Syria Deliria

I just had the great displeasure of watching the POTUS lame address on Syria. All I saw was back pedaling because of his ignoramus adlib 'drawing a line in the sand' remark made without a teleprompter.  You see, that's what happens with people like Obama who don't have two clues to rub together. They cannot survive for five minutes without someone's hand stuffed up their backside working the mouthpiece. 

As I watched Obama speak I noted a few inconsistencies.  The man states, "We made this decision..." however I really must ask who 'we' is? Does he have a mouse in his pocket? I wonder, because the American people don't seem to be on board with strikes against Syria, and neither are any of our allies either.  Oh except France who is always happy to suggest they support someone else make a strike, however it is unlikely they will participate because they are a bunch of pussies.

I also watched Obama insist he made this decision, but will also pause and seek a debate and vote from Congress.  Can I just point out here that this is amateur hour at it's finest? "We will strike, but we will teeter totter on when, because I better take this to Congress since the American people are a tad PO'd with my insistence on breaking the Constitution and ordering a strike without Congressional approval." 

As it stands I believe that when they reconvene mid-September, the American morons that support Obama will have forgotten all about his insistence we strike without any support at all from our allies, or least of all from the American people, and when Congress votes no,  it will all be blamed on the GOP anyway.