love, love, love Bennie Jones, but I really have to ask him what kind of clown does not know if they actually served probation for a year or not when they would have had to check in with a probation officer? Hello? Bennie claims he wasn't sure because he probably didn't want to admit that he misrepresented the situation on his City of Dallas application.  Frankly I can't blame him.  Look at former Wylie Councilman Merrill Young who so wanted to be a teacher that he bought a fake degree and was hired by Wylie ISD as a Science teacher.  It shouldn't amaze us what people will do to improve their situation.  The question is whether or not they learn a lesson from it all. 

Jones so wanted that job, and frankly he was very, very good at it.  He so wanted it that he was afraid listing a couple misdemeanors would have kept him from what he coveted most - a respectable job where he could right any wrongs of his past life and move on.  He wanted to change his life around, oh and he did.  He took that second chance given to him, climbing to the apex of the mountain, and he has done some amazing things with it.  He has helped the youth of Wylie and even their parents.  He was given a second chance but it was taken away by a canker within Wylie who prodded a snoopity Dallas Morning News stooge into digging for skeletons.  Bennie Jones' inaccurate employment application came to light and he is standing at the bottom of the mountain again.  C'est la vie.

However when you make your bed you must lie in it and the dirty deed done in Bennie's sheets caught up with him. It's too easy after the fact to try and save face and he avowed, "I wasn't sure." Oh yes I'm pretty sure he was sure. A year with a probation officer made it so. 

In the end I believe Bennie Jones has learned from his mistakes and may even continue to pay for them beyond a loss of employment on through to lackluster voter support next year when his Council seat is up.  Only time will tell for Bennie, but in my opinion, with Nathan Scott that is altogether a different story.

This week there was an opinion piece in the Wylie News from Mayor Eric Hogue.  He wrote all about doing the right thing. Not only has he sounded off around Wylie that he is disappointed in the controversies, he is now publicly stepping away from the rotten apples.  Ah yes what I read was a pre-campaign piece showing how chaste Mayor is.  Reading between the lines, it also depicts how his possible opponent Bennie Jones is not so chaste.  Hold on there little Boss Hogue.  Mayor needs to remember that these controversies occurred under his watch.

Also when reading between the lines, I saw how far 'doing the right thing' got Hogue.  He thought supporting a man who was arrested for beating up his wife, and had a judgment against him for non-payment of child support was much preferable to Scott's opponent, who had been known in Wylie many moons ago as a 'trouble maker'.

To her discredit, Catherine Butschek was a woman, and a opinionated one at that.  She was vilified back in the day by the old Wylie establishment. Hmmm sounds familiar.

Sadly Hogue did not shy away from implied support for Nathan Scott in campaign photos because of his disdain for Catherine Butschek and the change and oversight she represented.  Hogue, Manson, and Butters would rather go along to get along and keep everything status quo.  You see, they had  no intention of granting tax cuts, or cutting spending, until a few of us opinionated women banded together.

Rather, Hogue hoped on a wing and a prayer that Nathan Scott would shut up and sit down, and do as he was instructed, so that he could overcome the outspoken Councilwoman Diane Culver, also hated, who absolutely terrifies Mayor because she too represents change and oversight rather than the status quo he desperately seeks.  Hogue, Manson, and Butters want us to shut up and go away so they can continue spending our tax revenue in whatever manner they please and anyone who dare speak out about it is vilified.

Now there are leaders in Wylie that want Scott and Jones gone. Or more to the point, I believe they really just want Jones gone and Scott will merely be a byproduct of a recall.   In fact they even allowed write ups about them in the local newspaper.  That ought to show you how desperate they are, because at no time in the past have they ever allowed such an in-depth airing of the proverbial dirty laundry as they have in the past month with articles on Scott and Jones.  Partly you can thank me for forcing the issue on how racist the article on Jones looked, making an article on Scott and absolute requirement.

These same people on council want someone in the City of Wylie to do a recall on Scott and Jones.  A recall would require a committee of nearly 100 people.  Ya, like when have we ever gotten a committee of 100 people together in Wylie when we can hardly find people to sit on boards and commissions? Oh and it will require those 100 people to go out and get 3050 signatures on a petition within 45 days from when they file. Ya, like when have we even had 3000 people vote in the City of Wylie?  Oh and council and mayor expect someone in Wylie to pull off this miraculous feat for what?  So they can save face for helping get these people elected?

The fact is, in just analyzing Nathan Scott alone and contemplating his campaign support, he clearly had mayoral support as Mayor Eric Hogue starred in the online pictorial scrapbook with Nathan Scott during his campaign.  We know Scott had support from the previous Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth who posted a large Nathan Sccott campaign sign in his yard along the rather conspicuous 544. We know he had support from the Wylie Art Gallery and their associates because they allowed Nathan Scott's campaign sign on their front stoop.  In fact, Councilman Scott must have also had support from Councilmen Todd Wintters and Keith Stephens because they were oh so happy to appoint him Mayor Pro Tem when they had only been sitting on council, um, shall we say maybe 15 minutes.  If that doesn't show previous support, I don't know what does. So let me state now that this recall isn't going to happen.

I'm sure Councilmen Jones and Scott are breathing a collective sigh of relief right about now. Whew, the blogger seems on the fence about doing a recall.  Actually nothing is further from the truth.  I have a list of names of people who would gladly sit on the committee.  But you know, it's just so easy to hate on the blogger because she tells it like it is.  It's just so easy to blame the blogger for causing those elite city leaders so many problems on council, even though I don't sit on council and never have. It's just so easy to blame me for highlighting all the things they hoped would slide by without citizen knowledge.  Oh yes I'm the bad girl in Wylie but suddenly they secretly hope I'll get together 3050 signatures for their sorry asses and get a recall election done for them.  We even have the likes of Wylie View people jumping on the bandwagon and addressing a recall, as if any of them have ever gotten anything done in the city. Some of them are barely literate. We'll see how far someone else is able to take a recall, but it won't be me.

Certainly I could go out and do the work and band together with these people who would rather ride someone else's coattails.  I've contemplated it, but why should I? By some twist of fate I have been identified as the one who can possibly get it done, because I'm the only person in Wylie who gives a flying fart in a windstorm about what those people are doing up there at City Hall.  I'm the only one that has been blogging about it for years, attempting to shame those people into doing the right thing.

They really screwed the pooch on this one.  They could have had a lot of support from me over the years because I have a lot of readers and a lot of supporters.  In fact, when I ask for financial support for various endeavors, I am even able to get money out of people too.  But no; they have done everything in their power to be spiteful toward me over the years.  They can hate on me all they want even though barely any of them know me personally, or have ever bothered to do so.  So you know what?  Let's do it their way because it seems infinitely more intelligent doesn't it?

They made their bed, now they can lie in it. They were so smart and smug helping vote in Nathan Scott when they could have found an alternative, so let them live with it.  But hey, I can say in all seriousness that Catherine Butschek isn't looking so bad after all, is she?